The glorious dream of passive income and its consequences

It’s that time of the year again…

Hey there,

Today we are talking about the glorious dream of passive income and its consequences. However this is not a normal blog post.

It is part 3 of the legendary conversation of Tobi vs Tobi. Tobi 1 has a brain and the other one hmm…

I know that if you’ve read the first two parts, there was a huge humor factor in it, so it’s a positive thing to do it again.

The only problem is that with all the humor that is certainly in the whole thing, there is always a bitter truth hidden which is why I kinda feel a bit melancholic writing this introduction.

I will nevertheless do my best to reproduce this bitter truth again in the typical way it might still make you smile. (and myself cry 🥲🤣)

If you do not know the previous two parts please read first part 1 and then part 2 through so you really understand what I’m talking about here believe me it is important to understand the context.

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Oh it’s you.. Uhmm Hi Tobi.

Hello Tobi. 🙂

Great to see you again..

Is it? Do you really think IT IS GREAT TO SEE ME AGAIN?????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Irony… Wow he is already screaming before I said a word.

Your pure existence in my eyes makes me so fcking angry I can’t believe it. 🙂😊🙂😊🙂

Why? 🙄

Remember what I said last year??? “I swear to you if I have to lead such a pointless discussion with you again next year at this time and you are or were still such an incredible idiot then I completely FREAK OUT so please do me the favor and finally do the right thing.”


I don’t understand why you’re so upset – we haven’t even discussed what happened this year.

Oh I ask you honestly do you want to sell yourself, me and your readers for stupid? We would not even write this part 3 here if you had had a super great successful year you IDIOT.

Well.. Ok Ok you are right.. Maybe it was not quite perfect.

HAHAHAHAHAH NOT QUITE PERFECT HE SAYS. HHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA. You seem to forget that I’m the only person on this planet who knows exactly what happened this year right?

🙄 Ok good then we can end this discussion here and move on. 🙄

Hahaha you wish. No, even though I hate it myself to waste my time again with your stupidness I want you to write it down again and see for yourself what you did. (or in your case NOT DID)

If it must be..

Let’s start right at the beginning what did you do in January of this wonderful year?!

I would say in January everything was actually still pretty good I was very motivated and in my opinion laid good foundations to have a better year ahead of me after our last conversation. I remember feeling motivated and excited about what was to come. I felt that I would definitely achieve my goals this year.

Why did you have this feeling that it was going to be a successful year apart from the typical new year effect?

Well, as we established in our conversation last year, I invested in an extended coaching package at the end of 2021, which had the slogan that we would become super affiliates in 2022, so I thought this would be my year. Because now through the coaching I get the help that I may have lacked before.


Yes, and when I told you that, you said it was a smart investment.

You have to read exactly what I really said about it. I said that it is only a smart investment if you do something with it, work with it, if you change yourself and if you don’t remain a useless peace of s***. 🙃

Wow. Just wow. 😒

But more about that later, right? 🙃
For now, let’s continue chronologically to February. Tell us something, what happened? Did you work on your online business?

To be honest I can’t really remember what I did. Apart from..ok nevermind…

🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Come on say it out loud what you did. Let’s go mister super clever. Tell the world. Don’t be shy. 🤣🤣

Ok fine mid February I bought another shiny object for $9. Happy now? 🙄

🤣🤣🤣 It’s just funny. Really funny. What was it about?

Yeah super funny. 😒 It had something to do with paid ads. Making money with Microsoft ads and direct linking campaigns. I thought why not trying it.. maybe it works…

HAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣 Mister super clever thought this is his $9 ticket to freedom and clickbank commissions success. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Great, thanks. When you put it that way, it really sounds totally dumb….

Well….because……IT IS AND YOU ARE DUMB. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Very grown up from you again.

Thank you, whenever I talk to you and listen to your shit, I fluctuate between punching you in the face and choking on my own laughter. Thanks for that mister super clever. 🤣🤣

Ha Ha Ha.

Let me summarize this, instead of working on your business, getting involved in the coaching you paid almost $1000 for, you thought to yourself, why not trying another warrior+ product and from now on link to some random clickbank weight loss products and see if it works out. Even though you never had anything to do with weight loss etc.

My god.. I just tried it for a short time. Yes it didn’t work. It has not cost me too much money. It doesn’t matter.

No it does matter because exactly this behavior shows again exemplarily that you are absolutely incapable to focus on ONE thing, on one business opportunity, to work for it and to do everything to lead it to success. Instead, even though you have EVERYTHING you need INCLUDING DAILY COACHING, you look outside for some other supposedly faster solution that ALWAYS turns out to be no better alternative in the end, EVERY SINGLE TIME.


The best part here? February is not even over. Now tell everybody what happened next.

Damn. I really don’t want to haha..

Come on. Do it, tell us, the real fun part now begins. 🤣

On February 22 I invested into another make money online product..

Don’t be so shy mister super clever. It wasn’t just “another make money online product”. Come on say it.

Well.. It was another big one…a $1500 investment. 🙄🙄 But wait a sec.. It had nothing to do with affiliate marketing or online business in general ok. 🙄

Okay and what was the motivation behind it?

To make money online?

Okay and what was your goal with your business opportunity 1 you planned to focus on, where you bought the coaching etc?

To make money online..

EXACTLY. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 MISTER SUPER CLEVER DID IT AGAIN. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I feel like I have the same conversation with the same stupid ass**** the third year in a row. Oh wait….It doesn’t feel like that… IT’S THE GOD DAMN REALITY. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 IT’S REALLY FCKING THE SAME. JUST THE NAMES OF YOUR NEW OPPORTUNITIES CHANGE AND SOMETIMES THE AMOUNT OF MONEY YOU INVEST. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 UN-BE-FCKING-LEAVABLE.

Oh you know what laugh alone in your basement or so my gosh.

I wish it was just laughter. It’s like laughing in anger. I’d really like to punch you.

You do not understand that anyway. Again, this has absolutely !nothing! to do with a classic online business. It was about trading and generating passive income with bots. That means I don’t have to put any work into it and it would generate money for me every day. Set and forget. That was at least the sales message of the product…

“That was at least the sales message of the product” HAHAHAHAHAHA. Please please pleeeeease stop that mister super clever. I really do choke on my own laughter otherwise. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

I hate you.

Why? I guess you are the one who is laughing at me now, because you are probably earning an incredible amount of passive income with this since you are using this for over 10 months already?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now mister super clever gets angry. 🤣  Of course I know the answer, I am YOU (but with a brain). It’s just funny hearing it out your mouth. 🤣

Bla blah bla.

Okay I try to calm down. You are telling me that you invested into a set and forget passive income generating product that is basically not working?

I tried to make it work. Since 10 months.

Must suck being you, huh?

Oh you know what I don’t give a f*ck what you think of me now. Even though I have to honestly admit that it’s almost always my own fault if something didn’t work out in the past especially in regards to online businesses, it’s completely different here with this thing. I have done EVERYTHING to make it work ok and you can laugh as stupid as you want you ass****.

I’m fed up with having to listen to this from you even though I really can’t do anything about it myself. I even made Excel tables and tested so much with all possible settings of these bots. It’s really not me this time. I was promised on the sales page a product that generates passive income without much effort. I can’t help it if this crap didn’t work out in the end.

What could be the reason that it has not worked so far?

I don’t know, we were always told the war in Ukraine had a very strong negative impact on the markets and the general economic situation. So that it became more difficult to trade in these times and to find the appropriate successful setfiles for the trading bots.

No I mean the reasons you could have known before you even bought this product.

No idea what you mean by that.

You do know that, say it.

No leave me alone. 🙄

Well then, I’ll help you out, Cinderella. Do you remember what you did before you made the investment?
That’s right. You made a pros and cons list to really make sure you were going to invest in it.
And what came out at the end of that list?
It came out that the pros and cons were very very balanced. Neither side really won in the end. And yet you did it.

What are you getting at now?

My point is that despite the fact that there were so many points against it, you did it.

And the most important one. That you knew exactly that it is f**king dangerous to invest there because you knew by whom this product was promoted and who is involved in this product.

You knew these people from other products from before you knew that these are people who have sold other people simply shitty affiliate marketing products. These are people who have no morals. These are people who got people to buy some s**t in the past with some stupid bonus packages, even in the present.

Be honest, one of them you absolutely did not trust because you knew that he is the partner or a good friend of one of the biggest rip-offs in the affiliate marketing area on YouTube.

Well, but I thought to myself that they are not that bad. 🙄

Dude! We’re talking about a Warrior+ product here are you actually kidding me right now????

This platform is downright famous for offering willy-nilly crap products.

Yes that’s true but let’s not completely exaggerate now. I mean it wasn’t a complete scam or anything. Ok the whole sales message was misleading and virtually downright lying and at the end of the day I have made no money with it but well…

Funny how he still tries to talk it up the mister super clever. 🤣

It is not over yet ok. That means I’m still in the process of testing the bot with demo accounts and besides, we have now also received training to find our own strategies and who knows, maybe I’m the one who laughs last and still brings this to success next year.

Is that so? If that’s the case, then explain what the sellers of your product did the other day.

No, it doesn’t matter. Go away.

That’s what I thought, he doesn’t want to talk about that now. 🤣

Well then I’ll help you again on the jumps mister super clever. Already since summer this year, the admins or the sellers of this software have disappeared more and more in the background, they have communicated less and less with the members, and sometimes not even answered support tickets.

As if that wasn’t bad enough what did they do?  What did you now find out and see a few days ago? Right they created a new product where they make almost the same promises to the people as with the software you currently have.

They are now selling again for over $2000 a similar trading product and a much improved one. And this without really helping members like you to succeed with the old software. You can say now, they have really crapped on you.

Thanks for the reminder. 😒

Could this have been avoided?

Yes, if I hadn’t invested in there. 🙄

100 points. However, why did you do it?

Because I want to earn passive income. I just can’t give up this dream. I AM SORRY I just want to make money online without working for it and I KNOW it’s possible somehow.

That’s what I thought. Mister super clever is looking for the smartest solution because he is unable to work for a normal online business although he has all possible resources at his disposal thanks to business opportunity 1.


Well, let’s just jump ahead in our minds to March. What else happened there?

Well, in business opportunity 1 we had an online seminar lasting several days where we talked very intensively about all possible traffic sources.

What conclusion were you able to draw from this?

As you know I was always very unsure about my traffic source but after these three days I have actually decided which way I want to go from now on.

Which is?

Facebook messenger strategy. We have pretty good training for this and a coach who knows everything about it and can help us with it in the daily coaching sessions.

Well, tell us how that went, mister super clever.

How should I say.. It we..

Oh wait wait wait stop. Before you go on. I totally forgot something. Tell us what happened in april! 🤣🤣

Oh no. No. NO. NO! I almost forgot.. No please. Let’s not talk about that. Please.

Now more than ever. 🤣

Do you want to tell people or should I? 🤣

I said, let’s NOT talk about it.

Ok fine, then I start it anyway with a quote from our conversation last year:

I invested into Omni* a very promising new social media app for the future and made already lots of gains doing that. Who knows maybe I’ll be a millionaire some day.

HAHAHA, of course mister super clever is going to be a millionaire! 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

Remember that?

At the risk of repeating myself: I hate you.

Why? Because on April 1 this year, it was announced on omni’s Twitter account that the project had failed and that you had lost almost $1,000 including all your dreams and hopes again?

🤣🤣🤣 Do you slowly start realizing why I laugh at you the whole time mister super clever? 🤣🤣🤣

It’s like everything you are trying and touching fails. 🤣🤣

Very funny. Ha Ha Ha. Do you have the slightest idea how that felt? I GENUINLY BELIEVED into this project. I followed the CEO for several months. I completely trusted and thought that I made an incredible investment there.

I know, and that’s what makes it so incredibly funny. 😂

Why can’t you show a little bit of empathy like a normal person is that too much to ask?

I would really like to show empathy but the problem is you are an absolute clown.


The reason why I can only laugh heartily about it is because you put so much energy into all these little side things, you put so much time into them, you put so much unfounded hopes into them, you put money into them, instead of just putting your energy and your attention into what you can really actively influence. And now attention drum roll what could Mister super clever actively influence positively himself?

Oh right DingDong great answer: Mister super clever could if he wanted to actively influence his online business to become successful. He would have everything he needs for it.

Blah blah blah but as the saying goes you should always try to generate different income streams.

HAHAHAHAHA that saying is for those who are able to make ONE INCOME STREAM WORK first of all. 🤣🤣


Well, anyway, let’s talk about what happened in summer – you decided to generate traffic with Facebook at the end of March. How did that go?

You can actually just save these stupid questions as I said. You know exactly how it went.

I told in the coaching calls that I will do that now. I was also offered help and they encouraged me. Long story short although I was actually determined to really go through with it I somehow tried it for maybe two or three days and then I just never really had any motivation or desire or I don’t know how to explain it I just couldn’t bring myself to work on it.

I can even tell you why.
Because you spent almost the whole summer taking care of your trading bot investment. You have a discord community there and of course put the absolute majority of your time into it. That means our mister super clever has once again instead of concentrating on his online business where he can actively influence his success himself, occupied himself with such things.

Sad but true.

And what is the reason for this? Probably that mister super clever suffers from subconscious fears, although we have already discussed this in detail last year. Fears of failure and so on. And that’s why our Mister super clever once again takes refuge in absolute procrastination and inaction and gets caught up in other projects just so he doesn’t have to face his fears.

🙄 Anyway. But at the end of the summer I made a decision and started to create a newsletter email sequence so that people can finally subscribe to my blog after all this time to never miss a new blog post from me in future.

Aha and where should this email newsletter sequence be? Somehow I don’t see a subscribe button.

I haven’t finished it yet.

You do know that you had posted an update blogpost at the end of August saying that you are working on it and will be done soon, right?

I know. 🙄

Where exactly is the problem to do that and finish it?

Something popped up.

Another shiny object promising you the world? 🤣

No, a business oppurtinity I was involved in a few years ago. New opening, so to speak. That’s why I wanted to create a review for it immediately.

That’s only partly an explanation why you still don’t have a subscribe button on your blog 4 months later.

I do not know what happened somehow it all took much longer than I had planned. I then had two weeks of vacation at the end of September in which I of course did nothing and then I had planned that after my vacation at the beginning of October directly finish this review.

For which you had planned exactly one week after your vacation. But now please tell your readers how long it actually took you to finish this review?

2 months.


Man I do not know how that could happen. I have once again yes I admit it very very often procrastinated and somehow just did not get it on the row to work every day for it.

But stop calling this “stupid review”! This thing I’ve created is an absolute monster and so detailed and helpful and super and great that you little grouch won’t mess this thing up for me here. 😤

I’m going to link this right here on principle so that everyone else can see for themselves that this is an absolutely detailed masterpiece.

Oh come on mister super clever please don’t overestimate yourself. Just because something is long doesn’t mean it’s good. And it also doesn’t mean that it is justified to need two months for it.

Say, are you actually stupid or something? You know that we are still the same person, which means that if you talk bad about it now, you’re f**king yourself.

That I f*ck myself is nothing new now you brain, I’ve been doing this for the third year in a row by leading these pointless conversations with you idiot and you end up changing nothing.

Whatever. Besides, you have to mention that I didn’t only work on the review itself for two months but also on the bonus package I created okay. The bonus package I created is like an entire online course that others would charge money for. 😤

Yes, yes, I still think that you would not have needed this huge period of time and you know that yourself.

Hm. 🙄

Okay then let’s talk about what happened at the end of October.

I don’t know what you mean.

Hahaha of course you know.

Fine… I made another large investment. Come on do it and laugh at me. Let’s go. 🙄


What? No? I paid another $2000 and I also have to pay recurring monthly fees for it and you now won’t laugh at me??


Who are you and what have you done with the gleefully malicious Tobi?

Don’t worry I’m still the same but laughing about this is useless.

Why? Because you want to punch me instead?


Ok then what is going on please?

I can tell you that. The fact that you have done this now and invested in this thing that we both know what it is is a logical consequence of the last three years. You are obviously absolutely incapable of working on your own business and making it a success.

It doesn’t matter that you had all kinds of resources at your disposal. You had great products to promote you even had coaching available all year every day from Monday to Friday where an expert could help you with your business but what did you do with it? You blew this almost $1000 investment by virtually never asking great questions and never working with it. No coach in the world can help you if you don’t ask questions. If you don’t even work on your business, no one can help you either. You are obviously absolutely and 100% incapable of getting anything done on your own.

Ehmm.. thank you?…

No, not thanks, that’s just a sad fact. And that’s why this investment unfortunately makes absolute sense. To explain this briefly for your readers this thing is a new service from business opportunity 1 where for the client in the case of our stupid Tobi completely everything is done so that he must take care of nothing.

Everyone who has followed the last three years and perhaps also read through the past conversations between us here will understand that this stupid Tobi is obviously a hopeless case. Therefore it is better to give this into the hands of someone who is capable.

Wow. I don’t know what to say.

You don’t need to. Actually, everything has been said.

So you’re not even going to make fun of the fact that there are risks involved? What if it doesn’t really work the way it should (like everything else I invested in the past)? What if I don’t end up in profit and lose all my money? Let’s say I don’t make money with this, that means I’d be broke by this time next year. This is not enough reason for you to laugh at me or punch me?

Lol, when I do it he cries the whole time and when I then don’t do it he can’t believe it. 😆

Alone this sentence “Let’s say I don’t make money with this..” is nonsense. Since we are one and the same person, you know that today, on the very day we are writing this, we have earned $148.

That’s the result after one month. That’s not profit yet. But for a start pretty good, since we only have 72 leads.

These are already better results then when such a hopeless case like you procrastinates half of the year haha.

Apart from that, even if the worst would happen and you would be broke by the end of next year, that would probably still be better than giving me another year with you these crap conversations. Because now you are forced to change your life anyway.
It can’t go on like this.

Yes I know, that’s why I did that.. I am actually very happy with this result from the first month. It’s more than expected.

Yep. Let’s see how it looks like in a year from now.

Oh and btw another reason why I’m not laughing about this is because it’s a service from someone you can trust and where you saw in the past that he cares about your results. Not like in your  warrior+ trading bot investment from february.


Anything else you want to get off your chest about your personal 2022?

Well, I just want to get rid of again that I am actually quite disappointed about my online business performance. I have once again repeated many similar mistakes as the year before. I was unproductive and procrastinated.

But with all this negativity in this direction, even you have to admit that I had a lot of bad luck. I also don’t know why the universe tries to put obstacles in my way everywhere. Especially with this trading bot story. This is actually still extremely hard to handle. No matter what I touch it just doesn’t want to work. 

This is not correct, it could work, e.g. business opportunity 1 could have worked long ago if you were not a hopeless case who doesn’t do the work. Other members had the same coaching offer as you, took advantage of it, worked constantly on their business and earn a few thousand dollars a month by now.

Thanks for the reminder. 🙄

Haha. What is your plan for the upcoming year?

I’ll keep working on my online business next year. I want to finish my email newsletter sequence so that people can finally subscribe to my blog. I will also still try to have success with my trading bots. Even though I was not successful with it yet, it was kinda fun.

Yeah super fun, because it was a great way for you to be distracted and to procrastinate from your real business. Good job mister super clever. 😆

You are and remain simply stupid. What else can I say meanwhile I no longer even have the hope that I do not have to lead this stupid conversation with you next year. It’s probably tradition by now but I’m pretty sure that your situation will change drastically next year whether you want it or not. I can only wish you the best, even though you are an idiot.

Yes, yes, but let’s end this conversation by not just listing all the negative things because that’s what you seem to enjoy the most, you could also mention what we’ve done well this year.

Does it have anything to do with making money online?


Haha, well then just tell people about your little irrelevant things.


Calm down. Just say it now. I want to go. I urgently need another year off from you.

Same. 😒

Okay, so what I wanted to say is that I have made a huge breakthrough in human emotional terms. I managed to open my heart for the first time. In addition, even if you can not see it so well from our conversation here, I was allowed to work very hard on my self-love and feel much better in many ways.

In addition, this year I have also worked on subconscious blockages that are partly the reason why I always behave so even in the online business area. That is, on a spiritual level I have grown very much again and can be really proud of it. I thought I had already made great leaps on a spiritual level in 2021, but 2022 has increased the whole thing many times over and I am extremely grateful for that. 

Great, then let me give you a little kiss now, otherwise really no one will buy this nonsense about self-love after this conversation. 😂 Here it is my little dumb self: 💋💋

Okay wow that came unexpected. Thanks. 🫠 Here is one for you, you mean version of me… 💋

Ok good that’s enough. Don’t get the idea that I won’t slap you again if you need it. 😉

Haha. Whatever. Bye for now. See you next year. Or not? Maybe not. Maybe yes. We will find out I guess.

Hm. Bye.


Can you believe it?
The third year in a row and every time they talk about similar problems.


Good question. I just think if you want to be successful with something on the internet, it should be something you enjoy.
I know, this is not the first time you hear this in your life, but it is unbelievably true.

The reason why Tobi is unable to work on his business is simply because it’s not his passion and he just hasn’t found it yet. “Money” as a pure drive is not enough.

I think money alone as a pure drive is only enough and really ONLY if the financial situation is extremely problematic.

For everyone else, it will be damn hard to earn money on the Internet, as long as they have not found something that they enjoy doing.

In Tobi’s case for example the real problem lies there that he did not find a traffic generation strategy he really likes to do in the long run.

But enough talked for today.

Thanks for reading and as always feel free to share your thoughts on this in the comments.



PS: Guess what happened just a few days after I finished writing this post? Remember that Tobi talked about his monster review and how it took him 2 months to finish it? Well, how do I say this.. The system he reviewed completely changes now so that his work was basically for nothing. 2 months for nothing. If you then read what else has happened this year, you can only say: I love my life. 🙂🤣

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  1. OMG I just realized that I published part 1 on december 8, 2020, part 2 on december 18, 2021 and now part 3 on december 28, 2022. Every year 10 days later. Coincidence??… Since there is no december 38, maybe that means something for 2023. 🫣🤣

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    1. Hi, thanks for your comment David.

      Yes passive income is great, we all kinda like it am I right 🙂

      But it also can be dangerous…. At least…that’s what I tried to describe haha..

        1. Thats great for you David💪 (I have also been in your program in the past lol), and I don’t know if you have read all 3 of my self conversations but if you did you know that I’m also having a great program with incredible coaching 🙂 Its just what we do with what we have which makes all the differences… (However just to clarify this, with dangerous in my other comment I meant my passive income bot investment for example..)

          1. have you thats good u were in mos it has changed a bit i think will go places, glad u having a good time, yes training is so so important tobi.

    1. Hey, thanks for comment! Well let me put it this way: I wouldn’t say that it is not possible in general. I would rather say its not possible in a short and easy way. I mean we all can see people earning without lifting a finger, right? But what most people don’t understand is the way they had to go before it could happen, the amount of work they had to put into it before..

      And since I am or at least one of my two Tobi’s is a bit crazy he always searches for a quick solution or a shortcut… Investing money into a hype program with a passive income promise will almost never work out.. or at least very rarely..

      I don’t want to kill peoples hope with my posts btw, but sometimes we or in this case myself needs one or two reality check slaps into the face you know? If something sounds too good to be true then it usually is…

      the best way to achieve something online is still by starting an online business and put some work into it at the beginning… thats more slow and not so hype sounding easy but it can be so much better in the long run.. and will be also highly profitable with the right focus and discipline..

      Anyway I am happy if you got something out of it and thanks for reading. 🙂

      (PS: I moved your two comments into one, I hope thats okay for you)

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