Part 2 ► How I failed to make money online

How I first tried to make it online: Trading, online casino and sports betting…

My first punch in the face

It was in 2016 when I first started to try something online. I can’t remember exactly how I found out about this, but I tried binary options. I started trading because I saw and read about people who made extremely much money from this and I thought thats the perfect way for me to escape my shit situation and to start something big. I never forget that one moment.

It was in November 2016 I found a youtube video about a strategy of binary options and then I tried this out one day..and guess what? IT WORKED. I never forget this how unbelievable happy I was on that day. It was like all of my depression and hate in life disappeared in that moment. I laughed (I usually never laughed at that time) , I jumped in my small room, I was so motivated and happy.

A moment I never ever forget. It was a feeling I almost never felt before because I really thought I’m going to be rich without spending much time, I just needed to follow a simple strategy, a few clicks with my mouse every day for about an hour and booooooom money money moooooney. Best moment, because if you read my story above you remember that there wasn’t anything else I could have been happy about in life.

I hope you don’t laugh at me right now… but this strategy I’m talking about was the martingale strategy. Yes you read that right…I did not study how to analyze graphs or looking for super complicated signs or taking a course for 8 weeks to learn about trading. NO THIS WAS TO COMPLICATED AND TOO MUCH WORK FOR ME…(just look at my mindset paragraph and you understand..)


After this first day when I was so happy and tried it once (btw I’m not quite sure anymore but it was not even with real money but with a test account lol) I got home from work and did this strategy every day and I remember that it actually kinda worked.

I generated around $40 every day with this, so my real money account increased…buuuut real life said hello mo’f**er.

Because the martingale strategy requires you to double or even triple your money you put into it to make a win. And because I was afraid to lose everything I always stopped after a certain amount of losses. Thats how I lost around $400 in the end after months of trying this. Finally I stopped this whole trading stuff.. (oh and I was still not willing to learn a real strategy -> looked tooo complicated…)

You can not win with this..

The next ‘fun stuff’ waited for me in 2017.. Oh yeah online casinos.. I guess I make this one short. I used a different version of the martingale strategy called rezibroke martingale system and played roulette..

Again it was the same as it always is online, there is someone teaching you this strategy, showing his results and it is soooo unbelievable how awesome this works, $500 a daaay, yeeeaaah your life changes, BLA BLA BLA. F*** YOU A******. I lost another $200 trying this out for a while…


Why I hate Alaves (spanish football team)

Last but not least I started sports betting. I’m not quite sure if I already started this in 2016 or 2017. It’s not that important I guess. I had an online friend I ‘met’ in a game called clash of clans, maybe you know this. We both loved football and he told me about how he always bets.

Long story short I did the same thing. It was not a real strategy, I just placed $1 or $2 on different combi bets. It seemed to be not much but in the end I lost more than I won – like always… I’m not sure but with this it was around another $100 less in my pocket over time..

However I really like football and achieving something with sports betting was still a dream, so I searched for real strategies and a way to make it work. One day I discovered a method saying to bet on draws.

Therefore as in may 2017 the brasilian league started I bet $10 on each team that they draw. And when they lost or won I increased the money I bet until they finally draw during one season.

The theory behind this is that every team within a season plays mutliple times a draw, so that in the end I will win for sure. And guess what? It worked!! After two months of doing so every team in that league played atleast once a draw. I WON $241,30. I was very happy with this so I decided to do the exact same thing when the european football leagues starts in summer 2017.

happy children

Well…I played this system then in 5 different leagues and won all of them after a bit of time and made $1200 profit. Sounds great, right? There was one problem. One team. One team I hate for this until today. One spanish team.

ALAVES. THEY ONLY WON OR LOST THEIR F**ING GAMES, FOR A VERY VERY VERY VERY LONG TIME. And because this strategy also ONLY works if you are able to increase your bet amount, I had to bet over $2000 at one single game. I hated my life that time again…but I decided to do something crazy…

I did not bet the full amount I needed to bet to still make profits, I just bet an amount so that I don’t lose everything. This also was kinda crazy because I only wanted to bet one more draw for this team and put $1600 this one day. I’ve been pretty happy because on my last try they actually played a draw and I got $4640 back.

However, because I did not bet the full required amount to be in profit, I lost overall $660. This was january 2018. Of course I decided to never do this again.

Nevertheless I still like sports betting and it’s something I still have in mind to make it work somehow. If you have a PROVEN winning strategy or an awesome advice feel free to drop a comment or let me know via email 😀

In summer 2018 I tried betting some ‘expert’ tips. You can imagine, this also worked not out and I lost more than I won.. In september of the same year I also tried to bet another outsider/draw strategy, but nevermind. Of course it did not work aswell.

My total loss with those three

If we combine the numbers I lost $400 with trading, $200 with online casinos and around $800 with sports betting. $1400 total loss. Great, isn’t it… Maybe you are wondering why I have this kind of money to even invest into such things.

It’s money I saved my whole life and some of it I earned in the company where I worked from 2015 to 2018. The ‘fun’ part is that I had to work for 3 months to earn that $1400 I lost, lol. (yes they paid very bad when you are not a full employee there and still in school sometimes) I live in my mums house so I don’t need to pay for rent. That allowed me to save some money or should I say to lose some money on the internet because I’m stupid af? Haha.



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