You can not buy discipline


Today we need to talk about a serious problem.

Something which makes me cry.

I mean I thought you love me a little bit.

But come on?

Last sunday it was my birthday..

But there was nothing from you..

Not one single present or atleast a congratulation.

I don’t know how to handle this situation, I’m writing blogposts every single week just for you and then this..

Nevermind I’m old enough now to deal with it.😭😭


A present which no one was able to give to me on my birthday

Not a single friend, not my mum or dad, not my grandparents, nor my sister.

Nobody could give this to me and nobody is able to buy it..

I’m talking about discipline.

Discipline to work for your dreams, discipline to create a plan of action, discipline to not get distracted by nothing and nobody.

Discipline every single day to make a progress for your business.

How others profit from the lack of discipline

I guess that so many people have a problem with this exact thing which is the reason why they are all searching for the quickest and easiest way to make money online.

Deep down they know that they are not disciplined enough to work for something before they are seeing results.

This is the exact moment when gurus rub their hands and promise you to get free buyer traffic with a push on a button and $1000 within a week.

You pay them money to get into their program and boom you realized after going through the course that you have to work for it, that it just sounded too good, now you are disappointed and jump to the next product with the next promise just to get disappointed again.

This will happen for quite a while until you reach a point where you lost thousands of dollars and a lot of time until you find something which is not promising the world but which is teaching you how to do it the right way.

What you just read was basically what happend to me in a very short way haha.

Do this if you want to win

The reason why the amount of people who are failing with affiliate marketing is way higher than the number of people succeeding with it is the combination of lack of discipline and false promises.

This is why everyone of us needs to come to the point where we don’t allow distractions and procrastination to happen anymore. Nobody can buy this for you neither can you buy it yourself.

We need to create it. We need to develop this discipline.

In order to develop it all we need to do is to work on the mindset.

I did this with completely free tools for my own life and was able to not give up on my business until I saw my first results. I wrote about how I created the success mindset for free very detailed here.

The right mindset combined with the right strategy and the right information and mentor to follow will lead to results. No matter what.

Two weeks ago for example I talked about a very useful strategy which worked for me and still works very good.

All of this points to the fact that we can not buy discipline and nobody can give it to us, it is automatically created as soon as we are driven by a success mindset. This will light a fire within us leading us to beautiful destinations.

I know that because this is what happend to me.

See you next week,


2 thoughts on “You can not buy discipline”

  1. Happy belated birthday!! Discipline is so crucial to life so this certainly trumps all other potential birthday gifts as this one keeps will continue to pay off once you are consistent with it. Consistency is usually the difficult part though like you said as we all start but we don’t often continue and keep going. Your blog is one example of consistency, how long have you been blogging?

    1. Hi Cyndy, thank you 😄 I’m blogging since october 2019. And I will keep doing it, just not as often as I used to – if you have read one of my newer posts you know why..

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