I DID IT – My first sale online!!


I knew I would do it, because I had the right program, the right information to achieve this.

After several months of trying and doing basically my own sh*t instead of following a proven plan, I’m still not following a proven plan😂.

Does this make sense? Hmmm…

Okay to be fair, I’m trying to follow it.. But sometimes I just do it my own way..which did not lead to a lot of success the past months..

However I always knew that the main problem and the only reason why I did not get results was myself..

Not the products, not the traffic, not the money, not the training -> ME.

People often think nowadays that the reason why they are not having success is because they are not part of the right business, they don’t have the right training etc…

Whereas in reality we are our main enemy..

This is why I saw the last months after joining Dean’s world other members having and celebrating success with the same information available to them as for me.

However, now this is over, my first own income screenshot is here:

$48.01! This is only from one customer! Yes one single customer, who actually ordered something for only $6.

But because there is a good and proven to convert sales funnel available this customer decided to get some upsells.

The best part? This is not the end yet.. this customer now gets a lot of value, a lot of free trainings from an online millionaire… and eventually this one guy will buy an expensive product and I get a $1000 commission.

Whoop whooop if this happens I achieved my first goal of reaching $1000 online. How awesome would that be? One single customer and BOOM.

However when I realized one thing it would be this one: It can take some time. But it can happen exactly then when you don’t expect anything to happen at all.

As I looked on my phone last week I couldn’t believe it that I just made my first commission. It’s a great, greaaat feeling..

Because I never gave up, no matter what happened and how hard it seemed to be..

There is probably one question left in your mind: How, where? What did you do?

This sale came from a free traffic source which is the reason why I’m even more happy about it AND not to forget that I did not do paid advertising.

Generating free traffic and getting results is way more hard than paying for visitors.

The next thing which was completely crazy about this was that I do every day some sh** online, posting on social media etc etc, but the sale came from posting in a forum…MONTHS AGO. Yes MONTHS AGO – in november 2019! I did not even do it anymore because I thought.. this will probably not work that good🙄…

Surpriseeee! It works LOL. Which forum?

I will not tell you here, because I mentioned it in a blog post before and I want you to read them all 😏

HAHAHA I know I’m evil😈 and I like it 💕🤣🤣

There is nothing else to share here for today.

(okay all my posts in this forum were deleted from a moderator last week, because I used an affiliate link and they don’t want that- which is funny because for almost 3 months they did not care and now two days after my sale and beeing active there again, suddenly I violate against some rules.. OKAY😅)

Ups and downs… thats what you have to deal with when you are online I guess😅

But I think positive and remember: I DID my FIRST SALE 🥳 And this was just the beginning💪

What do you think about all of this? Did you already have your first sale online? If yes how did you feel at this moment? If not, what holds you back? Let me know 🙂

See you next week,


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