You just discovered the best page on the internet.

I’m Tobi and this is my mega digital dream.

Here is a current picture of me:

I hope you find me pretty? I even smile especially for you.

What is the ‘mega digital dream’?

I’m glad you asked. The mega digital dream is my road to achieve financial freedom.

As simple as that.

One thing I learned the hard way is that it is a marathon not a sprint.

What topics can I expect here?

  • how to make money online with affiliate marketing (- After all these years, I feel like an expert in this field)
  • online marketing (+ traffic generation strategies)
  • general make money online ideas
  • everything about mindset: focus, productivity, how to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract the life of your dreams, discipline, energy etc
  • crypto currency, gold & silver (while writing this I am still a bit new in this space and will share what I learn)

Oh and you can expect to find a crazy guy who fails, succeeds, fails, succeeds, fails aaaand succeeds.

I’m NOT perfect, I’m NOT your typical million dollar guru advertising you the get rich over night ‘bs’.

I’m just a normal guy who had a dream and never gave up even though there were a lot of reasons haha.

What is your recommendation when I am here for the first time?

My recommendation is to read COMPLEEETLY for FREE my key posts on my blog.

#Number 1

This post is a MUST READ if:

  • you watch review videos (and buy products) on YouTube about new launches from JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank
  • you are attracted to SUPER SPECIAL BONUS packages
  • you watch YouTube videos with headlines like this ‘how to make $100 per day copy pasting; how to make $500 per day writing; how to make $1000 per week with this new simple technique’ etc
  • you want to see the truth about this affiliate marketing industry
  • you want to know more about who this mysterious ‘Tobi’ is
  • you want to see how I failed to make money online and lost more money than some people can spend

Here is the link: How I failed to make money online

#Number 2

These posts are all about mindset and how I changed my life from someone who is depressive, procrastinating and feels very bad to someone who has goals, motivation and feels lucky from the inside. 🍀

I’d recommend to read this post first: You can NOT make money online without having the right mindset

9 months later I published an extremely powerful follow up post: The untold secret of making money online

#Number 3

The last one I recommend is a very weird and serious post. It’s a crazy combination but it has so many valuable things in it. Seriously you can not put a price tag on this haha..

Here is the link: The reason why you are not successful online

What if I just want to make fast and easy money and don’t care about how you failed, what you learned, your advices, your mindset babble etc.?

Option 1: Get a JOB IDIOT

Option 2: Bookmark this website, forget about it, waste and struggle between 2 – 10 years of your life, spend over $10,000 chasing the make money online dream. Then a few years later remember that you found this website and punch yourself as hard as you can into your own face for being such a stupid piece of s***.

Ok Ok calm down, but for real can you recommend a business opportunity?

Sure. I recommend the ones you see as banners on my website. For getting into the right direction and learn everything about affiliate marketing read this book. Once you have it you will find out how you can start a business and earn money.

If you want access to the best community about financial freedom, crypto and gold & silver I recommend to join here.

However trust me when I say you will make $0 with both of them if you are just slightly like me and if you don’t learn from all those things I wrote about in my posts.

I seriously can not tell you which one is ‘better’. I can say that the book and what I learned there builds the right foundation for affiliate marketing. The community with Manny on the other hand builds kinda on top of this but can also be used on it’s own if you are clever enough.


What I shared above are the key elements of my blog as of right now but it doesn’t mean that the rest you will find here is less awesome. 😏

Oh and please don’t take me too seriously when I tend to ‘scream’ or when I randomly insult myself or others, or when I say that I’m an incredible super hero – it’s all just a joke and my way of being/ writing. 🤪 If you don’t have a sense of humor you should probably leave.

Thanks for reading and btw you can also listen to almost all of my posts here.


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