My first hater


I know what you think.

Where have you been last week? Where was the new blog post? Why are you doing this to me? My life without you is just not the same.😭

…I know, and I’m very sorry.

To be honest I just had no idea what I should write about last week. But don’t worry..

I’m back with great news!

I got my first hater!😍🤣

Two weeks ago I published my last post and my last YouTube video. This one.

Guess what? I got around 7 views and ONE dislike. How awesome is that?😏

I mean just think about it, when you are hated by someone you must be doing something right.😅

Haha okay let’s be real for a moment. Maybe this person thought I would explain my new traffic strategy in detail or maybe this person just did not like my way of speaking but this is completely fine.

Don’t let fear win

When we are building a business online and when we are presenting ourselves out there we can not make everyone happy. We will always find people that don’t like what we are doing. Sometimes they don’t like your face, your way of writing, your content etc.

So we have the choice between letting the fear of criticism win and hide from the world or going out there with the possibility to get some hate.

We should choose the second option because our personal dreams and goals should always be more important to us.

Otherwise we are in the same place next year as we are today. This would be a shame!

Fear should never win in life. Never. Therefore go out there and make it happen!

My first important step

This is what I did. In my last post I wrote about the fact that I started to get traffic from TikTok. Instead of keep hiding I started to show my face a little bit.

A little bit?😅

Hmmm yeah I wear sunglasses and a weird headgear.🤣


I am not sure about the answer haha. Maybe I’m not confident enough yet to be without that stuff in front of the camera or maybe I try to look a bit more special than the rest to get more attention. I guess the truth lies in the middle of both explanations.

Huge potential on TikTok

I started to understand TikTok and watched a lot of videos. It is addictive and really kinda funny. The prejudice that this app is only for kids is far away from the truth. I see a mix of young and old people over there.

I already published 4 videos and got over 600 views with one of them. Do you see the potential? This is quite a lot and a big chance for nobodies.

When you have less than 1000 followers you can not have a link to your website in your profile on TikTok. This is why I’m leading people from Tiktok to my instagram profile instead.

Apart from that I’m still driving traffic with YouTube ads. I tried a few different things but I still need to figure out the best and most profitable way to make this work.

Have a nice day,

– Tobi

Update over a year later: Screw this post.. I did not use TikTok. 🙄 Not because it doesn’t work but because I overwhelm myself with all kind of traffic strategies and then I procrastinate because I hate my life. Lol. Don’t be like me haha. Seriously. NEVER be like me. Instead be like that: Watch this presentation. Get in. Do what you learn inside, DON’T GET DISTRACTED. Succeed. It can be that simple.

Update 2: I just remembered the reason why I was so discouraged in using TikTok. It was because my posts (even though I made them in english) were shown to people in Germany instead of English speaking countries. Probably because I live in Germany. I hated that.

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