Part 12 ► How I failed to make money online

My final words and why this whole story about how I failed could change your life now

First of all, I know how people are on the internet and to be honest I’m no difference sometimes: They see a long articel, a very long blog post, they roll their eyes, scroll to the end to get to the conclusion and maybe get the important information this way. However I need to disappoint you. The final words I’m going to write will NOT change anything for you. Because you are not able to understand the importance and truth of my words without reading everything before.


Therefore please STOP insulting yourself, scroll back to the beginning and READ the whole story!! If I could I would like to force you to do it because it can be THAT important to your life if you want to make money online. You have two options: 1. Scroll back to the beginning and start reading (then I give you a virtuel hug) or 2. GO away, be as stupid as I was and waste your time and money because you are an idiot. (Ignore all this if you have read everything- I kiss your eyes)

Ladies and gentlemen this was my story. I wrote it deep inside from my burning heart and soul. It sounds dramatic but its true. Everything I wrote is true. Most of the time you only read about or see people who succeeded and how rich and happy they are now- FCK YOU. haha.

Those people are not able to teach you or even understand your situation, but I DO. Because basically I AM YOU. (except you already earned over $100 online with affiliate marketing then you are better haha)

Maybe you ask yourself now what to do next and how to finally make money online. I did not write this to give you a solution to it, I’m sorry. However after you read this you know exactly what NOT to do. The most important thing is your mindset and how to deal with every offer you see on the internet in future. Because I have been like that myself, I searched for an easy and fast way to make a full-time income online.

And I tell you, it’s not possible. No matter what someone somewhere promises to you. You ALWAYS have to put in the work and almost ALWAYS you have to spend money. From now on I hope you realize that the only way to do it is by calling it an online business.


Every ‘quick method’ you will find is a waste of your time and your money. NEVER again buy a ‘software’ which helps you with traffic or creates some pages for you or something like that. BESIDES you have your business, your program and this software can help you with driving traffic for your EXISTING business. NEVER go to an online casino, NEVER start trading WITHOUT completely learning it, NEVER EVER AGAIN buy a product because the bonus package sounds good!!!!!! NEVER get distracted by emails in your inbox promoting the next shiny object!!!

NEVER GIVE UP on something where you know and SEE that others have success with it and jump to the next product instead!!! NEVER waste your time by watching youtube videos teaching you ‘how to make $100 a day by copy and pasting/ by typing/ by reading or whatsoever!!! ITS A WASTE OF YOUR TIME – I mean you want to make a lot of money and not just $10 a day, right?! NEVER buy a high-ticket course which is new on the market, otherwise the same what happened to me could happen to you.

STOP thinking that its better to only invest $12 for a training course instead of buying a course for around $1000 or $2000, especially if you have the money. Why? Because if you want to have SUCCESS and life-changing REAL RESULTS it’s better to invest into a done-for-you business solution!! Just do the math. The money I spent for every low ticket course or software combined is more than $1000!!!


One of the most important things you need to do before you even start to make some money online is working on your mindset. I know what you are thinking right now: Blablabla I heard that 1000 times, my mindset is good enough! Trust me when I tell you: IT’S NOT. Sorry to say it like that, but everything I’m telling you is from my own experience.

I always thought I already have the right mindset and that I already believe in myself. However it’s just not enough otherwise I would not have lost over $3000. Makes sense, doesn’t it?! There is still a lot to do and learn for you. I plan to write a blog post just about mindset. When I did, I will link it here. If you see it: Great. If not, bookmark my website and wait for it:)


It’s quite easy for me to advertise the business I am in right now, to tell you, that joining the same program as I did is the best decision you can make, that it will change your life etc. Even though in my opinion it’s the best program because of the community, the coaching, the products, the guarantee etc.

But this was not my intention why I wrote this blog post. I wrote all of this because I wished that I could have read such an honest story from a newbie. Thats why I only left you one link, hidden within my text to it haha. Because I don’t care if you join that or search for something else, I honestly just care about you not doing the same mistakes.


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