When you try it with free traffic..

Why I don’t use paid traffic at the moment

My last regular updating post was 19 days ago. I was a little bit desperate in there. Did I solve my problems I had back then now? Hmmmm… let’s change the topic🤣

I was busy for a few days creating and writing my second best blogpost EVER. If you haven’t checked it out yet. Do it NOW. It’s the only way to be successful online.

It took me 4 days until I had finished that post. This is way too long… I mean okaaay it’s a big article with over 3000 words but 4 days are still too much for it…

It’s a problem with my productivity. I wrote about this in a seperate post here.

I decided for my business to not use any paid traffic at the moment. The reason for this is that Dean and the internet profits team are changing a few things and making everything even better for us.

For example there will be a new awesome product available soon. Therefore I wait until it is released before I do any paid traffic.

Using free traffic…

As you might be aware of already..but free traffic is not really free. It steals time. The most valuable thing of our life.


However it can be very effective.

I struggled how to do it and what to do.

I already had an instagram account with over 1000 followers from my first atttempts to build a business but I failed.

For me it just made sense to use this account now and bring it back to life for my new business. Just search for @megadigitaldream and you’ll find me over there.


In addition to that I’m active on facebook, twitter, quora and the warriorforum.

Atleast I try to be active on all of them. But I still did not figure it out how to handle them all at once.

It sounds a lot, but when you think about how much time I have available to grow my business it is not much. It must be possible to handle them all at once.

However I was not able to handle them correctly and efficiently yet.

My problem with distraction

The problem with using free traffic methods is that it does not feel like working for something. It more feels like having free time. The distraction potential on social media is very high.

social media

Keeping the focus and doing the right things which I learned here is not that easy always.

It is no wonder that I always ask myself at the end of the day: What did I do?? Even though I was in front of the computer the whole day it did not feel like I was going somewhere fast.

‘Fast’. A great link to the next point.

Fast free traffic does not exist

If you are using free traffic…it is not fast. It is slow. Very. Very. Very slow. I’m happy when I achieve something like 5 clicks a day…

That’s my achievement. Atleast I get some clicks.

But there is no need to be disappointed because this is normal. Free traffic is a powerful thing which always starts frustrating but if I keep pushing, if I keep posting every day. If I keep growing my accounts the rewards some day will be huge.


You need courage

That’s what I’m doing now. Not giving up. Just growing, growing and growing. At some day it will make BOOM and I will be able to generate tons of clicks to my links. Mark my words.

I almost forgot to mention that I am very proud of myself. I had the courage to advertise my blog etc with my own voice.👀 I guess it’s not selfevident to do that.


Atleast it was not for me. But I did it and I believe to market efficiently you have to surpass yourself sometimes.

All in all this was my update before christmas now. I hope I can publish another last post in 2019.

Thanks for reading and merry christmas (if you celebrate it and read it on time).


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