Part 4 ► How I failed to make money online

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Documenting my walk of shame

After I started buying more and more products I decided to create an excel file and document how much money I invest and listed every product there. I guess it’s quite interesting for you to see this. With this you also have the proof that what I’m writing here is the sad truth haha.

First of all I’m not saying that every product you can see there is garbage, ok? In fact most of them are not. However you need to have the right mindset which I did not have most of the time and more importantly for some of them you need to have a strong idea , a product , a business idea of how to use these products.

The second column is the price I paid and if you see a lot of zeros, this happened when I refunded the products. Though some of them also were bonuses which I got for free.

Salespages try to break you

The problem with all of this stuff is the fact, that they claim on their salespages always things like: make 100$ in 24 hours, just 30 min per day and you make $500 and stuff like this. I’m pretty sure you know what I mean. So people like me and probably you think after buying such stuff that this is going to happen like they say and that it is as easy as they say. But guess what? It’s NOT. If you are not aware of this right now, please stop to think that it’s easy and fast and never ever ever ever ever again believe what they say. Ok?

Because it’s not true. For almost every product you need to put in some work. And sometimes you will realize that the required work you have to put in isn’t something you like to do at all. Atleast thats what I realized almost always.

Choosing the wrong products as a newbie

Lets start with the first three products you can see in this list. They are quite good. However these are only tools you can use if you already run a business.. I hate that they don’t advertise it like that. As a newbie trying to make some money you have no idea how to see the difference. It took me almost half a year to finally understand that..

I bought way more of such tools and you’ll see them all in this list. However I don’t want to speak about every product I bought and did not use of course. There are a few key products I want to talk about. The first one is FMPS (Five Minute Profit Sites) it was a clickbank product. After I failed and did not take action on these products before I decided to take this one serious. It was about building an email list and they provided a landing page for you. (yes this time I was ready to build a list)

Look at the date. I have to laugh right now. 3 days after I got FMPS I bought another two products. HAHAHA. THIS MAKE MONEY ONLINE INDUSTRY MADE ME CRAZY. It was like in every corner waited another a BETTER opportunity something new I had to find out about hahaha.. So instead of taking action on fmps I distracted myself with other stuff again. Wow good job Tobi, good job..

which way?

End of november that year I finally started to take action with fmps.. As a newbie you don’t realize or think about how good the offer actually is you are promoting, you just want to get leads and sales. So I bought some solo ads and promoted this page that way.. It’s a shame.. because after people submitted their email address all they got was a stupid old pdf about how to make money with amazon.

A lot of pages and I never read a single page myself of this.. After downloading their pdf they got redirected to a clickbank offer. The problem with all of this was that the free product I gave to them was sh*t and that I only got one pre-written email template from them. Real business and traffic strategies were also missing within the program. I generated about 60 leads, made zero sales and finally gave up after around two weeks.

Normaly it’s NOT a good thing to give up that early when you see no results immediately but in this case it was the absolute right decision. Because investing money for traffic or trying to get free traffic for a product not beeing worth it is a big waste of time.


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