Part 11 ► How I failed to make money online

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My last big decision

Instead of giving up and searching for a fulltime job after I lost more than $3500 online (including the losses before affiliate marketing), I searched in august and september 2019 for another high ticket program. Yes I searched for something which costs a lot of money (atleast $1000) to be part of. Why? As a consequence of all my failing and errors and time wastes I finally realized that I need a done-for-you-solution.

STOP. Done-for-you does NOT mean that you buy a $2000 product and get rich because you invested $2000. However beeing a part of something like that gives you that kind of advantage you need in order to be able to generate good money online.


I wanted something which is proven this time, something which has great success storys in the past, something which has a great support team, something which has a lot of good products, awesome quality coaching, an awesome community, something which has a great product funnel with possible high-ticket commissions in order to make a lot of money from only one customer, something which has a great successful marketer promoting products FOR me in the backend and something which comes with a very good money back guarantee (more than 30 days) in case I realize it’s not good.

Having all those criterias in my mind I went out to the make money online world and started watching a lot of webinars because as you might know almost every high-ticket program sells through a webinar. What should I took me two months until I made a decision. And trust me I was really afraid of that decision because I did not want to fck it up once again and lose so much money haha.


In the end it was a decision between these programs: legendary marketer, super affiliate system, six figure apprentice, 7 figure franchise, project profit acadamey and internet profits. Let’s skip the part how I found out about them because I guess it’s not that important right now. If you want to know it anyway, drop a comment and I’ll tell you. It’s not necessary that you know about any of these right now if you don’t. I just listed them for some of you beeing in a similar situation maybe.

You actually can not completely go wrong by buying into one of them. However I had my criterias (above) and tried to make an informed useful decision.

  • 7 figure franchise had a bad guarantee and I did not feel the sympathy to the marketer I would like to feel.
  • Six figure apprentice had a great guarantee. However I did not like that I was not able to find more information about this on the internet and current success storys so I decided against it.
  • Project profit acadamey would have been an option but I bought some products from this vendor before, some low ticket products and the experience with their support team was bad. Really really really unresponsive bad support. They are only good in selling their stuff but if you have questions after buying they dont care at all. So this was a big fat NO from me and I talked with somebody who was part of this program and guess what..He still waited for an answer to his ticket.. So in my opinion: It’s a big fat: DON’T do it. Because support is CRUCIAL to your success!!
  • The super affiliate system is not a bad one I guess. However with something like this you can make $500 sales but the true key in making money online is in high ticket sales of $1000, $2000 etc. And you only have a 30 day money back guarantee. I like to have more time when I invest more than $1000 for something.
  • Then there is legendary marketer which surely is a good way to go and to start business. But it’s not a done-for-you solution as I personally like it to have. And I heard that lots of people left this program after a while but I’m not sure, do your own research if you want to.


Last but not least there is only one program left *drum rolls please* the internet profits partner program. I watched this exact webinar*, I guess it was in august 2019. I got really fascinated from minute one because I don’t know how to say this but I just like the smiling optimistic stupid exciting millionairs face of Dean Holland 🤣 (the owner of this program). Yes it’s always the same.. people buy from people..and I just felt the sincerity of him and all my criterias I listed above were fulfilled.

*UPDATE: Surprise, we have 2022 now. I decided to not give you a link to the webinar here anymore. Why? Because it’s better that you read his book first to understand the business model. He will then introduce you to his webinar himself once you have it. Trust me thats way more useful for you. However if you still want the link directly no problem, use the contact form on my website and I send it to you. 🙂

However there was one major problem with this. It was not like it was with other programs, where you just push a few buttons, pay X-amount of dollars and get into this program. have to apply for it and you need to have a phone call with one of their team members.

I thought: comeeee on…WHY? I DON’T want to talk to someone on the phone, I’m not even a native english speaker, ok writing, reading, understanding english videos oooook but SPEAKING? Hell no hahaha. I don’t even like to be on the phone in my own language in german haha.

As a consequence I bookmarked the page where I could apply for it and searched about other solutions I listed above. (because of a phone call?- you serious Tobi? haha)


Out off the comfort zone

However on october 1 I was done searching, I really had enough of it. For me and my criterias the internet profits partner program sounded like the best one so I found my courage to do that phone call and apply for it and if it sounds bad or they don’t want me, what can I lose?

I still could join another program. Besides I realized that it’s actually a good thing to speak with someone in real so you know you can trust that company and they don’t just take your money and run.

Congratulations they accepted me and the phone call wasn’t as bad as I thought and my english was actually good – atleast thats what the guy told me at the end of our conversation hehe. He was very friendly and I could ask every question I had about it.


Now I write this blog post one month after joining the program (november 2019) and earned exactly $0 since I joined. Sounds motivating and awesome for you, am I right? 😏😂 Before you now close this window and go to the next sales page promising you to get $5oo by tomorrow, wait a minute. Because the truth is that while I write this blog post I did not start to drive a single visitor to my pages. And guess what, without visitors/ without traffic = no income. (Update: I started driving traffic and made my first sales – I KNEW IT🙌)

If you are interested what I did since I joined here, just take a look at my blog and you can follow my path and what I do in business step by step to go from $0 to $1000.


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