My First Leads

My first leads

My biggest project

Oh yes I’m back babys. (I have no idea why I just wrote that)

My last blog post happened 20 days ago. Maybe you wondered where is thiiiiis guy. I miss him soooo much. Ok yes I know no one thought that. Not yet atleast. 😏

I did not publish a normal blogpost because I wrote my legacy. The best thing I wrote in my life. The most important thing I could possibly write about on my website. It’s about how I tried to make money online and how miserable I failed. For people reading this who are in a similar situation this blog post will be life changing. So if you found this post here before you read that you should do that first. Nothing I will ever write here is as important as this post.


I wrote on this awesome baby for more than a week thats why I was not able to publish something else. Writing a 9000+ word article is hard haha. Especially when english is not your first language..

What my business is about and how I do it

Now let’s get a bit more of a clearification of what I’m doing. As you already know I’m part of this awesome program. I have to explain a bit further of what it is. Basically it’s a done-for-you business. You get coaching, products, a whole sales funnel and all the training you want to have in order to make money online. They also give you a proven blueprint to start your business.

You just have to follow everything step by step and you get your business up and running. For example I started my blog because thats what they recommend to do even though I did not like the idea to do this before.

They also recommend to build your own email-list and show you how to set this up. However thats the part I did not follow yet. I decided not to build my own list right now because… to be honest..maybe I’m just afraid and aware of the fact that in my opinion people need to know who you are. They provide more than 30 email swipes which we just need to copy in our autoresponder which is great.

But will people buy from you when they have no idea who you are? When you are just a newbie starting out? I am really not sure. Maybe I wouldn’t buy myself from an unknown person thats why I thought to myself: I can build my own list also at a later point when I reached for example my first $1000.


I have no idea whether this is going to be another mistake I’m doing here right now or not, but I will find it out I guess. Therefore for the moment I only use the pages they provide for us and basically build someone elses list. However the good part is that I get the commission for every person I bring into the funnel through my affiliate links. What that means is that Dean (my mentor) writes emails for me and I get the money. Its the lazy way of doing it, and I’m still somehow a lazy mo’f**** haha.

How I got my first leads

It was important to explain this to you because now you can understand how I got my first leads. One of the easiest and fastest ways to get some leads are solo ads. You probably heard of this or know about it. However if not I explain it for you in one sentence. You pay someone with a huge emails list to send your link to his email list.

Thats what I did. I thought its necessary to get some leads now and therefore I decided to do it. So I went to and ordered 500 clicks for $250. In our members area they recommend using this traffic agency because it has clean and high quality traffic and I believe that because I also saw other marketers promoting and recommending this. Normally I would have paid atleast $350 to get those 500 clicks but when you are a new member there, they give a huge discount which you should use aswell if you plan to get some traffic there.

I decided to split those 500 clicks and send them to 3 different leadcapturepages. I’m not sure if this was a good idea..

I got 93 leads out of those 500 clicks. Its not completely bad but also not really good. And I think I could have had better results when I used only one or maximum two pages. I did not make a sale with this run. However a professional online millionair is now promoting stuff to them for me so it’s still possible to get something out of this in future:-) I hope so hahaha

I started to get some free traffic

The next thing I began to do within those 2 weeks was that I started to answer some questions on quora and get some traffic to my blog, and when you read this, there is a chance that you came from there which is great, you are AWESOME. 🤣

Why Quora? As you read in my big story I have a lot of experience in affiliate marketing and making money online, therefore I am able to help people with their questions even though I don’t make money online myself yet – but I’m on myyyy waaaay. That’s a great moment to recommend to you to click on the banner below and get yourself this awesome book.

The fun part about this is, if you are fast and get this book I will earn my first dollar thanks to YOU.😏 AND the next fun and BEST part is that you get yourself a real book which will help you to finally make money online. Because this book and working with Dean Holland is the best thing you could possibly do to start your online business.

I don’t have a headline for the last part

Apart from quora I also set up my first campaigns on bing ads..wait they call it microsoft advertising now whatever.

When you read my last blog post here I told you that I waited for the bing support to give me a $50 coupon because I registered a bing webmastertool account. But as I had to find out this only works if you have a new account..even though a guy in april told something different..

However I opened a new advertising account and got myself a $100 coupon. I will report next week how my campaign went.

In addition to those business relating ‘tasks’ I dealed again a lot with motivation and mindset stuff. Because you can only succeed in business when your mind is ready for it and when you plan and structure your day to be productive. I will write about this soon.

Another cool thing which happened is that we had a coaching call with Dean where he announced that they release new trainings within our members area to lead us in the right direction with our business. It’s awesome what they are doing for us and I’m looking forward to this new stuff.


I guess that’s all what I have to share for this week.

Let me know what you think about it in the comments 🙂

Take care,

– Tobi




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