My website loads 10 times faster now! Here is how I did it!

Welcome to a new incredibly great blogpost from the only true – and we all know it – best person who has ever written blogposts. 🤪

I know what you’re thinking yes you’ll have noticed it’s June and yes you’ll be amazed I’ve noticed that too and yes I know my last post was in March. Now you’re probably wondering very justifiably what’s been going on and the answer is tree.


Joking aside I have just somehow.. well.. I’m not sure.

The advantage of the disadvantage

Although actually I remember. I was once again a bit distracted in the big wide online world and have looked at business courses outside my actual business, but before you judge me: At least I have paid nothing for it. If that now makes it much better I doubt it.

Long story short, in one of these videos I saw how the guy builds his WordPress website and what he recommends for improving the speed of the website. One of these plugins was called WP Fastest Cache.

I thought maybe I should try this, because my blog has annoyed me a bit in terms of loading time that was somehow too slow too ponderous and just annoying.

The beauty of the world wide web

Therefore, I took the chance and installed this plugin. However, I had unfortunately -as you can imagine- absolutely no idea what I have to set there and how I have to set it. What does the super smart superhero of course in this situation? Right! He looks at YouTube.

I then simply watched the following tutorial:

You can also enjoy small things in life

My website loads 10 times faster now! When it was all done I have to tell you honestly even if this sounds crazy to you it was one of the best days of the month for me haha.

Yes okay this may sound sad that something like this is my highlight but just the fact how fast my website suddenly loaded how fast my blog became that just made me very very happy and that’s why I share this knowledge with you because we are best friends right? 😁

I would recommend you if you somehow have the feeling that your website loads slowly that you just try that too the prerequisite is by the way WordPress but that should have become clear to you maybe by now.

I will hopefully get back to you a little faster so that your life does not get out of control without me and until then I wish you all the best and if you dare please leave a comment and confirm how incredibly great and fast my blog loads here. Thank you.


PS: My good old friend and mentor Dean from whom I learned a lot published a brand new training last month and it would be irresponsible of me not to show you. Take a look at it if you are interested. 😘

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