How I Went From $0 To $1000 Online

Hello my friend,

it’s great that you have found your way to this historical post. I don’t know if you are reading this the moment and year I published it or if you are coming from the future.

No matter what I am extremely happy that you are here now because I am going to tell you the story of how I went from $0 to $1000 online.

How it all began with a mix of desperation and motivation

It was in october 2019. Exactly one year ago when I started my new adventure. I invested into a quite expensive business program working with this magical guy here together.

I don’t feel good linking to my first blog post ever because reading this is also a little bit embarrassing haha. As you can read there I was completely crazy and full of hate and desperation. 😅

But this is how I felt and how I was after failing and buying into every shiny opportunity I could find. It’s part of my story which is why I’m not deleting it. It shows what I went through in a nutshell.

Apart from my craziness I was also very motivated, I mean super motivated in this post.

Imagine you just invested over $1000 into a new business opportunity, you just got started, you are in your new members area, you got access to a video blueprint course walking you through a step by step process of how to make money online. A proven way of how to make money online, something which already worked for lots of different people.

Of course you are motivated and ready to finally rock’n roll it, you have everything at your finger tips.. I had knowledge, a great mentor, weekly coaching calls and highly valuable products which I could promote to earn up to $2500 for one single customer I refer.

It was great and logically there was no reason back in that time why I would not succeed with it.

Working hard to fail again

However the reality was completely different.. I was experienced.. experienced in failing, experienced in not making money online. Something which I probably underestimated haha.

I mean I was a real professional in not succeeding. It was stupid to even think that my life changes in a fast way just because I invested a lot of money into something.

A hard lesson to learn even when it sounds logical and simple: Just because you are investing money for something doesn’t mean that you will make money out of nowhere no matter how much you invest –


When you are bored you can read every blog post I published since I started and you will find out how I was sabotaging myself, how I struggled to take the right action, how I was not even able to follow a proven plan because I always thought that I can do it slightly different my own way and how I did not ask for any help.

The months went by and nothing happened. I was in front of the computer every single day, I wrote blog posts, it felt like I was working hard. The reality is that I was indeed working hard – working hard on the wrong things- working hard on failing once again.

If you sit in front of your computer for over 10 hours every day but you are not focusing on the right things to get results nothing will ever change.

My mentor teaches the 4 core areas of focus to succeed with affiliate marketing inside his book. This is what I mean when I say I had the solution at my finger tips but knowledge is nothing without action.

Nobody should see how useless I am

After a few months I started to feel ashamed because I still was a freakin’ loser without results. I thought I can only sell make money online products successfully if I am the proof myself. (which is not true btw but we always think it is – maybe I’ll write an article about this in near future)

I felt so ashamed of my missing results that I changed the name of my blog categories. When you scroll up you will read in blue: ‘From $0 To $1000 Online‘. I changed that earlier in summer 2020 into ‘From Zero To Hero Online‘.

I didn’t want people to see that one year after I started my blog I still hadn’t reached my first $1000 online..

I was really embarrassed and thought that nobody can take me seriously or what I write about on my blog.

The good news is that I finally reached my first $1000 online which is why I am now confident enough to change the category back to the original haha.

The untold secret of making money online

Maybe you are wondering how I actually made my first $1000 now.

Sure. All you need to do is reading my last post about the untold secret of making money online.

When I wrote this post at the beginning of September I felt like I cracked the code, even though I had not reached major results I knew it was different this time.

I am writing this now to show you with proof that I was right. I was right with everything in this post, which is why this happened to me:

August and September 2020 were my most successful months online ever. I never made so much money before because I was missing the right energy and goal to do so. What I covered in this post is responsible for this commission. I wrote down an affirmation in the morning that this will happen AND IT DID in the afternoon! I also visualized this with my closed eyes.

Traffic is not the problem

You might be asking: ‘Isn’t it more important to tell us about your traffic strategy?’… NO IT’S FCKING NOT – haha sorry. Because I used the same traffic strategy since may 2020 and almost nothing happened.

Of course it is important to get a source of quality leads into your funnel but it is not worth much if your whole being is not ready to receive.

Coaching is crucial for success

As you can see I did not earn my first $1000 with the business opportunity I started last year. But to be honest even though it’s not from this one I can tell you I would have not been able to do it without the coaching from Dean and their whole team. Therefore I would credit him at least $1000 of this commission.

However with his products I also earned over $100 in September before I received the big one above. Isn’t that crazy? It is truly incredible how everything can change very fast.

My final advice

I don’t know who you are and what your situation is but if you are not getting any results online I can recommend to read my post about the untold secret and start taking action. Work on your mindset as if your whole life would depend on it – because it DOES.

You don’t need to be a part of the same programs or products I am involved into (even though they are obviously good ones). It is just important that if you want to be successful with affiliate marketing that you focus on selling something which can lead to commissions of $1000 or more. Just don’t promote anything else okay?! Because it’s a waste of your time, you can only change your situation when you are able to earn big commissions online.

Long story short I am really grateful for what happened to me last month. The power of our human brain is just incredible. Now I am finally on my way to $10,000 online. It’s going to be interesting how much time I will need for it. I strongly believe that it was way harder to reach the first $1000 – let’s find out if I am right.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading,


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