Something great happened and everybody can profit from it

Listen to me my friend

Another week went by and as I promised this time I’m back earlier.

I’d like to start with great news. I diiiiiid it, I read, recorded and then published my first podcast. Now you can listen to my personal story of how I failed to make money online.

A story you absolutely can NOT miss out on if you are someone who is involved into affiliate marketing and maybe also never earned a lot or almost nothing.

This can really open your eyes about this industry.

Another thing I did last week was to open a new pinterest account. However I decided to not use it yet. I have some plans in my mind for this and will start soon over there. 💪

Apart from that I was helping some people on quora and were active on twitter.

See the money flyiiiing into our pocket

Then on january 16 something great happened for everyone of us. My mentor Dean published his new book the iceberg effect officially for everybody after several weeks of testing it. (With astonishing results)

This is great news, because now I’m able to promote this new awesome book and we can make money with it together!! Yes, YOU and ME we can make money with that. In fact WE can make a LOT of money with that. Together!!!


It works like this: You click this link. Then you purchase a copy of this new book. -> I will make money. 💸

Next step: You read the book/ or listen to the audio version you’ll get for free; you finally understand how to be successful with affiliate marketing, you work with the book, start to realize that Dean who wrote this knows exactly what he’s talking about because he made millions online, you follow his blueprint, you take massive action – now you will make money. 💸

Sounds simple and great, am I right? Is there a catch? Nope, there is absolutely no catch apart from the fact that this only works if you take action on it.

This is weird

The same day on january 16 I woke up in the morning and had a thought in my mind which told me to place a banner ad in the warrior forum for the new book.

I’m honest I did not plan to do that before but I decided to just believe in my thought and therefore I did it. I placed an ad in there, just like that. Thats funny isn’t it.

I already got a lot of clicks and impressions but no sales yet. Unfortunately no sales. But this ad will be active for 30 more days, so there is still time for it to happen. The best part is, that one sale could already be enough to be in profit. That’s why working with Dean is so powerful.

Next month I will start with more paid advertising.

What do you think about all of this? Did you ever had a similar experience like me and woke up with a thought in your mind what to do in your business/ or daily life and just followed this thought?


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