My first blog post – it all starts here!

Hi, my name is Tobias, but the short version of this is Tobi and thats how my friends call me. And because you – the internet people I don’t even know – are my friends now, I use Tobi.

Does this make sense? I hope so. Because actually Im from germany so english is not my first language. I hope you can forgive me if I dont always write in perfect english ;-).

There is a lot of reasons to be super SUPEEEEER motivated. You know why? Because my online business is starting RIGHT NOW. And this is MY BLOG. I can do whatever I want!! So my decision for this blog is to document my journey to a full income online. Yes you heard that right, you can follow me from zero to hero. Step by step.

No one will read this first blog post Im writing and publishing right now on october 28, 2019. But you will in future. Thats why I want to motivate you right now. Why? Because the reason why you are reading this now is because I took action, I had nothing while writing this here, literally nothing, and all I did was following a proven plan, a real business opportunity.

And I want you to do the same exact thing. STOP BELIEVING THE HYPE. STOP BUYING PRODUCT AFTER PRODUCT. STOP TRYING TO FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE. PLEASE STOP. Just follow my journey and I will show you, ok?

Why should you trust me?

Excellent question. Its pretty simple. Because I don’t earn a single cent online right now, BUT I know I WILL. And YOU. You are my proof. Because you read this. I love it haha.

If you want to understand why I’m so sure that I will succeed with this, then take a look at this blog post here. This is where I tell you my whole sad online story. My failing piece of shit which prepared me to finally be at this point and start to make money with the internet. I tried for over a year to figure this all out. Please read this blog post. Do it. Maybe you find yourself in there. I know you will, because WE ALL GET FOOLED by these a**h**** out there. All we want is a proven way to make money online. WHY YOU PLAYING WITH OUR HOPE; WHY YOU PLAYING WITH OUR FEELINGS. I HATE YOU ALL. Sorry. I know Im a little bit special, but sometimes I need to be honest. And its my blog….I have the privilege to do just that hehe.

What can you expect?

I will publish a blog post atleeeeeast once per week to show you what exactly I have done to grow my online business. I will also show you my mistakes, my fails and of course my success moments.

Tobi…can you just tell me right now, what exactly are you doing?….

Haha Im sorry. Patience my friend patience haha. First I needed to get rid of my inner hate and psycho, and now I can tell you what I’m doing..

It was on october 1, 2019. I joined Dean Hollands Internet Profits Certified Partner program. I walked myself through the 30 day challenge to prepare my business and getting started. To be honest I should punch myself because it took me 28 days to publish my first blog post here after joining his program. I could have done better because I had time.. See? My first fail I reveal to you..Im not perfect for sure. All I want is to be honest here, so you can follow my journey and see what it really takes to earn money online instead of me just showing you income screenshots to f*ck you even more up because you always see this stuff but NEVER have one yourself. Not yet ;-).

Just so you know my goal is to reach $4716 per month by this time next year because thats how I calculated it to be happy in life and get my freedom I deserve and want. I will tell you for sure some other day how I calculated it and maybe you will then find a link to this post here. However my first step will be to make $1000 online. 😏 (ok to make $100 will also be an achievement for me but nevermind 🤣)

Thanks for visiting my blog and especially reading my very first, historical (I hope its going to be an historical one hehe) blog post here. Visit often because I will never stop to share what I’m doing to reach my goal and make a full income online.

Leave a comment to let me know that you read this very first special blog post and just say Hi 🙂 or something like that. You can do it, I believe in you, haha.

-> My Mega-Digital-Dream starts here<-,

– Tobi



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