Part 6 ► How I failed to make money online

How watching review videos with those ‘super’ bonuses KILL YOUR SOUL, YOUR MONEY, YOUR HOPE

Let’s jump back to november 2018. Why? Because there started one of my biggest.. I don’t know how to describe this. You can call it ..addiction? I started watching review videos… Every fcking day launch new products on jvzoo, warriorplus and clickbank. I was obsessed to watch each of them. To find out about this new product and whether this time it is the magic solution I’m searching for. Spoiler alert: None of them was hahaha.

I was really desperate in january and february 2019..Just take a look at this screenshot how many products I bought these two months.

One of the main problems in this industry are ‘bonuses’. They trick you, they make you weak, they make you to buy this product sometimes just because of the bonuses. And I was in this trap.. It always was like this: I watch a review video about a new product, this new product seemed to be quite interesting and good, then I got introduced to the bonus and the bonus sounds even BETTER.


And I get this bonus for FREE when I buy this. OMG THATS SO COOL. I NEED TO HAVE THIS. -…….NO YOU DON’T NEED TO HAVE THIS YOU STUPID A******!!!! (I wished that someone would have been there telling me this haha)

Let’s be honest, I can’t remember a single product or a single bonus making me money haha. Ok ok I have to admit sometimes it’s also because of my mindset and not really taking action but the truth is..I guess almost all people struggling to make money and to take action are getting distracted by the newest product launching, by tons of bonuses.

Because imagine: You buy a product teaching you how to make money online and then you get four different bonuses and some of them are also courses teaching you how to make money online. HOW ON EARTH SHOULD A SIMPLE NEWBIE WITHOUT STUDYING MINDSET AND FOCUS AND BLA NOT GET DISTRACTED AND CONFUSED. HOOOW???? Thats the real trap here.


Bonuses will NEVER make you money or really help you with the product you are buying, the only thing they do is distract you from taking action on ONE THING and make the one offering the bonuses more money into his pocket!! Because thats the point, right?

The affiliate reviewing products just wants to make money lol. And it works. And it will work for a long time to come. Because people are like me. They don’t have the right mindset, they believe that the bonus and the newest product will probably help and change their life.

This might sound wrong right now to you but in order to grow my own business and because of the fact that not everyone is aware of this and reads this life changing blog post, I guess some day I also have to offer some bonuses. I’m not sure yet but I feel like I have no choice. Sorry for that but it works and people are stupid.. I know thats sad, but maybe I find another solution, a bonus free solution. I will try.

Buying, buying and buying without taking action

Let’s talk about a sad example of buying a product because it’s new and it has ‘awesome’ bonuses for free. Fast Profit Jacker. The second one you can see in the screenshot above. It was a tool which enabled users to find local businesses and then you could reach out to them to improve their website and they pay you for doing that.

Sounded easy, sounded good as always. I watched a few tutorials inside the members area and found out (like it always was) that I don’t really like it, that there are some missing puzzles, that it’s too much work and that I don’t really like to do that lol.

The bonuses? They sounded even better and really helpful for this. Did I use them? Nope. Did they change something? Nope. Another awesome thought I always had in my mind: Maybe later, I can still use and try this product later. LOL. YOU DON’T, STUPID!


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