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How I FAILED to make money online – THIS story will open your eyes

Let’s first talk about who I am. My name is Tobias, I’m 24 years old right now and Tobi is my nickname. I like to use Tobi on the internet because I feel like the internet should be a relaxing place of friendship, I don’t know how to describe this better haha. Oh and I’m from germany, so please don’t beat me if my english is sometimes not perfect. I try my best.

First of all I know you probably already saw that it’s going to be a lot to read. However I want to EMPHASIZE and urge you to read the WHOLE text.

Yes it could take more than 15 minutes.

Yes my english is not perfect, but THIS article about how I failed to make money online could CHANGE everything for you and SAVE you thousands of dollars and more than a YEAR of your valuable time of YOUR life.

So PLEASE read it and see how it can make a big difference to your situation. Thank you!!

Understand who I am and why everything you are going to read is sad but true

I need to start early so that you can understand why I am here and what is the reason for me to do what I’m doing right now.

It all started when I was in school. Children almost always have dreams when they are young.

Some want to be a doctor, some want to be an astronaut, another one wants to be a police officer or a firefighter. All of them have a little dream.

Not me. I kinda was not like that.

Sure sometimes I said something so that my parents or other family members stop asking me but I never really meant that.


That was the first moment, I was about 6 or 7 years old, when I asked myself..whats wrong with me? haha. But it gets worse.

I got older and older and had a lot of different subjects in school and ..what should I say… I kinda hated them all. There was no subject I was really good in or better than anyone else.. Sure sometimes I had better grades than my classmates because I’m not stupid and I’m able to learn for a test within a few hours during midnight. But yeah I hated school.

There was no passion, no motivation, not a single goal I want to reach apart from just passing the examination somehow.

That same time during school I also had a lot of social difficulties to deal with. It was not easy with family and friends. I kinda started to feel bad.

After I finished school I started to go to the university to do something. I mean I had to? I didn’t like that either as you can imagine already.. And so the inevitable happened, I broke up. It’s not possible to finish university and deal with difficult topics and passing examination when you have no idea what you want in life, when there is no purpose why you are doing that, when you hate it and when you already started to kinda have a depression.

I don’t had a girlfriend, my family fucked my head up, I lost almost all of my friends.

My life was a mess.

So it was in 2014 and 2015 when there were thoughts in my mind as all I wanted was to shoot a bullet into my head to finally end this pain. I was completely alone and the whole world was kinda against me. No one really could understand me, that I started hating people and that there is not a single job out there I like and want to do.


Therefore it already started immediately when I was 18 and just finished school. All I had in life was an internet connection and I started back then to think about a way to earn a living by myself somehow.

I remember that I saw youtubers who have millions of views. I mean they are kinda rich, they did it. They live their dream. When such idiots (sorry but some of those people are idiots- not all) are able to do that, why not me?? – I’m not stupid and a special, funny person!

Since such moments with 18 years old and the question in my head what do to with my life I kinda wanted to find a better way than going to a 9 to 5 job I hate. But it’s not easy if all you have is this deep wish inside but no idea at all. So in 2015 I started a dual training until summer of 2018 which I also finished successfully.

And guess what?

Damn right, I hated it hahaha.

Okokok it was not that bad but I got the confirmation that I’m not made for this world, to work for a do that idiotic stuff they want me to do. I had no connection to those people and my inner hate for all of this was visible in my face and my fake smile. All I really wanted was to be happy in life, to have friends and a girlfriend and a peaceful family..but none of that.

I did not have a youth, I was not at any party until I was 21.. All I did was sitting in my room, playing some video games, beeing lonely and hating my life because no one is like me or understands the way I am. My selfconfidence was unbelievable low.

But you know what? You know why I’m here now? During those hard times was one thing which kept me moving and not giving up. Hope.

Yes it’s that simple and the reason why I’m still here, better than ever. I had hope.

I always knew one thing and said to myself: Tobias, you are still young, some day in future you will fcking win this life. I don’t know why. But I knew it was true. I knew that I’m a handsome, smart and funny young man people love once they get to know me.

I know that sounds arrogant but its this exact thing which directed me to NEVER EVER GIVE UP, GO OUT THERE, USE YOUR BRAIN, because you are not stupid at all, AND MAKE IT HAPPEN.


My old mindset

I saw those people on the internet making money online and having success with it and my mindset was like this: I thought that I need to find a way to make money online without working for it.

I wanted something which is extremely easy and fast and super effective.

I thought that all I need to do is find this one thing, this one easy doable thing. The magic button producing results because thats what the internet and people started making me believe in.

I am a smart young guy and maybe even smarter than other people around me, so it must be possible to find this easy sneaky tricky way to make money on the internet. I had not the intention to work for it a lot. I just wanted it fast by putting in maybe 2 hours a day and getting results immediately.

Thats what I was searching for. Starting or even calling it a real ‘online business’ ? hahaha nooo I did definitely not want something like that, because that sounds like too much work. Work? I hate work. I try to make money online because I DON’T have the intention to work a lot. Basically this is how it looked inside my head before I started to find out about ways to make money online.


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