The untold secret of making money online

Warning: Reading this can have a positive impact on your life! Proceed at your own risk!

Today we need to talk about the biggest secret of making money online. There must be a reason why some people fail with everything they are touching and why some people make gold out of every opportunity.

Everyone succeeds apart from me?

I mean it’s just not fair. Imagine you join a business program, you follow all the instructions the experts give to you but for some reason you don’t get results. You only lose time and money. How does it feel?

Not good, am I right? But this is the short sad summary of my life in trying to make money online. I joined programs after programs, I have invested vast amounts of money, but still nothing seems to work for me.

All I see are people around me succeeding, no matter how stupid or less knowledgeable they are in comparison to myself. It works for them. Great. Awesome. Cool.

When does it finally start to work for me though? I deserve this too, I mean I know so much, I did and tried so many different things. COME ON UNIVERSE WHAT’S GOING ON? 😐

This is how I truly felt for a very long time.

It’s frustrating, annoying and you start to feel like the universe just hates you.

On the trail of the secret

However exactly one year ago in september 2019 I stumbled across a course about affiliate marketing (one of many I joined). Within this course there was a mindset part and since then I realized that this must be the reason why I’m such a failure.

I don’t want to repeat myself here on my blog so please read my big post about mindset to fully understand what I’m talking about.

I wrote this post in december 2019. I guess it’s really interesting for others to see what happened in my life since then. Because obviously I did those things I wrote about in there myself.

How I got mentally and physically healthier

9 months later I can openly share what happened in my life. Probably the best thing which happened to me as a result of doing is that I defeated my depression. I remember that I suffered from feeling really bad, depressed and unhappy throughout a normal day back in sommer 2019 and before.

It always happened in the afternoon that I just felt like shit in combination with a real desperation and futility. Physically, I also felt bad, uncomfortable and unfit.

Today I can proudly say that I feel much better mentally and physically. I am really grateful for this. I pay more attention to my nutrition and do sport every day.

Of course I am not saying that I don’t have bad days anymore but they have become very rare.

I know that this is a direct result of doing those things I was talking about in that post. I don’t know who you are and how you feel in your life, but if you feel not fit in some way I still highly recommend to go through my post and give it a try especially the part about meditation and reprogramming the mind whilst asleep.

Financial improvement?

I guess you are now also very interested in knowing how things changed financially. What can I say. In january 2020 I made my first commission online. That felt really good.

However it was not a big commission.😅 Nothing which changed my life now.. and even more important, nothing which I was able to repeat.

The following months I earned a few additional tiny commissions but not often. I struggled, I started feeling frustrated again. I’m applying the mindset stuff and I’m still a loser? Come on…? 😐

Actions out of desperation that lead to even more frustration

I was so frustrated and unhappy about my missing results that I started to do the worst thing you can do in the affiliate marketing / make money online niche. -> I started to look for something else… maybe something better… something easier. I knew from my whole sad experience of how I failed for over two years that this is WRONG.

But I couldn’t resist. I wasn’t able to say no, because I found this business opportunity (update:program was closed) and I saw all those incredible results, I saw people posting in this group every single day how they make $2000 commissions on autopilot. REAL people, lots of DIFFERENT people succeeding DAILY.

This new discovery just made totally sense to me, it was real, it was easy, it was from a marketer who does all the work on my behalf. Just send traffic into the funnel and wait for the commissions.

From all of what I know about affiliate marketing it just made sense to do it, because I saw way more people posting commissions and succeeding than in my original business program.

Throwing money out of my window to get results

You can say that the hype and the desperation of myself lead me into this. All I wanted was to finally achieve big results, I wanted to make real money and lots of money online. I really needed it. Not in a few months. NOW. This new opportunity just looked way more like a NOW than the business I was kinda frozen and stuck in at the moment.

So I went for it in may 2020. I joined. Not in a small way, I joined in the biggest way. Because with this program you can decide yourself how much you want to invest into it, you can get started for as low as $25. The problem was that when you join for $25 that you can only earn $25 commissions.

However I know that I can change my life only when I am able to earn big commissions online. Therefore I invested $2000 in order to get these juicy $2000 commissions like other members.

This decision got me into new trouble. Now I had two big business programs, I invested $2000 for both of them. I can not just throw the other one out of my mind now completely because $4000 is a lot of money for me. I am only having this kind of money because I saved it over many years.

I already was at the right place..

Additionally I never thought that the one I was involved in first was bad. The opposite is the case. It’s better.

Yes you read that right, it’s better, because it is like a family over there, you get real coaching, you get real help from the team and the guy who wrote this book (which I can highly recommend btw). He really cares about you getting those results, he helps you, he coaches you, he motivates you.

But the point is that I never even asked for help… I just felt stuck and looked for something else, maybe because I felt not good to admit that I am a failure and that I am not able to follow the training we have step by step.

The majority of people will fail

The new one I joined in may was not like that, you don’t have a community of people who care about each other, you don’t have a lot of coaching, all you got is a cold blooded money and results machine. I have to laugh now because in a weird way this is kinda nice haha.

I mean we all love results, and this is what it’s all about there, to get results, to earn money. Unfortunately the reality is different. Not every member who joins this makes money. In fact I believe the majority makes $0.

Guess which group your life-long professional failure called Tobi joined? Damn right, I was one of those people who made $0 with it. I got a decent amount of traffic into this new funnel but nothing happened.

When it seems to be easier for others

I opened Facebook, looked into our group, saw people posting about their awesome results and how they made ‘$2000 while sleeping’ and thought OKAY lol, then I read another testimonial from someone who joined two months later than me and writing something like that:

‘Loook guys I joined only one week ago, had my first traffic and boom $500.’ I looked at my computer screen and thought:

That really felt like a bad joke sometimes. But I had no choice, I invested too much money to just give up so I kept trying.

A bright spot with a sad ending

End of june 2020 something crazy happened. I’ve got a $2000 commission from the new business I started out of nowhere! YES you read that right. Unbelievable, isn’t it?!

But my life wouldn’t be my life if I couldn’t tell you a sad story about this. In order to collect payments for this business I was required to set up my own payment processor, which means I had to collect the payments myself using PayPal, Stripe etc. I used Stripe, so that everybody could easily pay via credit card.

On that day in june someone tried paying for the $2000 level 3 times but it always failed. Later I found out that the reason for this was that this person was from Europe and Stripe requires an additional verification in that case which I couldn’t offer in this moment.

Long story short, I emailed that person and asked him if he wants to pay via PayPal instead but he never replied.

Can you believe this? It would have been the best day in my long sad online career but it was destroyed by a stupid payment processor. (not using them anymore) However the good part is that I got confidence because I experienced myself that this funnel and marketing system truly works – not just for others.

Did I create money with my mind?

You might think now why am I even telling you this story right now and what has it to do with the headline of this post. Don’t worry because here starts the secret.

One week after this happened, I realized something crazy. The week before the failing $2000 commission came in I meditated like I did every morning but within my meditation I imagined and visualized a $2000 commission notification in my email inbox.

It is easy to visualize this because I saw so many examples in our Facebook group. I just meditated and thought of this for a few days every morning. I thought how I receive such a notification, how happy I would be etc. And booom it happened. I got one myself. Come on, isn’t that crazy?

Once I realized this I knew immediately that this can not be a coincidence because before I already started to study the human brain by reading books from Dr. Joe Dispenza. (I can not recommend this guy enough!!)

The right direction to success?!

From that moment onwards I knew that I had to dig deeper into all this mindset/ manifestation stuff in order to get the results I want and I deserve.

I have already read the book from Dr. Joe Dispenza called ‘Breaking the habit of being yourself’. (great book) So I started taking action and worked with the help of this book on my personality. I downloaded the guided meditation and listened to it for over 4 weeks.

When I first started this meditation it was very special and I had real goose bumps moments. I experienced a bunch of small miracle moments within that time. For example end of july I got my first real big commission of over $300 within my second business opportunity. That was kinda incredible.

Unfortunately after that it stopped again and nothing else happened on my bank account. Later I stopped listening to this guided meditation from the book because I just wasn’t able to concentrate on it anymore. When you listen to the same stuff every morning it just gets boring and my thoughts drifted away from it. It did not feel like it had a positive impact on me anymore.

Nevertheless it’s a great book for everyone who wants to remove bad habits or bad emotions out of life. I guess my problem at the end was that I did not have a real bad emotion during this time.

The last part of this guided meditation always was to create and feel the future and emotions I want to have in life. A very good and important part but hmmm it did not really work the way I wanted it to work for me.

Listening to people who already are where I want to be

During those 4 weeks of doing the meditation from my book I watched a webinar from a member who made over $80,000 with the new second business opportunity. Those webinars are only available for those who join at the highest level. These members share their secret and strategies to get such crazy results.

On this day that guy told us about his traffic sources of course but also about another secret. He said that he watched and applied into his life a bonus course about attracting what you want to you.

It immediately made sense to me. Because of what I heard, read and watched about mindset it was the next logical step to give this course a try after I finished my other guided meditation.

Every wish and dream can come true?

The big important difference now was that thanks to the new course I formulated clearly what I really want in life. I was able to write down what exactly my goals are. The course is designed to attract everything you want into your life in a sequence. It’s not just about writing goals down it’s also about creating this energy to connect yourself to the universe in order to fulfill all your wishes.

And you know what? You can think I am crazy or this is just a coincidence but on the day I went through the course for the first time I received my first small commission for the same business I was failing with since may. I used the exact same traffic strategy that never brought me a result before (apart from this incident in june). Just two days later I received another payment, this one:

Only three days after this I received ANOTHER $25 commission. Do you even realize what I’m talking about here? Yes I still did not get the big $1000+ commissions I want but I GOT commissions in an (for my circumstances) incredibly short amount of time. That never happened before.

All I really changed was doing what that new manifestation course wanted me to do every morning and in addition to that I also listened at night to this meditation from YouTube.

When I experience success moments I investigate exactly what I did compared to other days before. The only difference I found were those two things above. Therefore I can not say for sure if the track from YouTube or the new manifestation technique was responsible for what happened, but because of the fact that I already listened for several months at night to similar meditations/ affirmations at night I suspect very strongly that my new attraction sequence might play a bigger role in here.

The power of our brain in combination with goals

I am completely convinced that THIS is the untold secret of making money online. It doesn’t matter which cool nice program you join or which strategy you go, once you see other members making money with it you know and SEE that it’s possible.

As a consequence the only difference between those who win and those who fail is their way of living, their mindset and their attitude. When you are surrounded by idiots and negative people and when you have a negative mindset combined with a negative energy around you, you will fail no matter how many other members are succeeding with the same stuff.

The good news is that even when you’re in a very bad and poor situation you can get and attract what you truly want in life. You just need to know exactly what it is that you want, then you need to visualize it with a strong positive energy and miracles will happen in life.

I strongly believe that this is the missing piece from my last post about mindset. I was in the right direction but I had not a clear goal and I did not confront myself with it daily in combination with the right energy.

It’s not about money it’s about freedom

I am not saying that I will get big commissions on a daily basis now, it’s still a process for me. You can not completely change a professional failure (me) within a few weeks now, so please don’t expect me to publish my next blog posts about how I rich I am now..

Within the last 4 months I was able to always earn some kind of commissions online. It is a significant increase for my circumstances and I know that this is the direct result of my dedication to meditations, manifestations, affirmations etc.

When I first started my online journey I had very different expectations. I thought I just need to find a secret course and earn easily $4000 per month online. Two years later I know that me and my circumstances in life were not ready at all for this. I was depressed, had nothing else to be happy about in life, everything went wrong, I was (and still am) surrounded by people who don’t understand the way I go. My mindset and attitude was wrong.

This is why I am proud of myself. It’s not just about earning money, it’s about how you feel, how you develop yourself, how you think about life and how grateful you are for what you already have.

I believe if someone reads all of this you can relate to my situation or you were just curios to find out about the big secret. We always tend to think that successful people have some kind of super power or that they are just lucky. But all they do is being either surrounded by positive people or that they are working on their goals and dreams very hard every day in combination with a strong mindset. Most of the time both of these things are the case.

Some day in future you will be thankful for what I am going to do here

If you are in a similar situation you might have one big question in your mind now: Where can I find this manifestation course you were talking about the whole time?

[UPDATE November 2021:

In the original version from 2020 this was the section where I told you how to get the course. Unfortunately the site still exists but the videos have some weird bugs, so I can’t give you a link because you can not play the videos.

Solution? I may write a new blog post in future and explain how it works in my own words. Once I did this I’m going to link it here.

I know this might be disappointing but it’s not really my fault..

What can you do in the meantime? Once per day visualize your goal while meditating and connect it with STRONG positive emotions. Then always be grateful for things you already have and then always write down affirmations of things you want to have.]

Your motivation to take action

[UPDATE November 2021:

I had to remove a few sentences because of the changes I explained above, so this makes only half sense now but I didn’t want to remove everything.]

I want others to truly experience the best life they can get. And this is my weird way of helping. Oh and in addition to that you can start using this system to make money of course.😉

(I would not be surprised if you would join and earn big commissions relatively fast and rub it into my face.😂)

Haha joke besides, I don’t care about this anymore, I know myself, my circumstances and I keep working hard no matter how much time it takes. My life gets better and better even when it takes a while. Compared to this time one year ago I see huge improvements. This is what matters.

[UPDATE November 2021:

You might ask yourself what is the ‘system’ he is always talking about here and how can I get access to it? Short answer: You can’t.

Why? Because it’s one of those things that appear and disappear. It doesn’t exist anymore. After a few months it was closed. That is what always happens in this stupid make money online and affiliate marketing industry. IT’S NEW AND EXCITING AND YOU CAN EARN SO MUCH MONEY WITHOUT WORK JOIN NOW YEAH.

AHHH I HATE it. It’s always the same. Don’t get me wrong, yes I earned a lot of money with it but does it matter? NO. Because it’s not about getting rich fast it’s about getting rich forever.

I’m extensively involved in online marketing for over 3 years and TRUST me when I say almost nothing that existed in 2018 still exists in 2021. Therefore you can not join a simple course and expect it to still be there in 2 or even 1 year from now. Isn’t that incredibly sad??

You know what’s even more sad? The only program and course which is still here after my 3 years of being online is the one from Dean. The guy who wrote the book I was talking about above. In fact he and his company are still online after OVER 10 years.

Yes he doesn’t go anywhere. Instead of focusing myself on what I had with him I got distracted with shit that disappears after a few months. Wow Tobi GOOD JOB

If you don’t want to be as stupid as me I can recommend this brand new Quick Start Challenge from Dean. You will learn everything you need inside and you will even get coaching for a small price. BlueprintThe best part: Dean and his team WILL NOT DISAPPEAR after a few months and the course will always be there to help you. I took a look inside myself and it’s crazy how you get access to things I once paid thousands of dollars for. You must be another kind of crazy to not take advantage of it for such a small price.

However this post was about mindset (there are btw 8 videos about it in the challenge aswell) and you can and absolutely should integrate what you learned here from now on especially if you try to make money online.]QSC

I genuinely hope my story inspired someone in a similar situation.

That was the untold secret of making money online. As you can see it’s not about the ‘secret traffic strategy’, it’s not about the ‘best program and course’ promising you to get rich over night, it’s all about you.


PS: Thanks for reading and if you are not happy about your situation in life. Trust me – When I am able to change things into a better direction then YOU can too.

PPS: While writing this post I just got a new notification that I made another $25 sale. Sorry but this feels like a joke right now. Even though it’s a small commission again, it’s unreal what’s going on in the last 10 days. It proves that this post I wrote here might be pure gold. I love it, thank you thank you thank you universe!!🥰

PPPS: If you liked this post I would be grateful if you leave a comment and/or share it with other people:)


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