Part 7 ► How I failed to make money online

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Why the ‘make money online’ niche gets NEVER saturated and how it is designed to make you FAIL

I remember that the most of my time I just watched training videos, I watched them aaaaaallllll. I mean hours, I mean daaays. I only bought products to watch the training inside loool? Taking action after watching them? Almost …NEVER.

This make money online industry is still booming. Do you think that this would be the case if everyone would really take action on such products? Haha of course not, so my assumption is that many many maaaaany people are just like me.

They buy a product, because it sounds promising, it sounds easy, it sounds fast on the sales page, then they buy, because the bonus sounds even better for this and theeen they watch the training inside, slowly realizing thats it’s NOT that easy, that it requires time until it works and sometimes way more money than they invested into the course. LOL. As a result they jump to the next product.

Write in the comments if you NEVER did this and took action on your first course and show me your face. I want to worship you or something like that. 🤣


Products like chambered or profit portal are for example quite good. The problem with things like that are that they are very cheap. It’s an information product, you need to be aware of this. Long videos explaining you the stuff, but everything else you have to do on your own thats why the price is low and thats why people like me buy that stuff and don’t take action even though the product is good.

Kenny Cannon is one of those internet marketers I trust, so I did not refund the product because I know exactly thats my fault that I take no action and don’t do the work. Buying a product for $5 and thinking it will change your life…it’s not going to happen. Especially for me because I was searching for an easy done-for-you solution.


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