Part 5 ► How I failed to make money online

How bad support gave me headaches

Mid of december 2018 I searched for another opportunity, a better one. It was a popular product called CB Passive Income. I thought this one would kinda solve my problems because it was about sending leads into different possible funnels/pages and the best part was that I did not need to write my own emails.

The popular well known internet marketer would do that for me, and all the links he would promote to the leads I bring into the funnel would be hardcoded with my clickbank ID. All I needed to do with this program was to drive traffic to a page. Jackpooot. I thought this time, I’m going to succeed.

You already know how this story ends..I failed with this one and refunded it after two months.. What was the problem this time you might ask. Well, at first the products people get for free after submitting their email address, were not as bad as in fmps. But were they awesome? I think not..rather quite average.

The second problem with this was that the internet marketer promoting it for me could only promote clickbank products.. and maybe you already know about this, but there are not a lot of good products in clickbank, most of them are crap..


However the biggest reason why I stopped using this was the support. I had quite a lot of questions, some of them also were technical questions because I got the feeling that some of their pages not work the way they should work.

Instead of reaching out to me and give some answers I waited months for a respond and still got nothing, no matter how often I wrote to them. This sucked, this really really sucked. I also generated over 100 leads into this funnel and made no sale at all. I hate that I invested into traffic for this one.. (around $140 😐)

When you fail with everything in life at the same time

After this was over I really started having a bad time. For months. Ok actually almost whole 2019 was a burning hell for me. Failing in trying to make money online wasn’t my only problem. I also struggled with a girl and lost her almost the same time early 2019.

Her life went slowly in a better direction and mine got worse because I failed, failed and failed and felt sh*t about it. Then she dropped me. As she had a bad time I was the only one beeing there for her, but she…? If you somehow read this in future girl. I will NEVER forget what you did to me and how I felt. However I guess karma took care of her.

There is one thing I want to teach everyone reading this right now: Always be honest to people and care about those people who are with you when you have a bad time. Never forget them just because your life is better later.

Because if you do, karma will end your lucky moment and when you at your worst again, such people who once cared about you are away. When she realized that it was too late, I was away and never came back.

Ok enough of my social life struggle that time. I just want you to understand how bad my life was again in 2019 not only because of failing in business.


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