What’s one of the biggest things that holds us back from starting a business –

Especially if we’re thinking of doing something online? For me it’s fear.

The fear of looking stupid, being embarrassed of another “dumb” thing I tried to do and failed.

It’s not like I’ve done these types of things a lot. I think like most people I’m always looking out for a good opportunity; something that can make my life a bit easier – give me some more time to do what I really want to be doing.

When I came across affiliate marketing, I thought it would be an easy way to do that.

I started my own brick and mortar business over 9 years ago – I’ve been growing that all these years, managing the day-to-day operations, handling all the marketing.

I didn’t understand how affiliate marketing was different.

So after pretty much giving up …

And getting irritated at myself for all the time and money I had wasted
– thinking this was going to be one more thing I’d be embarrassed about…

I found someone who helped me get on the right path.

He helped me figure out the mistakes I had been making, and taught me what I actually needed to be focusing on.

He shared with me the system for building the “The Ultimate Funnel

👉 If you’re just starting out in affiliate marketing,
👉 or you’ve been struggling to make it work,
👉 or maybe you already gave up … I think you should read The Iceberg Effect

In it, Dean Holland lays out the Secret of Affiliate Marketing Success.

I’ll be honest – when you’re done with it I hope you’ll want to work with us to master the craft of affiliate marketing.

But if all you do is read the book – You will have the tools to recognize good affiliate marketing opportunities, and you’ll know how to maximize the revenue you can make from that opportunity.

Dean didn’t give me a magic button. I still have to work at this thing.

But I now have clarity about what I’m doing. And no matter what some people may think I have the confidence to stay focused and keep working at it, because I know I’m learning the skills required to build a system that can transform my life.

I know the steps I need to take each day to get to where I want to go.

Do you have that kind of clarity?

You can get the book here.

Otherwise I wish you continued “fun” in the Warrior Forum. 🙂