Part 3 ► How I failed to make money online

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How I did everything wrong and failed with affiliate marketing – please learn from this – PLEASE

YouTube videos ‘teaching’ you…

In summer 2018 I finished my traineeship. During the first 6 months of this year I already started to watch videos on youtube. I did this on weekends or after I came home from work. I remember that the first youtuber I really started to follow and watch every video was John Michael.

He did this kind of videos: How to make $100 a day just typing, how to make $10 copy and paste, how to bla bla blaaaaaa , I can’t hear it anymore. I watched a lot of videos and still searched for something which is easy, fast and makes a lot of money (or atleast enough to replace a normal job).

My problem at that time was that I watched almost every new 10- 20 min video, thought about the idea, sometimes I wrote the idea down somewhere and then I forgot about it and searched for something else or waited for the next video.. because I never was really satisfied with the idea..I did not want to answer surveys or do some micro jobs..I want something better.

This exact youtuber I’m talking of always promoted a certain program at the beginning of each video he published. It’s called yoonla and was his main source of income. I also opted in there one day but I did not take action on it, you know why? Because it was about building a ‘business’ , building an email list, paying for an autoresponder and I thought noooo go away with such bull**it!! Remember?—my old mindset…money fast without doing stuff or paying for something hahaha. I’ve been such an idiot. I still searched for that one magic pill..

magic pill

What’s wrong with me?

Since my training was finished in mid 2018 I had no perspective. I did not want to go to another company or go to the university again. Therefore I made a commitment to myself. I will figure out how to make money online and I will make it work. No matter what. Because thats the only thing I am made for I guess. Here is the truth about this: Its CRAZY. Because I live at my parents house, not beeing able to finally move out, no income at all, and instead of searching for a ‘real’ job to get my own life I decided to stay at home chasing a dream. A dream I had absolutely no idea how to reach.

However there was always a voice in my head: I have no idea HOW but I WILL find it out!! And this ladys and gentlemen is crazy because you can not even explain this stuff to your family. All they want is that I’m finally responsible for my own life, earn money, move out etc.. Oh god yes trust me I want this too, but I also want to be happy in life and working for another company doing useless tasks I hate will not make myself feel good in the longterm.

At this point I want to thank my mum and dad. I know I am blessed that they let a 24 year old a****** still live in their house paying nothing, having no income and eating their food. I guess some of you reading this might have parents beating the sh*t out of you and throwing your clothes at the street and say GO GET A JOB IDIOT– if you did the same thing like me. And they would kinda be not wrong with that. Thats why I am so thankful for them. They trust me, let me do stuff they have no idea from (ok of course I also had talks with them saying..come on need to get a normal job etc but nevermind) and wait until I make something happen.

My statement is that I will never forget what they did and some day when I reach my goals I will make them happy and pay everything back, maybe even double. Thank you, I love you both.

thank you

The vicious cycle begins

The main thing I did in summer 2018 was studying the make money online world on youtube and doing some sport bets as I mentioned above already. Then on august 29 it ‘finally’ started. I bought my first make money online product. I don’t know what to say here.. its embarrassing how many products I bought and didn’t really use.

The problem is that back in the days I was not able to recognize that most of the products I bought were just helping products to drive more or better traffic. It’s funny when someone like me buys a product which is about ranking youtube videos to the first page when I had no youtube channel, no business, no idea what to promote actually haha. So you can imagine how these products changed my life. Right. They didn’t. They only made me lose more money.


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