Part 9 ► How I failed to make money online

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My last big mistake so far..

In may 2019 my desperation slowly came back into my life, because I could not really proceed with my business and all I did was waiting and during the time I waited, what did I do? You can guess it, right? Of course I have informed myself and discovered new and different make money online products.

One of the saddest things I did was buying DNBB on may 31 for $497. I watched a webinar and it was about the domaining business. A business I had no idea of. Because my experience only was about affiliate marketing the whole time. So I thought , ok it sounds promising, there is a strong guarantee, lets do and try this now while I still wait for new stuff in my yoonla business.


This is so sad I kinda hate to even write about this now. For $497 I got access to a course, a video course..I watched it all. But I had no idea how to implement it or how to start and I still have no idea. I bought this because they advertised it as there is a great support and that people can reach out personally every time to the guy who teaches the stuff via email and ask every question.

And thats what I did, I wrote emails to him to ask how I should start what he advises me to do, because this business was really new to me. However I waited for an answer..for DAYS, sometimes WEEKS. Then later they reached out to me saying they had problems with the mailserver. OK fine, but then I wrote another email, he answered and asked if I have time this weekend to do a skype call, I told him that I have time and guess what happened.

NO ANSWER anymore. I really got frustrated and I’m still frustrated, and I hated it, I still hate it. I hated it so much that I also never reached out again yet.


Yes this business died before it even started because I hate the support and later I also hated myself because I learned so much and know everything about affiliate marketing, why even starting something completely different now?… Improve the stuff and make the stuff work you already know about!! The problem..: I still waited for the stuff I ‘already know about’..

Then end of july 2019 it happened. I got an email from the yoonla ceo. I waited for something like: Tobiaaaas we improved our program, we release a new awesome training, a new feature etc etc the coming week. Whereas in reality this happened: They announced to close the program, lol. Instead of improving it they realized themselves that it was not as good as it was meant to be.. great. My hope, my time, my money: wasted again.



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