People influencing and destroying my path to success


thanks for checking out this post.

Today I’m not the funny and weird idiot.

I need to talk about serious things..

5 reasons for success and failure

My mission was to share my wins and my fails while creating an online business.

It’s time for a fail.


The difference between those people who are succeeding and making money and those who are failing and losing is:

  • 1. Mindset
  • 2. Knowledge
  • 3. Action
  • 4. Habits

and something else.


People you are hanging out with most of the time. These are the ones who have an impact with their own mindset and lifestyle on your success.

It’s sad but true. Just take a look at all successful people out there.

Try to give me one single name of a person who started having huge success completely alone without the influence of for example a nice woman, great friends and a supporting family in the background.

Come on, give me one name. One!

You know why there is not such a person? Because it’s extremely hard and almost impossible to create fortunes without the right people influencing you in the background.

We need others to succeed.

This is not something I like to write here because it’s like standing in front of the gravestone of my own dreams.

They accept me but they don’t support me

If you have read my story of how I failed to make money online you already know that I’m not someone who has a lot of people.

I’m a lone wolf chasing a dream and escaping my past.

I don’t have contact to people who are able to motivate me or who are seriously supporting me. Not even my own family.

All they do is more like accepting me and my way with a fake smile and worries in their head.

I don’t want to complain here I know it could be worse and they could also try to change me and hate me.

However it still does not feel good. And the fact that they not nearly in any way shape or form have a mindset of success.

What I’m trying to explain to you is this:

It’s like me living in a flock of sheep and me who suddenly tries to fly instead of just walking and eating grass like everyone else.

And they are looking at me like: What the hell is wrong with you?

These are the people who are around me 95% of my time.

Okay then get away from them?

If it would be that easy I would do it.. But I don’t have enough money yet to live my own life.

The good part about this is that I am used to this situation, that I fighted my way through it, that I did not give up, that I did not care what others are saying or thinking and that I moved into the right direction no matter what.

This is why I’m here now, this is why I’m learning more and more and this is why I was able to finally made my first money online.

People killing my focus without even knowing

The reason why I’m writing this post is something which happened last week and made me realize that I’m not strong enough yet, even though I worked so hard on all these 4 core areas and points I listed above.

I really and extremely improved my life and my mindset.

And then comes point 5 and destroys everything?

Come on.. Why?

This is what happened:

I started to have contact with a new human beeing a few months ago. This person was kinda cool. We had funny and awesome conversations. It was just refreshing and feeled nice.

But now this person just stopped talking to me out of nowhere.

So instead of me giving a goddamn sh*t about it..what did I do? I started to f*ck my head because of it!!

I’m such an idiot!! I was not able to focus anymore, to concentrate on my business, to focus on my dream, to WORK for my dream, to WORK towards my goals.

No, all I did was thinking about a solution how to contact and find out whats suddenly wrong with this person!!


If someone doesn’t want to have contact with me they can just tell me? Where is the problem?

(If we have contact again and you will somehow find out about this post in future I hope you realize what you did to me without you even having a clue what you did..and maybe we can laugh about it then… ..okay to be honest I hope you never find out because otherwise you will realize that I am a complete crazy stupid idiot haha)

The point is.. I’m losing time and motivation for things which should be way more important to me.

I know that I act wrong, I know that it is a waste of my time to even think a second about people who are not worth it.

But it was like an addiction, it was like me needing drugs, and my drug was to fck my head around this topic instead of working for my business.

How to succeed in life

Ladys and gentlemen here it was and is.

The reason why I’m not making a lot of money online already.

It’s not because of the information, the business, the products I’m promoting or anything like that.

It’s because of me and my circumstances in life.

When I am able to fight against them and totally forget about them and focus completely towards my goal I will have more success.

Because I know so much about affiliate marketing and making money online. More than the huge majority of people.

But I bet that any newbie who would join the same business like me and gets the same information like I have would start earning way more money than I do right now if this person is supported by the right people in his life and has the right mindset.

The truth is that results can only come when you are doing the work and when you follow the plan which is laid out to you.

And thats what I’m not doing most of the time.

It’s a sad fact but true.

This is what makes the difference.

But don’t worry I am over it now and I start focusing again. I’m really working hard to destroy the enemies in my head.

I’m not giving up.


I know this works. If I work.


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