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How I FAILED to make money online – THIS story will open your eyes

Let’s first talk about who I am. My name is Tobias, I’m 24 years old right now and Tobi is my nickname. I like to use Tobi on the internet because I feel like the internet should be a relaxing place of friendship, I don’t know how to describe this better haha. Oh and I’m from germany, so please don’t beat me if my english is sometimes not perfect. I try my best.

First of all I know you probably already saw that it’s going to be a lot to read. However I want to EMPHASIZE and urge you to read the WHOLE text.

Yes it could take more than 15 minutes.

Yes my english is not perfect, but THIS article about how I failed to make money online could CHANGE everything for you and SAVE you thousands of dollars and more than a YEAR of your valuable time of YOUR life.

So PLEASE read it and see how it can make a big difference to your situation. Thank you!!

Understand who I am and why everything you are going to read is sad but true

I need to start early so that you can understand why I am here and what is the reason for me to do what I’m doing right now.

It all started when I was in school. Children almost always have dreams when they are young.

Some want to be a doctor, some want to be an astronaut, another one wants to be a police officer or a firefighter. All of them have a little dream.

Not me. I kinda was not like that.

Sure sometimes I said something so that my parents or other family members stop asking me but I never really meant that.


That was the first moment, I was about 6 or 7 years old, when I asked myself..whats wrong with me? haha. But it gets worse.

I got older and older and had a lot of different subjects in school and ..what should I say… I kinda hated them all. There was no subject I was really good in or better than anyone else.. Sure sometimes I had better grades than my classmates because I’m not stupid and I’m able to learn for a test within a few hours during midnight. But yeah I hated school.

There was no passion, no motivation, not a single goal I want to reach apart from just passing the examination somehow.

That same time during school I also had a lot of social difficulties to deal with. It was not easy with family and friends. I kinda started to feel bad.

After I finished school I started to go to the university to do something. I mean I had to? I didn’t like that either as you can imagine already.. And so the inevitable happened, I broke up. It’s not possible to finish university and deal with difficult topics and passing examination when you have no idea what you want in life, when there is no purpose why you are doing that, when you hate it and when you already started to kinda have a depression.

I don’t had a girlfriend, my family fucked my head up, I lost almost all of my friends.

My life was a mess.

So it was in 2014 and 2015 when there were thoughts in my mind as all I wanted was to shoot a bullet into my head to finally end this pain. I was completely alone and the whole world was kinda against me. No one really could understand me, that I started hating people and that there is not a single job out there I like and want to do.


Therefore it already started immediately when I was 18 and just finished school. All I had in life was an internet connection and I started back then to think about a way to earn a living by myself somehow.

I remember that I saw youtubers who have millions of views. I mean they are kinda rich, they did it. They live their dream. When such idiots (sorry but some of those people are idiots- not all) are able to do that, why not me?? – I’m not stupid and a special, funny person!

Since such moments with 18 years old and the question in my head what do to with my life I kinda wanted to find a better way than going to a 9 to 5 job I hate. But it’s not easy if all you have is this deep wish inside but no idea at all. So in 2015 I started a dual training until summer of 2018 which I also finished successfully.

And guess what?

Damn right, I hated it hahaha.

Okokok it was not that bad but I got the confirmation that I’m not made for this world, to work for a do that idiotic stuff they want me to do. I had no connection to those people and my inner hate for all of this was visible in my face and my fake smile. All I really wanted was to be happy in life, to have friends and a girlfriend and a peaceful family..but none of that.

I did not have a youth, I was not at any party until I was 21.. All I did was sitting in my room, playing some video games, being lonely and hating my life because no one is like me or understands the way I am. My selfconfidence was unbelievable low.

But you know what? You know why I’m here now? During those hard times was one thing which kept me moving and not giving up. Hope.

Yes it’s that simple and the reason why I’m still here, better than ever. I had hope.

I always knew one thing and said to myself: Tobias, you are still young, some day in future you will fcking win this life. I don’t know why. But I knew it was true. I knew that I’m a handsome, smart and funny young man people love once they get to know me.

I know that sounds arrogant but its this exact thing which directed me to NEVER EVER GIVE UP, GO OUT THERE, USE YOUR BRAIN, because you are not stupid at all, AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.


My old mindset

I saw those people on the internet making money online and having success with it and my mindset was like this: I thought that I need to find a way to make money online without working for it.

I wanted something which is extremely easy and fast and super effective.

I thought that all I need to do is find this one thing, this one easy doable thing. The magic button producing results because thats what the internet and people started making me believe in.

I am a smart young guy and maybe even smarter than other people around me, so it must be possible to find this easy sneaky tricky way to make money on the internet. I had not the intention to work for it a lot. I just wanted it fast by putting in maybe 2 hours a day and getting results immediately.

Thats what I was searching for. Starting or even calling it a real ‘online business’ ? hahaha nooo I did definitely not want something like that, because that sounds like too much work. Work? I hate work. I try to make money online because I DON’T have the intention to work a lot. Basically this is how it looked inside my head before I started to find out about ways to make money online.

How I first tried to make it online: Trading, online casino and sports betting…

My first punch in the face

It was in 2016 when I first started to try something online. I can’t remember exactly how I found out about this, but I tried binary options. I started trading because I saw and read about people who made extremely much money from this and I thought thats the perfect way for me to escape my shit situation and to start something big. I never forget that one moment.

It was in November 2016 I found a youtube video about a strategy of binary options and then I tried this out one day..and guess what? IT WORKED. I never forget this how unbelievable happy I was on that day. It was like all of my depression and hate in life disappeared in that moment. I laughed (I usually never laughed at that time) , I jumped in my small room, I was so motivated and happy.

A moment I never ever forget. It was a feeling I almost never felt before because I really thought I’m going to be rich without spending much time, I just needed to follow a simple strategy, a few clicks with my mouse every day for about an hour and booooooom money money moooooney. Best moment, because if you read my story above you remember that there wasn’t anything else I could have been happy about in life.

I hope you don’t laugh at me right now… but this strategy I’m talking about was the martingale strategy. Yes you read that right…I did not study how to analyze graphs or looking for super complicated signs or taking a course for 8 weeks to learn about trading. NO THIS WAS TOO COMPLICATED AND TOO MUCH WORK FOR ME…(just look at my mindset paragraph and you understand..)


After this first day when I was so happy and tried it once (btw I’m not quite sure anymore but it was not even with real money but with a test account lol) I got home from work and did this strategy every day and I remember that it actually kinda worked.

I generated around $40 every day with this, so my real money account increased…buuuut real life said hello mo’f**er.

Because the martingale strategy requires you to double or even triple your money you put into it to make a win. And because I was afraid to lose everything I always stopped after a certain amount of losses. Thats how I lost around $400 in the end after months of trying this. Finally I stopped this whole trading stuff.. (oh and I was still not willing to learn a real strategy -> looked tooo complicated…)

You can not win with this..

The next ‘fun stuff’ waited for me in 2017.. Oh yeah online casinos.. I guess I make this one short. I used a different version of the martingale strategy called rezibroke martingale system and played roulette..

Again it was the same as it always is online, there is someone teaching you this strategy, showing his results and it is soooo unbelievable how awesome this works, $500 a daaay, yeeeaaah your life changes, BLA BLA BLA. F*** YOU A******. I lost another $200 trying this out for a while…


Why I hate Alaves (spanish football team)

Last but not least I started sports betting. I’m not quite sure if I already started this in 2016 or 2017. It’s not that important I guess. I had an online friend I ‘met’ in a game called clash of clans, maybe you know this. We both loved football and he told me about how he always bets.

Long story short I did the same thing. It was not a real strategy, I just placed $1 or $2 on different combi bets. It seemed to be not much but in the end I lost more than I won – like always… I’m not sure but with this it was around another $100 less in my pocket over time..

However I really like football and achieving something with sports betting was still a dream, so I searched for real strategies and a way to make it work. One day I discovered a method saying to bet on draws.

Therefore as in may 2017 the brasilian league started I bet $10 on each team that they draw. And when they lost or won I increased the money I bet until they finally draw during one season.

The theory behind this is that every team within a season plays mutliple times a draw, so that in the end I will win for sure. And guess what? It worked!! After two months of doing so every team in that league played atleast once a draw. I WON $241,30. I was very happy with this so I decided to do the exact same thing when the european football leagues starts in summer 2017.

happy children

Well…I played this system then in 5 different leagues and won all of them after a bit of time and made $1200 profit. Sounds great, right? There was one problem. One team. One team I hate for this until today. One spanish team.

ALAVES. THEY ONLY WON OR LOST THEIR F**ING GAMES, FOR A VERY VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME. And because this strategy also ONLY works if you are able to increase your bet amount, I had to bet over $2000 at one single game. I hated my life that time again…but I decided to do something crazy…

I did not bet the full amount I needed to bet to still make profits, I just bet an amount so that I don’t lose everything. This also was kinda crazy because I only wanted to bet one more draw for this team and put $1600 this one day. I’ve been pretty happy because on my last try they actually played a draw and I got $4640 back.

However, because I did not bet the full required amount to be in profit, I lost overall $660. This was january 2018. Of course I decided to never do this again.

Nevertheless I still like sports betting and it’s something I still have in mind to make it work somehow. If you have a PROVEN winning strategy or an awesome advice feel free to drop a comment or let me know via email πŸ˜€

In summer 2018 I tried betting some ‘expert’ tips. You can imagine, this also worked not out and I lost more than I won.. In september of the same year I also tried to bet another outsider/draw strategy, but nevermind. Of course it did not work aswell.

My total loss with those three

If we combine the numbers I lost $400 with trading, $200 with online casinos and around $800 with sports betting. $1400 total loss. Great, isn’t it… Maybe you are wondering why I have this kind of money to even invest into such things.

It’s money I saved my whole life and some of it I earned in the company where I worked from 2015 to 2018. The ‘fun’ part is that I had to work for 3 months to earn that $1400 I lost, lol. (yes they paid very bad when you are not a full employee there and still in school sometimes) I live in my mums house so I don’t need to pay for rent. That allowed me to save some money or should I say to lose some money on the internet because I’m stupid af? Haha.


How I did everything wrong and failed with affiliate marketing – please learn from this – PLEASE

YouTube videos ‘teaching’ you…

In summer 2018 I finished my traineeship. During the first 6 months of this year I already started to watch videos on youtube. I did this on weekends or after I came home from work. I remember that the first youtuber I really started to follow and watch every video was John Michael.

He did this kind of videos: How to make $100 a day just typing, how to make $10 copy and paste, how to bla bla blaaaaaa , I can’t hear it anymore. I watched a lot of videos and still searched for something which is easy, fast and makes a lot of money (or atleast enough to replace a normal job).

My problem at that time was that I watched almost every new 10- 20 min video, thought about the idea, sometimes I wrote the idea down somewhere and then I forgot about it and searched for something else or waited for the next video.. because I never was really satisfied with the idea..I did not want to answer surveys or do some micro jobs..I want something better.

This exact youtuber I’m talking of always promoted a certain program at the beginning of each video he published. It’s called yoonla and was his main source of income. I also opted in there one day but I did not take action on it, you know why? Because it was about building a ‘business’ , building an email list, paying for an autoresponder and I thought noooo go away with such bull**it!! Remember?—my old mindset…money fast without doing stuff or paying for something hahaha. I’ve been such an idiot. I still searched for that one magic pill..

magic pill

What’s wrong with me?

Since my training was finished in mid 2018 I had no perspective. I did not want to go to another company or go to the university again. Therefore I made a commitment to myself. I will figure out how to make money online and I will make it work. No matter what. Because thats the only thing I am made for I guess. Here is the truth about this: Its CRAZY. Because I live at my parents house, not being able to finally move out, no income at all, and instead of searching for a ‘real’ job to get my own life I decided to stay at home chasing a dream. A dream I had absolutely no idea how to reach.

However there was always a voice in my head: I have no idea HOW but I WILL find it out!! And this ladys and gentlemen is crazy because you can not even explain this stuff to your family. All they want is that I’m finally responsible for my own life, earn money, move out etc.. Oh god yes trust me I want this too, but I also want to be happy in life and working for another company doing useless tasks I hate will not make myself feel good in the longterm.

At this point I want to thank my mum and dad. I know I am blessed that they let a 24 year old a****** still live in their house paying nothing, having no income and eating their food. I guess some of you reading this might have parents beating the sh*t out of you and throwing your clothes at the street and say GO GET A JOB IDIOT– if you did the same thing like me. And they would kinda be not wrong with that. Thats why I am so thankful for them. They trust me, let me do stuff they have no idea from (ok of course I also had talks with them saying..come on need to get a normal job etc but nevermind) and wait until I make something happen.

My statement is that I will never forget what they did and some day when I reach my goals I will make them happy and pay everything back, maybe even double. Thank you, I love you both.

thank you

The vicious cycle begins

The main thing I did in summer 2018 was studying the make money online world on youtube and doing some sport bets as I mentioned above already. Then on august 29 it ‘finally’ started. I bought my first make money online product. I don’t know what to say here.. its embarrassing how many products I bought and didn’t really use.

The problem is that back in the days I was not able to recognize that most of the products I bought were just helping products to drive more or better traffic. It’s funny when someone like me buys a product which is about ranking youtube videos to the first page when I had no youtube channel, no business, no idea what to promote actually haha. So you can imagine how these products changed my life. Right. They didn’t. They only made me lose more money.

Documenting my walk of shame

After I started buying more and more products I decided to create an excel file and document how much money I invest and listed every product there. I guess it’s quite interesting for you to see this. With this you also have the proof that what I’m writing here is the sad truth haha.

First of all I’m not saying that every product you can see there is garbage, ok? In fact most of them are not. However you need to have the right mindset which I did not have most of the time and more importantly for some of them you need to have a strong idea , a product , a business idea of how to use these products.

The second column is the price I paid and if you see a lot of zeros, this happened when I refunded the products. Though some of them also were bonuses which I got for free.

Salespages try to break you

The problem with all of this stuff is the fact, that they claim on their salespages always things like: make 100$ in 24 hours, just 30 min per day and you make $500 and stuff like this. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. So people like me and probably you think after buying such stuff that this is going to happen like they say and that it is as easy as they say. But guess what? It’s NOT. If you are not aware of this right now, please stop to think that it’s easy and fast and never ever ever ever ever again believe what they say. Ok?

Because it’s not true. For almost every product you need to put in some work. And sometimes you will realize that the required work you have to put in isn’t something you like to do at all. Atleast thats what I realized almost always.

Choosing the wrong products as a newbie

Lets start with the first three products you can see in this list. They are quite good. However these are only tools you can use if you already run a business.. I hate that they don’t advertise it like that. As a newbie trying to make some money you have no idea how to see the difference. It took me almost half a year to finally understand that..

I bought way more of such tools and you’ll see them all in this list. However I don’t want to speak about every product I bought and did not use of course. There are a few key products I want to talk about. The first one is FMPS (Five Minute Profit Sites) it was a clickbank product. After I failed and did not take action on these products before I decided to take this one serious. It was about building an email list and they provided a landing page for you. (yes this time I was ready to build a list)

Look at the date. I have to laugh right now. 3 days after I got FMPS I bought another two products. HAHAHA. THIS MAKE MONEY ONLINE INDUSTRY MADE ME CRAZY.Β It was like in every corner waited another a BETTER opportunity something new I had to find out about hahaha.. So instead of taking action on fmps I distracted myself with other stuff again. Wow good job Tobi, good job..

which way?

End of November that year I finally started to take action with fmps.. As a newbie you don’t realize or think about how good the offer actually is you are promoting, you just want to get leads and sales. So I bought some solo ads and promoted this page that way.. It’s a shame.. because after people submitted their email address all they got was a stupid old pdf about how to make money with amazon.

A lot of pages and I never read a single page myself of this.. After downloading their pdf they got redirected to a clickbank offer. The problem with all of this was that the free product I gave to them was sh*t and that I only got one pre-written email template from them. Real business and traffic strategies were also missing within the program. I generated about 60 leads, made zero sales and finally gave up after around two weeks.

Normally it’s NOT a good thing to give up that early when you see no results immediately but in this case it was the absolute right decision. Because investing money for traffic or trying to get free traffic for a product not being worth it is a big waste of time.

How bad support gave me headaches

Mid of december 2018 I searched for another opportunity, a better one. It was a popular product called CB Passive Income. I thought this one would kinda solve my problems because it was about sending leads into different possible funnels/pages and the best part was that I did not need to write my own emails.

The popular well known internet marketer would do that for me, and all the links he would promote to the leads I bring into the funnel would be hardcoded with my clickbank ID. All I needed to do with this program was to drive traffic to a page. Jackpooot. I thought this time, I’m going to succeed.

You already know how this story ends..I failed with this one and refunded it after two months.. What was the problem this time you might ask. Well, at first the products people get for free after submitting their email address, were not as bad as in fmps. But were they awesome? I think not..rather quite average.

The second problem with this was that the internet marketer promoting it for me could only promote clickbank products.. and maybe you already know about this, but there are not a lot of good products in clickbank, most of them are crap..


However the biggest reason why I stopped using this was the support. I had quite a lot of questions, some of them also were technical questions because I got the feeling that some of their pages not work the way they should work.

Instead of reaching out to me and give some answers I waited months for a respond and still got nothing, no matter how often I wrote to them. This sucked, this really really sucked. I also generated over 100 leads into this funnel and made no sale at all. I hate that I invested into traffic for this one.. (around $140 😐)

When you fail with everything in life at the same time

After this was over I really started having a bad time. For months. Ok actually almost whole 2019 was a burning hell for me. Failing in trying to make money online wasn’t my only problem. I also struggled with a girl and lost her almost the same time early 2019.

Her life went slowly in a better direction and mine got worse because I failed, failed and failed and felt sh*t about it. Then she dropped me. As she had a bad time I was the only one being there for her, but she…? If you somehow read this in future girl. I will NEVER forget what you did to me and how I felt. However I guess karma took care of her.

There is one thing I want to teach everyone reading this right now: Always be honest to people and care about those people who are with you when you have a bad time. Never forget them just because your life is better later.

Because if you do, karma will end your lucky moment and when you at your worst again, such people who once cared about you are away. When she realized that it was too late, I was away and never came back.

Ok enough of my social life struggle that time. I just want you to understand how bad my life was again in 2019 not only because of failing in business.

How watching review videos with those ‘super’ bonuses KILL YOUR SOUL, YOUR MONEY, YOUR HOPE

Let’s jump back to november 2018. Why? Because there started one of my biggest.. I don’t know how to describe this. You can call it ..addiction? I started watching review videos… Every fcking day launch new products on jvzoo, warriorplus and clickbank. I was obsessed to watch each of them. To find out about this new product and whether this time it is the magic solution I’m searching for. Spoiler alert: None of them was hahaha.

I was really desperate in january and february 2019..Just take a look at this screenshot how many products I bought these two months.

One of the main problems in this industry are ‘bonuses’. They trick you, they make you weak, they make you to buy this product sometimes just because of the bonuses. And I was in this trap.. It always was like this: I watch a review video about a new product, this new product seemed to be quite interesting and good, then I got introduced to the bonus and the bonus sounds even BETTER.


And I get this bonus for FREE when I buy this. OMG THATS SO COOL. I NEED TO HAVE THIS. -…….NO YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE THIS YOU STUPID A******!!!! (I wished that someone would have been there telling me this haha)

Let’s be honest, I can’t remember a single product or a single bonus making me money haha. Ok ok I have to admit sometimes it’s also because of my mindset and not really taking action but the truth is..I guess almost all people struggling to make money and to take action are getting distracted by the newest product launching, by tons of bonuses.

Because imagine: You buy a product teaching you how to make money online and then you get four different bonuses and some of them are also courses teaching you how to make money online. HOW ON EARTH SHOULD A SIMPLE NEWBIE WITHOUT STUDYING MINDSET AND FOCUS AND BLA NOT GET DISTRACTED AND CONFUSED. HOOOW???? Thats the real trap here.


Bonuses will NEVER make you money or really help you with the product you are buying, the only thing they do is distract you from taking action on ONE THING and make the one offering the bonuses more money into his pocket!! Because thats the point, right?

The affiliate reviewing products just wants to make money lol. And it works. And it will work for a long time to come. Because people are like me. They don’t have the right mindset, they believe that the bonus and the newest product will probably help and change their life.

This might sound wrong right now to you but in order to grow my own business and because of the fact that not everyone is aware of this and reads this life changing blog post, I guess some day I also have to offer some bonuses. I’m not sure yet but I feel like I have no choice. Sorry for that but it works and people are stupid.. I know thats sad, but maybe I find another solution, a bonus free solution. I will try.

Buying, buying and buying without taking action

Let’s talk about a sad example of buying a product because it’s new and it has ‘awesome’ bonuses for free. Fast Profit Jacker. The second one you can see in the screenshot above. It was a tool which enabled users to find local businesses and then you could reach out to them to improve their website and they pay you for doing that.

Sounded easy, sounded good as always. I watched a few tutorials inside the members area and found out (like it always was) that I don’t really like it, that there are some missing puzzles, that it’s too much work and that I don’t really like to do that lol.

The bonuses? They sounded even better and really helpful for this. Did I use them? Nope. Did they change something? Nope. Another awesome thought I always had in my mind: Maybe later, I can still use and try this product later. LOL. YOU DON’T, STUPID!

Why the ‘make money online’ niche gets NEVER saturated and how it is designed to make you FAIL

I remember that the most of my time I just watched training videos, I watched them aaaaaallllll. I mean hours, I mean daaays. I only bought products to watch the training inside loool? Taking action after watching them? Almost …NEVER.

This make money online industry is still booming. Do you think that this would be the case if everyone would really take action on such products? Haha of course not, so my assumption is that many many maaaaany people are just like me.

They buy a product, because it sounds promising, it sounds easy, it sounds fast on the sales page, then they buy, because the bonus sounds even better for this and theeen they watch the training inside, slowly realizing thats it’s NOT that easy, that it requires time until it works and sometimes way more money than they invested into the course. LOL. As a result they jump to the next product.

Write in the comments if you NEVER did this and took action on your first course and show me your face. I want to worship you or something like that. 🀣


Products like chambered or profit portal are for example quite good. The problem with things like that are that they are very cheap. It’s an information product, you need to be aware of this. Long videos explaining you the stuff, but everything else you have to do on your own thats why the price is low and thats why people like me buy that stuff and don’t take action even though the product is good.

Kenny Cannon is one of those internet marketers I trust, so I did not refund the product because I know exactly thats my fault that I take no action and don’t do the work. Buying a product for $5 and thinking it will change your life…it’s not going to happen. Especially for me because I was searching for an easy done-for-you solution.

I made my first dollar online and still failed

After I have been in completely crazy buying mood in january and february 2019 my mindset finally started to change and I realized that I have to look out for a REAL online business solution, a solution of making money online and ACTUALLY succeeding by putting in the required work!!

Furthermore I found out that I have to buy programs which are more expensive. Those tiny $5 or $12 products just won’t make a change in my life.

Probably you remember how I started in 2018 that I watched this one youtuber promoting yoonla in each video and how I was not ready for a business like this. End of Febuary 2019 I definitly was. And the best part was that yoonla launches a new yoonla mega program end of march 2019. I thought: YES. NOW is my time, because I knew that yoonla had unbelievable success storys in the past and that it is a great company.

Therefore I fully trusted them to finally change my life, thats why I bought immediately into the premium membership for $497!! It was the most money I ever spent on the internet for one thing. Because there is one rule: Invest money to make money. And it’s actually more than just true. It’s almost the only way in my opinion.

In order to start this business and make it work I had to setup things and also use kartra which costs me $90 a month. But no problem I did it, I really took action, more than ever, because I was committed to it. This time is my time. Atleast thats what I thought.

As you can imagine it did not work out and I lost more than $1000. Oh yeah, I love my life too. Haha..

It’s quite difficult to describe the reason why I failed with this. I could completely blame yoonla now, but that would also not be fair. My mistake was that I was so sure that it will work that I got blind. There was no need to buy the premium membership right at the beginning.

Of course I thought it would help me to make more money and it had all the advantages comparised to the $1 starter membership but I should have taken more time to investigate it and think about if it really offers the value I’m searching for.

The main problem with all this was, that it was a completely new program, there were no testimonials from people who already succeeded with it. It just started and the yoonla team just begun to add new things and they always promised and said we are working on it, new things, new features blablabla. Instead of taking action I started to wait. Yes. I waited.


From my perspective it was stupid to invest into more traffic and to do all this stuff when they release new features and improve the program. Because before I waited I bought some solo ads and almost none of those people went through the training I wanted them to go through and therefore I absolutely made no money.

Additionally I slowly started to not even believe into the product I’m promoting myself, because remember you should always only advertise something you would like to do or to have yourself..

However at a later point they actually released a new feature, a new cpa program. Long story short I tried that out and made my FIRST money online with an online business. $40 ..YAY..

(Lets forget the fact that I invested more money into traffic to generate the $40 but nevermind.. haha.)

My last big mistake so far..

In may 2019 my desperation slowly came back into my life, because I could not really proceed with my business and all I did was waiting and during the time I waited, what did I do? You can guess it, right? Of course I have informed myself and discovered new and different make money online products.

One of the saddest things I did was buying DNBB on may 31 for $497. I watched a webinar and it was about the domaining business. A business I had no idea of. Because my experience only was about affiliate marketing the whole time. So I thought , ok it sounds promising, there is a strong guarantee, lets do and try this now while I still wait for new stuff in my yoonla business.


This is so sad I kinda hate to even write about this now. For $497 I got access to a course, a video course..I watched it all. But I had no idea how to implement it or how to start and I still have no idea. I bought this because they advertised it as there is a great support and that people can reach out personally every time to the guy who teaches the stuff via email and ask every question.

And thats what I did, I wrote emails to him to ask how I should start what he advises me to do, because this business was really new to me. However I waited for an answer..for DAYS, sometimes WEEKS. Then later they reached out to me saying they had problems with the mailserver. OK fine, but then I wrote another email, he answered and asked if I have time this weekend to do a skype call, I told him that I have time and guess what happened.

NO ANSWER anymore. I really got frustrated and I’m still frustrated, and I hated it, I still hate it. I hated it so much that I also never reached out again yet.


Yes this business died before it even started because I hate the support and later I also hated myself because I learned so much and know everything about affiliate marketing, why even starting something completely different now?… Improve the stuff and make the stuff work you already know about!! The problem..: I still waited for the stuff I ‘already know about’..

Then end of july 2019 it happened. I got an email from the yoonla ceo. I waited for something like: Tobiaaaas we improved our program, we release a new awesome training, a new feature etc etc the coming week. Whereas in reality this happened: They announced to close the program, lol. Instead of improving it they realized themselves that it was not as good as it was meant to be.. great. My hope, my time, my money: wasted again.


Tobi, why did you still not give up? I mean you lost over $3000 trying to make money online?

Its an excellent question and sometimes I’m also not quite sure whats wrong with me. However maybe you have read the beginning of my story, my why. Then you know why I’m doing this and why I feel like its my destiny, the only thing I’m made for and that I never ever stopped to believe that I will make it happen!

YES everything I’m trying seems to be against me, nothing worked out the way it was supposed to be, but there is always one good thing when you fail. You learn. You know what went wrong and how you can improve to be better. Just imagine, I tried for more than a year to make money online, I bought and watched tons of trainings, you can be aware that I now know more than most people know about this industry.


To be honest I almost feel like a guru making millions of dollars just because I have this knowledge. Yes ok the reality is that I don’t earn a single cent online while writing this but this is not important, because I still believe in it and I’m right now on my way to finally succeed. Remember my words, follow my story, follow my blog and you will see how I go from $0 to $1000, from $1000 to $10000 etc.

If others can do it online, you can do it too!! I never stopped believing into a sentence like this, because it’s true! And it’s also true for you reading this right now no matter how your situation is or where you are from. You WILL find a way. Just like I do.


My last big decision

Instead of giving up and searching for a fulltime job after I lost more than $3500 online (including the losses before affiliate marketing), I searched in august and september 2019 for another high ticket program. Yes I searched for something which costs a lot of money (atleast $1000) to be part of. Why? As a consequence of all my failing and errors and time wastes I finally realized that I need a done-for-you-solution.

STOP. Done-for-you does NOT mean that you buy a $2000 product and get rich because you invested $2000. However beeing a part of something like that gives you that kind of advantage you need in order to be able to generate good money online.


I wanted something which is proven this time, something which has great success storys in the past, something which has a great support team, something which has a lot of good products, awesome quality coaching, an awesome community, something which has a great product funnel with possible high-ticket commissions in order to make a lot of money from only one customer, something which has a great successful marketer promoting products FOR me in the backend and something which comes with a very good money back guarantee (more than 30 days) in case I realize it’s not good.

Having all those criterias in my mind I went out to the make money online world and started watching a lot of webinars because as you might know almost every high-ticket program sells through a webinar. What should I took me two months until I made a decision. And trust me I was really afraid of that decision because I did not want to fck it up once again and lose so much money haha.


In the end it was a decision between these programs: legendary marketer, super affiliate system, six figure apprentice, 7 figure franchise, project profit academy and internet profits. Let’s skip the part how I found out about them because I guess it’s not that important right now. If you want to know it anyway, drop a comment and I’ll tell you. It’s not necessary that you know about any of these right now if you don’t. I just listed them for some of you being in a similar situation maybe.

You actually can not completely go wrong by buying into one of them. However I had my criterias (above) and tried to make an informed useful decision.

  • 7 figure franchise had a bad guarantee and I did not feel the sympathy to the marketer I would like to feel.
  • Six figure apprentice had a great guarantee. However I did not like that I was not able to find more information about this on the internet and current success storys so I decided against it.
  • Project profit acadamey would have been an option but I bought some products from this vendor before, some low ticket products and the experience with their support team was bad. Really really really unresponsive bad support. They are only good in selling their stuff but if you have questions after buying they dont care at all. So this was a big fat NO from me and I talked with somebody who was part of this program and guess what..He still waited for an answer to his ticket.. So in my opinion: It’s a big fat: DON’T do it. Because support is CRUCIAL to your success!!
  • The super affiliate system is not a bad one I guess. However with something like this you can make $500 sales but the true key in making money online is in high ticket sales of $1000, $2000 etc. And you only have a 30 day money back guarantee. I like to have more time when I invest more than $1000 for something.
  • Then there is legendary marketer which surely is a good way to go and to start business. But it’s not a done-for-you solution as I personally like it to have. And I heard that lots of people left this program after a while but I’m not sure, do your own research if you want to.


Last but not least there is only one program left *drum rolls please* the internet profits partner program. I watched this exact webinar*, I guess it was in august 2019. I got really fascinated from minute one because I don’t know how to say this but I just like the smiling optimistic stupid exciting millionairs face of Dean Holland 🀣 (the owner of this program). Yes it’s always the same.. people buy from people..and I just felt the sincerity of him and all my criterias I listed above were fulfilled.

*UPDATE: Surprise, we have 2022 now. I decided to not give you a link to the webinar here anymore. Why? Because it’s better that you read his book first to understand the business model. He will then introduce you to his webinar himself once you have it. Trust me thats way more useful for you. However if you still want the link directly no problem, use the contact form on my website and I send it to you. πŸ™‚

However there was one major problem with this. It was not like it was with other programs, where you just push a few buttons, pay X-amount of dollars and get into this program. have to apply for it and you need to have a phone call with one of their team members.

I thought: comeeee on…WHY? I DON’T want to talk to someone on the phone, I’m not even a native english speaker, ok writing, reading, understanding english videos oooook but SPEAKING? Hell no hahaha. I don’t even like to be on the phone in my own language in german haha.

As a consequence I bookmarked the page where I could apply for it and searched about other solutions I listed above. (because of a phone call?- you serious Tobi? haha)


Out off the comfort zone

However on october 1 I was done searching, I really had enough of it. For me and my criteria the internet profits partner program sounded like the best one so I found my courage to do that phone call and apply for it and if it sounds bad or they don’t want me, what can I lose?

I still could join another program. Besides I realized that it’s actually a good thing to speak with someone in real so you know you can trust that company and they don’t just take your money and run.

Congratulations they accepted me and the phone call wasn’t as bad as I thought and my english was actually good – atleast thats what the guy told me at the end of our conversation hehe. He was very friendly and I could ask every question I had about it.


Now I write this blog post one month after joining the program (november 2019) and earned exactly $0 since I joined. Sounds motivating and awesome for you, am I right? πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ Before you now close this window and go to the next sales page promising you to get $5oo by tomorrow, wait a minute. Because the truth is that while I write this blog post I did not start to drive a single visitor to my pages. And guess what, without visitors/ without traffic = no income. (Update: I started driving traffic and made my first sales – I KNEW ITπŸ™Œ)

If you are interested what I did since I joined here, just take a look at my blog and you can follow my path and what I do in business step by step to go from $0 to $1000.

My final words and why this whole story about how I failed could change your life now

First of all, I know how people are on the internet and to be honest I’m no difference sometimes: They see a long article, a very long blog post, they roll their eyes, scroll to the end to get to the conclusion and maybe get the important information this way. However I need to disappoint you. The final words I’m going to write will NOT change anything for you. Because you are not able to understand the importance and truth of my words without reading everything before.


Therefore please STOP insulting yourself, scroll back to the beginning and READ the whole story!! If I could I would like to force you to do it because it can be THAT important to your life if you want to make money online. You have two options: 1. Scroll back to the beginning and start reading (then I give you a virtuel hug) or 2. GO away, be as stupid as I was and waste your time and money because you are an idiot. (Ignore all this if you have read everything- I kiss your eyes)

Ladies and gentlemen this was my story. I wrote it deep inside from my burning heart and soul. It sounds dramatic but its true. Everything I wrote is true. Most of the time you only read about or see people who succeeded and how rich and happy they are now- FCK YOU. haha.

Those people are not able to teach you or even understand your situation, but I DO. Because basically I AM YOU. (except you already earned over $100 online with affiliate marketing then you are better haha)

Maybe you ask yourself now what to do next and how to finally make money online. I did not write this to give you a solution to it, I’m sorry. However after you read this you know exactly what NOT to do. The most important thing is your mindset and how to deal with every offer you see on the internet in future. Because I have been like that myself, I searched for an easy and fast way to make a full-time income online.

And I tell you, it’s not possible. No matter what someone somewhere promises to you. You ALWAYS have to put in the work and almost ALWAYS you have to spend money. From now on I hope you realize that the only way to do it is by calling it an online business.


Every ‘quick method’ you will find is a waste of your time and your money. NEVER again buy a ‘software’ which helps you with traffic or creates some pages for you or something like that. BESIDES you have your business, your program and this software can help you with driving traffic for your EXISTING business. NEVER go to an online casino, NEVER start trading WITHOUT completely learning it, NEVER EVER AGAIN buy a product because the bonus package sounds good!!!!!! NEVER get distracted by emails in your inbox promoting the next shiny object!!!

NEVER GIVE UP on something where you know and SEE that others have success with it and jump to the next product instead!!! NEVER waste your time by watching YouTube videos teaching you ‘how to make $100 a day by copy and pasting/ by typing/ by reading or whatsoever!!! ITS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME – I mean you want to make a lot of money and not just $10 a day, right?! NEVER buy a high-ticket course which is new on the market, otherwise the same what happened to me could happen to you.

STOP thinking that its better to only invest $12 for a training course instead of buying a course for around $1000 or $2000, especially if you have the money. Why? Because if you want to have SUCCESS and life-changing REAL RESULTS it’s better to invest into a done-for-you business solution!! Just do the math. The money I spent for every low ticket course or software combined is more than $1000!!!


One of the most important things you need to do before you even start to make some money online is working on your mindset. I know what you are thinking right now: Blablabla I heard that 1000 times, my mindset is good enough! Trust me when I tell you: IT’S NOT. Sorry to say it like that, but everything I’m telling you is from my own experience.

I always thought I already have the right mindset and that I already believe in myself. However it’s just not enough otherwise I would not have lost over $3000. Makes sense, doesn’t it?! There is still a lot to do and learn for you. I plan to write a blog post just about mindset. When I did, I will link it here. If you see it: Great. If not, bookmark my website and wait for it:)


It’s quite easy for me to advertise the business I am in right now, to tell you, that joining the same program as I did is the best decision you can make, that it will change your life etc. Even though in my opinion it’s the best program because of the community, the coaching, the products, the guarantee etc.

But this was not my intention why I wrote this blog post. I wrote all of this because I wished that I could have read such an honest story from a newbie. Thats why I only left you one link, hidden within my text to it haha. Because I don’t care if you join that or search for something else, I honestly just care about you not doing the same mistakes.

If you are broke

Now there are people who really have no money at all to invest into a business or an expensive course. You might feel a bit lost now after reading my story because it sounded most of the time like you need to have some money already. The sad truth is, that it’s true if you want to make a job replacing income fast you need to have money.


However I can give you the hope that it’s still possible to start without anything. There ARE ways to do it. Important is how consistent you are. Because driving traffic for ‘free’ is never actually free. It takes time. A lot of time to be honest and to see results. You can do it if you have the right focus. Follow my story because I will also share how I try to generate traffic for ‘free’ on my way.

If you have no course, no idea and nothing to start with right now, and no money, I leave you this link here. Yes it’s a real book. Yes, you need to pay for the shipping. But this one is for you if you really feel lost now and want to make a change without having a lot of money. Forget about videos or PDF’s for a moment. Sometimes reading a real book can be worth so much more to your situation. Oh and I earn $1 when you purchase it, so don’t worry I’m not offering it to get rich.🀣

But I do it because I already know how awesome it is to be a part of Dean’s world and how motivating this guy is. However of course you don’t have to. Stick with what you have, search for something else, no problem at all. The most important thing is that you learned something from what you have read. And that you trust me right now because I also wrote it to always remind myself of what I did wrong and that I can be thankful for every moment of success I once might have in future.

My free service for people who took the time and read it all

The last thing I would like to offer you is my opinion. Yes you heard that right. You think about buying a product, a software, start some kind of business online? Just drop a comment and ask me what I think about it from my experience. Because you now know that I have a lot of it. I feel like I am able to see which products are worth it or not.

And if I never heard of the one you want my opinion of I will search about it and tell you what I think. This free service alone can make a difference to your situation, so don’t be shy, leave a comment or write an email to: [email protected] and we’ll talk about it. I like to help you.

You did it, you read my whole story. I’m so proud of you. Thank you. Don’t let this article be one of those things you forget about in a few days. Please always remember it, even if you did not have the same experiences like I had. Because it’s highly possible that you end up having them when you ignore it.

I wish you all the best in life from my deep struggling broken heart haha and that you find your personal way of succeeding to make money online. Good luck and always, always always believe in yourself and NEVER give up.


P.S.: I would love to hear what you think about it after reading all of this, leave a comment please and share this with people who also struggle to make it work. Oh and sorry again for my english. I hope it was okay somehow – but it’s like in business – I’ll get better by practicing it hehe.

P.P.S.: I wrote this stuff for more than a week , so please don’t complain that it took you more than 15 minutes to read it, ok? πŸ˜‚

2 thoughts on “My Story”

  1. Ok, I persevered and read the full post. You weren’t kidding when you said it would take a while to read but there were good lessons in it. I think the one that stands out the most for me at this time is not to run after the “get rich quick” ideas as anything of real or lasting value will take time. You obviously learnt it so we can learn from your experiences. I’m happy to hear you found a programme that is suitable for you though.

    1. Thanks for taking the time Cyndy.
      Yes, building a profitable business is something which can not be made over night..
      You are right I found my programme and I still don’t regret it.πŸ’ͺ

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