From Procrastination to Action: My 30-Day Online Business Transformation

From Procrastination to Action: My 30-Day Online Business Transformation

Welcome to a new and rare event in this wonderful life, namely a new post From Procrastination to Action: My 30-Day Online Business Transformation” from your superhero Tobi. 次

I know it has been very quiet around me in the past few months, but there were reasons for that. These reasons are, as always, predominantly sad. 必不

But not as sad as you might think, so everything is fine. Just the typical bs…

30 Days of Dedication: Revitalizing My Online Business Adventure

Anyway, in today’s blog post, I don’t really want to talk extensively about anything, I just want to let you know that exactly from today when this blog post appears, I will try something that I haven’t managed to do in almost four years of working on my online business.

I have decided that I will work on my online business for two hours every day for 30 days.

It is completely surreal that I haven’t managed to work on my online business for 30 consecutive days within four years.

Questioning Effort and Success

My 30-Day Online Business TransformationMany people always wonder why they don’t have success online or why it doesn’t work, but sometimes you have to ask yourself the question: have you ever really tried seriously over a certain period of time?

And shockingly, I have to admit for myself that I haven’t. In these four years, I haven’t managed to work on my business for at least two hours every day for 30 consecutive days with discipline.

I don’t think I need to tell you what results I have achieved with that. Just subscribe to my newsletter on my homepage, and you will understand how my journey has been up to this point.

So, this blog post is one of those challenges for myself, and I have no idea if I can really manage to work on my business for 30 consecutive days, without interruption, for at least two hours every day.

Adjusting Ambitions

Originally, I wanted to commit to working 4 hours every day on my business, but for now, I have broken it down to two hours because I know myself and I might be more inclined to give up quickly or not follow through with four hours.

Therefore, let’s start with two hours per day, and if I notice that I can handle it well, then I can still increase it to three hours, four hours, and so on.

What About You?

In the end, I would like to ask you this one question, and you can answer it in the comments if you’d like. Have you ever managed and followed through with working at least two productive hours every day for 30 days straight within your online business or your make money online journey?

Anyway, I wish you a wonderful day, and I will keep you updated on what happens within these 30 days, what I experience, and what my insights will be.



PS: By the way, it’s not that I haven’t put many, many hours into my online business over all these years. I just wanted to express with this post that I have never managed to stay disciplined and focused without taking some pointless breaks and procrastinations in between.

PPS: Oh and it’s also not helpful to work two hours a day on your business if you’re doing the wrong things. For example, in the field of affiliate marketing, I have to focus on income-producing activities during this time. I have to concentrate on the 4 core areas of focus. In the Iceberg Effect, which I often recommend on my website, my mentor frequently talks about these four important focus points that one must pay attention to. Because if you’re working on your business every day but focusing on the wrong activities it won’t bring any results.

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    1. Awesome Sara! The more time you can put into growing your business the better your results will be, provided the fact that you actually use these 4-5 hours in a productive way haha

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