How to make money without referrals


today we need to talk about something which might be interesting for lots of people.

Is it possible to make money without referring people? It seems like every business opportunity out there works the same way..

You always need to get traffic and targeted visitors to generate sales.. No matter of what you promote. Because of this I want to give you an insight of my personal experiences.

No traffic = no income?

This statement is absolutely true for one of the most profitable business models – affiliate marketing.

In order to succeed with affiliate marketing you have to master the four core areas of focus.

  • CORE FOCUS #1: Traffic
  • CORE FOCUS #2: Capture
  • CORE FOCUS #3: Follow Up
  • CORE FOCUS #4: Sales System

No matter what you do online, no matter how many shiny objects or programs and courses you buy online, you always need to do these 4 things.

(Of course there are exceptions like the amazon affiliate program or CPA – but if you want to quit 9 to 5 you should stay away from tiny commission marketing)

A short explanation

Traffic means that you have to get targeted visitors to your website. People who are interested in what you have to offer.

Capture means that you must be able to get the personal information from the traffic that hits your pages, an example would be a landing page which collects email addresses.

Follow up means to use the email address which you have collected for example and write emails to your audience to always stay in contact. It’s like building a long term relationship. Most people fail online because they are not able to follow up consistently.

The sales system means the products you are promoting to your prospects. It’s not as simple as going to clickbank and choosing a random product to promote it. You will fail for sure if you do this. It’s all about generating sales profitably. The only way to do that is by leading people through a sales funnel which ends in a high-ticket sale of $1000 or more.

Why are you so clever Tobi?

I learned all of this with the help of this book which I can highly recommend if you are interested in affiliate marketing and always struggled to make it work. After I read it I had laser sharp clarity and finally stopped being confused and feeling desperate to make money online.

It’s absolutely critical to understand the foundations of affiliate marketing to have success with it.

Where is the magic pill?

However maybe you have made the decision for yourself that all of this is nothing for you, that you want to make money without referring people because you hate the idea to get traffic.

Don’t worry my friend I have your back. I know where you are coming from. We are all kinda searching for the magic pill to make money online without ‘hard work’.


What hyper and scammers don’t tell you is that it really is ‘hard work’ to get traffic and visitors to your link. Surprise, the push button buyer traffic solution does NOT exist. Even paid traffic can be hit and miss although it might be very fast.

That is why you need to master the four core areas of focus otherwise you will lose money, time and probably hope.

How I tried to avoid affiliate marketing

I started my online journey and tried every possible way to make money online without referring people. I just hated this concept and was not ready to do it.

The first thing I tried was trading. Yes you can make money and invest into forex. A few years ago I started trading binary options. Long story short I lost a lot of money.

Trading can be a good option but also a fast way to go broke if you don’t know what you’re doing. That’s why I left this space quite fast.

Then I tried my luck with sports betting. I also only lost money. (but I still have it in mind and will do it in future once I have a proven system to follow)

Playing in an online casino is also a way to make money without referring people. However in my opinion it’s the worst way because trust me: You will lose money.

I also did that, I even tried roulette systems -> My money was gone..


In 2019 I started to offer a freelancing service on Fiverr which is actually a very good option and finally started to bring some money into my pocket.

However Fiverr is a long term business which requires time to see first results. I made $600 in one year with that. It’s okay but nothing which really helps to gain financial freedom.

Apart from that it’s also possible to do other micro online jobs, to fill out surveys etc. This is only for you if you like the idea to waste your time. I mean seriously think about it, how will this improve your life? You put in the hours and you earn app. $20 a month? Why would anybody do this? The time that you would waste for it can be used to learn affiliate marketing and earn big money. (at least if you are doing it right)

(I don’t mention dropshipping or other e-commerce business opportunities here because I have no experience with them and in the end you still need traffic which is similar to referring people)

Make money with a system

As a consequence from all of my experiences I came back to affiliate marketing. It seems like there is no way around it for me. And let’s be honest it’s the best and easiest way to make money for a newbie.

Though just 3 days ago this happened:

Do you see this? There is a big fat 0. That means I referred 0 people and made $285. Yes you read that right. I say it again. I made $285 without referring anyone, without getting traffic in any way. Two days before there was $0 and basically over night $285 came in.

What I did?


Literally nothing at all.

I did not work for this money and I did not refer other people to make this money.

All I did was opening my account and investing around $700. Sorry if you are scared now, but there is absolutely no way to make large amounts of money fast without an investment.

Members can get started with as little as $15. (but please don’t expect wonders to happen with this amount)

What is that and how does it work?

It’s a new decentralized matrix system to earn crypto currency -in this case ethereum. The beauty of this is you can earn money by referring people and you can also earn money by doing nothing at all.

I found out about this opportunity thanks to my previous experience in the affiliate marketing space.

I started to use a done for you affiliate marketing system which means that a professional internet marketer writes emails for me, builds all the websites and takes care of the marketing.

Within this system there are multiple different income streams and the one above is included.

Whom is this for

Using a done for you system like this makes sense when you are a newbie and when you don’t want to deal with email marketing and technical stuff. But it also makes sense when you are very experienced already and know what you do because with this you can multiply your income fast and easy.

The problem of this might be that you don’t learn anything about affiliate marketing and that you are screwed when the owner of this system decides to take it down.

For me it’s not a problem because I know the foundations and I know how everything works as I explained above, but for complete newbies it’s dangerous. It’s my blog – I just like to be honest with you. 🤷‍♂️

How to get started

Update November 2021: A few months after writing this post here the system doesn’t exist anymore. Exactly as I wrote in the original post lol. Those systems appear and disappear after 6 – 12 months. It’s really sad. If you want something and someone who won’t disappear and who is online for over 10 years now I can recommend to work with my friend Dean together. He recently published a new course. As your best friend on the internet I highly recommend it to you if want to start your business the right way.

My favorite

As a result I want to mention which is my favorite method to earn money online without referrals. Probably you can guess it. It’s definitely the last one, because it works on automation. My second favorite is sports betting. I just like the idea to earn money like that even though I did not successfully experience it yet.

That’s it for today my friend. Let me know what you think about all of this in the comments.


PS: Oh and yes I know you missed me because I did not publish a new post for a long time now. The reason is that I took my own advice from my last post very seriously. Apart from that I have made the decision to only create new content when I feel I really have to share something.

2 thoughts on “How to make money without referrals”

  1. Hi Tobi, I like this post as you gave a great summary of your experiences making money online and the options that are currently working for you. Your current opportunity which doesn’t require referrals certainly looks promising so be sure to update us on how it goes for you. It would be good to learn how long it took you to learn/understand the system before you started to earn money. I’ll keep my eye out on a follow up post 😉

    1. Hey, thanks for your comment:) Yes, the best part about this is that the price of ethereum goes up which means that I have now $400 instead of those $285 in my screenshot. It’s an opportunity where people should invest as soon as possible. Experts predict that etheureum is on it’s way to be worth $7000.

      Oh and it did not take me quite long because it’s actually straight forward and the instructions are simple and easy to follow once you are inside the system. 🙂

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