The challenge of being productive





Even though I have time the whole fcking day, I am still not able to get more things done.

I have not figured out how to structure my day the right way. When to work, when not to work.

The reason for this is not that I am a lazy guy, the reason is that my body/ mind etc just can’t work and feels like working anymore..


I still get also distracted too easily. Yes I know. I wrote about lifestyle and mindset. I know that I have to keep working on this myself. That’s why I’m writing about this stuff, it’s not just content I copy from the internet because it’s a famous topic. I copy the content from my LIFE and my OWN sad struggle😅

I need a new plan

I need help, I just don’t know which time of the day my body and mind is able to be most productive. For example I had days where I felt horrible between 3pm to 10pm. Yes 7 long hours feeling horrible. Now try to be productive and work for your business when you feel like that. TRY it😅 It’s not that easy..

Therefore after 10pm, 11pm and midnight I suddenly felt like having so much power and energy. I HATE IT.

I mean come on.. I read and watched about successful people and they all wake up early. None of them is working during the night. Am I right? Am I wrong? I don’t know but atleast thats my impression.

I have to think about this.. Structure my day in a different way. I wish an angle would fly to me and work out an individual plan especially for my needs haha..


Well I just realize I also could ask this in our community because we are a family over there. 🤔 Maybe some of them have a good tip or Dean himself can help me 😁

My post about mindset is not just theory

Let’s also share a win here.

A win which happened in my life only because I worked hard and started to reprogram my subconscious mind to wealth, health and success. (If you have no idea what I’m talking about now-> SHAME ON YOU. YOU STILL DID NOT READ MY MINDSET POST. WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU MY FRIEND??😒🙄😅 ) (okay maybe you are peeerfect already OK LOL, SORRY)

The win I am talking about is that I also work hard on improving my self-confidence. I proved to myself that the affirmations I hear while I sleep start to work. So I met a random guy from my city and hang out with him in real life.

Trust me my old self would have never done that. But I start to live in my future now. I am now the creator of my life, I meet new people. That’s only the beginning. I proved that it works. I’m still doing sports every single day.

I am not rich yet or making a lot of money. But I am in the right direction. I will keep moving towards my goal.

How about you? Share your experience, help me with my productivity problem or just share my blog all over the internet🥰😅

– Tobi

P.S. I need to write a little bit more because I have a wordpress tool called rank math SEO and this tool says that it’s better to use atleast 600 words. Therefore I’m going to write a few more words here. You don’t need to read this. Come on I’m serious, you can go away now. It’s a waste of your time. Ohhh okay we did it. Over 600 words now. Byeee🤣

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