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You can NOT make money online without having the right mindset

This one is the second most important blogpost I publish on my entire blog. Because the topic today is that you can NOT make money online without having the right mindset.

I’m not going to write here about what to do step by step, I rather report what I did and still do to develop my mind and life into a direction to success.

If you did not read the blogpost about how I failed to make money online, you probably should do it first to understand my situation and how I was feeling and thinking all the time.

Ignoring what they say about mindset

As I started to learn more and more about affiliate marketing 1,5 years ago I often heard some marketing gurus saying some words about mindset and I thought:

yes yees yeees bla bla bla , I have the right mindset, I believe in myself , I don’t give up, so where is the strategy to make money now?!

Basically what I did was ignoring it. Thinking that my thoughts are enough already that there is no need to learn about mindset, because my main problem was the money nothing else!! I had the feeling that investing time into the mindset stuff steals the time I could invest into learning more about affiliate marketing etc.


However after ‘trying’ to make money online and losing over $3000 while ‘trying’ it I finally realized that something went ‘wrong’. And one of the main reasons why so many things are not working out, why I bought tons of products and learned about strategys but still made $0 from them was the way I used them and how I thought about them.

The make money online industry is full of sh*t but there are indeed courses which provide real value and will help you to earn money. But most people don’t make money from it, because they don’t think in the right way.

‘Take action’….

You probably heard: ‘Take action!!!’ a lot. I mean I heard this one very often in a lot of courses. Though I ignored it more than anything else probably in my life hahaha. And then people like me say:

I try to make money online but I can’t make it woooork, whhhyyyyy

Ahhhh you ‘try’ to make money online okay okay okay. What did you do?

…. Ehh….I ….I …watched and bought a lot of trainings?…

Yeeep thats what you did. Did you do something with those information?


Okay I understand, but it was you who said at the beginning that your mindset is already on point, right?

I guess this is how a conversation would look like with a newbie who ‘tries’ to make money online.. and I was the same..

Look, it’s not our fault that we think in this way because everywhere on the internet you see how they advertise ‘make money online fast’, ‘make $200 in 24 hours with only 30 minutes of your time’. Those claims and lies are the reasons why we start wanting to make money online AND they are also the reasons why we FAIL.


When you start to finally take some action but you don’t see the results they said you will get, you get upset, hate your life, give up and start to search for a ‘better’ opportunity. And then you end up like me and you are able to write a 9000 blog post about how you ‘tried’ but ‘failed’ to make money online. Do you want that? I guess not🤣

Okay if you are already a failure like me then we can’t change the past, but we can change and influence the future NOW. All you need to do right now is keep reading and see what I did and still do to change my life.

Why we fail even though we have the best training available

Look, I don’t need to do this, I could also focus on advertising this book and say again and again how great it is and how it will change your life and how it will make you rich and that it’s the best book out there on the market and that you NEED to have it if you finally want to make money online because working with Dean will be the best decision.

Even though those claims I just used are not wrong, because it IS the best book about affiliate marketing, the truth is that it’s not going to change your situation AT ALL if you don’t change the way you live and if you don’t reprogram your mind. It will just end up like another ‘thing you tried and did not work’.

What I’m trying to say is that you can have the best course, the best book, the best mentor, it’s all useless if your subconscious mind and body is conditioned to be poor.


Everybody would have thousands of dollars by now

I know I often write ‘you’, but the truth is I’m talking about myself here most of the time. I experienced everything of this and I’m still going through these changes.

Nevertheless I’m convinced that I’m not the only one, in fact I strongly believe that the majority of people no matter how educated they are, face the same problems and fail because of the same reasons. Just think about why some youtube videos on how to make money for example have millions or/and 100,000’s of views. Imagine all those people watching these videos beeing successful online, no one would go to a real life job anymore nowadays haha.

Realize how many copys of make money online products on jvzoo/warriorplus/clickbank were sold and still are sold every single day. A good product gets sold over 2000 times at day ONE after it launched. Imagine all those people having success and finally making money online. Oh boy our world would be a different one haha.


So is it because the products are NOT good and NOT working? Yes, OFTEN. Often there is real crap out there, a completely wrong sales page leading to completely wrong expectations.

However there are also some really GOOD trainings out there, some which deliver what they promise. And these courses also get sold to thousands of people. Now imagine again how 5000 people buying a good training, or following a good tutorial and making money. They would all tell their friends, their family and soon half of the world would make money with this.

But that doesn’t happen. WHY??? YES YOU ALREADY KNOW THE ANSWER NOW 👊 The only difference between those people who are able to make money online and those who don’t is their way of thinking, their lifestyle or in short…their mindset..

The only way they get rich is when you remain POOR

Did you ever think about why most popular internet marketers are not teaching you about mindset? Damn right, they WANT you to fail so that you keep buying their crappy products in future, because if you/ we all have success they can’t make more money. Rich people are always ONLY rich because there are enough poor people who don’t know what they know. And what I mean with this is not the next shiny internet marketing loophole, it’s the way how you think and the way how you live..

Procrastination – my main enemy of life

Throughout 2019 I already watched some motivational videos, because I realized that I often just don’t feel like doing stuff.. One of my main problems was (still sometimes is) procrastination and all those things around me which are entertaining and gave my sad life a small good feeling.

For example chatting with friends …I don’t know it just made me feel better, or watching comedy YouTube videos this summer. It was like that:

Oh a funny video, okay it only goes 2 minutes, let’s watch it. Okay another one only 1 minute, okay hahaha hilarious one more only 2 minutes then I really start to focus on my business..

And so on and on… It always ended the way that I wasted hours of doing this. It’s like an inner demon who just wants some entertainment instead of working for your dreams.


Well, its easier of course. This ‘dream’ to make money online is faaar away and could not make me happy now, but this 2 minute video where some cats beat the ass of their owner (I made this one up because I can’t remember the real example🙄🤣) brings some fun to my life now.

Then I scrolled through facebook or instagram, read some useless emails about the next magic bullsh*t making me $1000 by tomorrow..read some news what happened in the world, chatted with friends again etc etc

At the end of the day, I asked myself…ehhh what did I do today?? Damn right, nothing at all bro, nothing at all even though I wanted to every single day…

Slowly waking up from my nightmare

Finally in september 2019 I started realizing what’s going on and wrong in my life and what is the main reason why I am not able to reach my goals and earn money online. Actually it was more like a coincidence.. As I described here in full details I was searching for another business opportunity that time, so I searched the entire internet and found a free course which taught the usual affiliate marketing stuff.

Though there was one part in this course that opened my eyes. It was about mindset and dealt with topics like the strong personal why, a clear income goal, success formula and productivity.

How I began to change the way I live

I ignored most of the rest but I have made the decision to watch the mindset videos. This was the starting point in september 2019 where I finally realized that I have to improve my behavior and mind into the direction of success.

The topic of one video was to create a success audio of my future self. This means that you record an audio and pretend that you are recording this in perspective of one year from now. You say things like: Today is september 2021 and I see $60 000 in my bank account. I am so grateful for my family because without them I could have never done that etc etc..

Then you also include every other personal aspect of your life you want to improve and record it as if it has already happened. (Tip: Record it with strong positive emotions)

path to success

I took action and created my audio file and started listening to this since that moment every single day. It’s that special kind of motivation you need in order to get closer to your goals in life.

Unfortunately I can’t give you a link anymore to this course to go through it yourself but my #1 recommended book about affiliate marketing includes 3 chapters that deal with this important mindset part in a great way.

Not just theory

It already works. My future me describes in my audio how I do sports every day. Guess what – I started to train every single day now since 36 days. Apart from that my future me says for example how happy I am and how much money I earned with my online business – that’s the next part which will come true then hehe.


Finally using YouTube the right way in life

After this first step was done I did not stop trying to find things to improve the quality of my life and what helped me the most with this was YouTube. Instead of watching useless ‘how to earn $100 a day with blablabla’ videos I watched a lot of stuff about successful people and their daily habits.

I knew I had to implement a morning routine. One thing every, I mean almost EVERY successful person does is meditation. I watched a video about it which opened my eyes and consequently I started to meditate every single day. I can’t give you a link to this video because it’s a german video and you might not understand a single word😆

However this is not a problem at all because you can just use your brain and type into YouTube something like ‘meditation’ etc and you can find a lot of things which explain everything in detail. I would recommend to start with 3mins every day, so that you get used to it and after a week you add more and more minutes until you reach 10-20minutes.


It’s simple: learn and implement habits of people who are already in the position you also want to be one day. => Copy & Paste

My morning routine

Therefore I learned about different morning routines and created my own. It looks like this now:

  1. Waking Up
  2. Listening to my success audio
  3. bathroom/clothes/brushing teeth
  4. drinking a glas of water with a bit lemon
  5. meditation
  6. a small yoga session (I’m very inflexible haha)
  7. reading a book for 10 minutes
  8. breakfast

What I DON’T do anymore is looking at my phone.. In the past it was horrible. I woke up and chatted/ played for maybe around 2 hours in bed on my phone… It’s the worst thing you can do in life. What I learned is, if you win the morning of the day, you win the day! And it’s true in so many ways..


Yes, if you do a research or maybe you already know this, a lot of successful people take a cold shower in the morning. That’s something I did not implement.. Because firstly I have always been a person who showers in the evening and secondly …I don’t like cold showers? 🙄🤣

In my opinion it’s just important to have a morning routine, to stay away from the phone and to meditate. I guess the rest can always be slightly different from person to person.

‘How You Think And How You Feel Creates Your State of Being’

Another great thing that happened to me is that I found videos from Dr. Joe Dispenza. I don’t know how to say this but this guy is just brilliant, watching, understanding those videos can make and influence your life so much. To me he is a real hero haha, I feel what he says and I also feel that he is so damn right, our mind is so powerful.

power meditation

When we think the right way we can create our future the way we want it to be. If you never heard of him, go and watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v7KQsS2kLM4 It is truly motivating in relation to meditation. Because you understand even better why you are doing it and why it is so important.

It’s just an example video, you can literally watch every video from him or also especially from this channel called Be Inspired. You can find true motivational and inspiring topics there.

In addition to that what I found out this year is how powerful frequencies can be. You can find them again on YouTube when you type in frequency into the search bar. I suffered from a slight depression always in life and these frequencies are really helpful.

Using affirmations to attract luck and success into my life

Thanks to Joe Dispenza (Ok I’m not sure if it was because of him or a similar video in this field) I also realized that I have to reprogram my subconscious mind. The best way to do it is when you sleep. As a consequence I started to listen to highly effective affirmations. For more than a week I hear this for example very often while I sleep.


I realized in my way of being that I act and feel sometimes different than before which shows that it works. For example I suddenly stopped to eat candy and I also don’t want to eat that much meat anymore. Why? I just had this feeling inside me that I don’t want something like this and that I don’t really like it.

I never felt this way before and the reason for this has to be these affirmations reprogramming my mind while I sleep and telling me that I eat healthy and that I take care of my body or something like that.

It’s weird but it works because our mind is unbelievable.

An awesome book

Furthermore I started to read ‘Think And Grow Rich‘ from Napoleon Hill. It’s an all time classic book and even though I have not finished it yet I can say for sure that it is worth reading it. It’s a must read book in my opinion to develop the mindset we need to make money online. If for any reason you are like me and did not read this book in the past, please do it now. It’s simply great and can have a huge impact.


My final words

It’s not only important to influence the mind. Taking care of the body is also important that’s why I started to train every day.

As a result I really feel better in every way now than I felt before november 2019.

Now I was not the person teaching you the mindset you need but I was the person who told you what I did, which free tools/people/videos/books I use to get into the direction of success. Of course there is no way that I can claim that I’m done now. For me it just has started and I have to do all those things every single day and maybe add new good elements to develop the best possible mindset and lifestyle.


What I want to say in the end is that if you are just a ‘regular’ human being who never cared much about mindset -like myself before september 2019- I highly recommend you integrate and change your life in a similar way starting today.

Let’s do it together, maybe you can inspire me aswell with another new point of view. I surely don’t know everything yet. However what I know right now is that I’m on the right path and that I don’t have a chance to make a dollar online if I wouldn’t do what I’m doing.

Thanks for reading. I would love to hear some success stories from people following my advice and implementing something of this. Let me know what you think, how you feel, what your experiences are in the comments.

You are the creator of your world!

– Tobi

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  1. Hi there, 2 things stood out for me in this post. 1- having a morning routine. I read a lot of material about the habits of successful people and this is one that comes up time and time again. They’re very intentional in how they spend their time, particularly how they start their day so I have worked to develop a morning routine as well that helps me. The 2nd point is the book Think and Grow Rich, this is definitely a classic especially for those interested in finance. It’s on my list of books to read so I should hopefully complete it soon.

    1. Hey:)
      yes having a positive morning routine is really powerful and will definitly make a difference in life.
      Let me know what you think about the book when you have completed it💪

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