Promote others to make money?


today let’s talk about what happened last week after my mental breakdown.😅

And deal with an interesting question you already read in the headline.

Finding new motivation

Because of your nature and me beeing extremely important to your life you probably want to know how I feel today.

Better than here?


Well, let me say it in this way:

I kinda stopped the contact to this person now, maybe forever, maybe just for a while, who knows.

Therefore the good part is: I don’t have such a useless topic anymore in my head and I can start focusing on my business again.

The bad part: I procrastinated a lot last week.

And when I say a lot..

I mean a lot

I guess the reason is that I needed to recover from those experiences and find new motivation for my business.

Hopefully I’m finding it – but you see me writing this blogpost like every monday – so thats a good sign I guess.😅

Procrastination instead of progress

My mission was to set up a youtube ad last week.

I was not able to just do it.

I already had the finished video on my phone. (Because I’m just filming myself there and talking..I just want to try it this way and see what happens haha)

But something inside of me preferred to procrastinate instead of starting this advertisement. I also knew how to do it because I watched and learned about youtube ads in several training videos.

Why then not just doing it?


It just wasn’t my week..

Or maybe because it’s too simple.

Yes you heard that right: Maybe because it’s too simple.

Guess what: Starting a youtube ad is really not hard..

Maybe sometimes I don’t want to do the easy tasks, who knows haha

However this week I will set it up and then let’s see how it goes.

People just want the money..

Now I’d like to talk about an interesting thing which I learned last week.

Within my business I also get weekly coaching and support from people who are where I want to be one day.

This means I often get golden advices and one of these was within the last coaching session which kept me thinking.

If you also want access to such golden tips and tricks and learn how to start a profitable business from scratch you should start by clicking here and get yourself this great book.

To be completely honest the nature of humans is not in providing value or helping people. We are selfish.

Sorry but this is true for most of us. Now let’s think about yourself: Let’s pretend you never started earning money on the internet.

What do you want?

Yes, you want to get your affiliate link and send it to as many people as possible and you want them to buy. Boooom.

  • Now you make money.
  • Now you generate an income online.
  • Now you can quit your job.
  • Live your dream life.

Am I right? Come on, be honest. This is how it works, this is why we are doing it, this is why we started it. And this is how we think it’s going to happen somehow.

We only think about our own profit.

And I say we because I’m talking about myself of course. I’m no difference here.

I’m only thinking about myself.

I mean would I even have this blog when it would not be about the money?

You can guess the answer.

Sad but true.

Now think about yourself. Maybe you are also an internet marketer already. Would you do all of what you are doing when you would never get something back?

Would you still want to provide value to others? For nothing? Just doing it because you are a nice person?


I would say some of you would probably do it…but only if you have enough time left 😉 (and we all know that suddenly we doooon’t have time at all haha)


I don’t want to say here now that all people are only money driven but especially in the internet marketing, affiliate and make money online world, most people doing it because of that.

However this also depends on where you are in life, for example my mentor who wrote this book, he already earned millions online and has almost reached everything thats why his passion really seems to be most of the time to help others creating their dream life. Atleast thats the impression I got from him over time.

To be honest about myself here I’m of course more money and results driven to achieve something but for example my post about how I failed is something I wrote from deep down of my heart to help others.

Okay I need to come to the point.

Forget about yourself and all you ever wanted will come true?

My coach last week stated that we should forget about our outcome. Especially when having a blog for example.

He said we should do our work, write and publish our content and the rest of the time we should start building connections and promote other peoples content instead of our own. (of course from people in the same niche)

The common question is always..but ….but… how can I make money when I promote others and not myself? 😐

The answer is pretty simple. Thats not what he said but what I’m saying now: Karma.

When you are nice to others and help them, they will realize that you exist and return the favor over time.

The secret is to help others and not expecting anything in return. We should finally start forgetting about ourselves and focusing on providing pure value and help to others.

Then the results for our own businesses will come and the commissions are rolling in because people will know, like and trust us.

This is what I meant, it’s against the common human nature but it’s something which made me thinking.

I have analyzed it and found out that most of the time I was only thinking about myself. For example I almost only promoted my stuff on twitter etc.

Overall I can say that it’s not just about providing valuable content as we all hear probably very often but also about helping others to grow their business to grow our own business.

It’s a very interesting point of view and I will try my best to implement what I learned.

Hope this was helpful for you too.

See you next week,


2 thoughts on “Promote others to make money?”

  1. Hi Tobi, thanks for sharing 🙂 This concept you share sounds very simple but it’s quite difficult to not think about ourselves in terms of how we are wired. I recently listened to a training by Tony Robbins where he talks about the pain/pleasure principle and that really helps to explain why we procrastinate. I found it really helpful!

    1. Thanks for your comment on this Cyndy 🙂 Yes procrastination is something we need to fight against every single day especially when we don’t have a deadline..

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