Part 8 ► How I failed to make money online

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I made my first dollar online and still failed

After I have been in completely crazy buying mood in january and february 2019 my mindset finally started to change and I realized that I have to look out for a REAL online business solution, a solution of making money online and ACTUALLY succeeding by putting in the required work!!

Furthermore I found out that I have to buy programs which are more expensive. Those tiny $5 or $12 products just won’t make a change in my life.

Probably you remember how I started in 2018 that I watched this one youtuber promoting yoonla in each video and how I was not ready for a business like this. End of Febuary 2019 I definitly was. And the best part was that yoonla launches a new yoonla mega program end of march 2019. I thought: YES. NOW is my time, because I knew that yoonla had unbelievable success storys in the past and that it is a great company.

Therefore I fully trusted them to finally change my life, thats why I bought immediately into the premium membership for $497!! It was the most money I ever spent on the internet for one thing. Because there is one rule: Invest money to make money. And it’s actually more than just true. It’s almost the only way in my opinion.

In order to start this business and make it work I had to setup things and also use kartra which costs me $90 a month. But no problem I did it, I really took action, more than ever, because I was committed to it. This time is my time. Atleast thats what I thought.

As you can imagine it did not work out and I lost more than $1000. Oh yeah, I love my life too. Haha..

It’s quite difficult to describe the reason why I failed with this. I could completely blame yoonla now, but that would also not be fair. My mistake was that I was so sure that it will work that I got blind. There was no need to buy the premium membership right at the beginning.

Of course I thought it would help me to make more money and it had all the advantages comparised to the $1 starter membership but I should have taken more time to investigate it and think about if it really offers the value I’m searching for.

The main problem with all this was, that it was a completely new program, there were no testimonials from people who already succeeded with it. It just started and the yoonla team just begun to add new things and they always promised and said we are working on it, new things, new features blablabla. Instead of taking action I started to wait. Yes. I waited.


From my perspective it was stupid to invest into more traffic and to do all this stuff when they release new features and improve the program. Because before I waited I bought some solo ads and almost none of those people went through the training I wanted them to go through and therefore I absolutely made no money.

Additionally I slowly started to not even believe into the product I’m promoting myself, because remember you should always only advertise something you would like to do or to have yourself..

However at a later point they actually released a new feature, a new cpa program. Long story short I tried that out and made my FIRST money online with an online business. $40 ..YAY..

(Lets forget the fact that I invested more money into traffic to generate the $40 but nevermind.. haha.)


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