Millionaire In The Making

Millionaire In The Making

Welcome to my first post of the year 2022!

I have actually just managed on the last day of January to publish this here. 😏

The keyword of the day is ‘Millionaire In The Making’.

You’re probably wondering what that means.

It is simply a slogan that my mentor Dean Holland launched when he introduced a brand new daily coaching starting in 2022.

You could invest in this and in return you will get help building your online business every day of the week.

Additionally, everyone who invested in this particular offer will get a t-shirt that says ‘Millionaire In The Making’.

Millionaire in the makingIn order for you to see that I’m not just making something up, here’s a picture of the t-shirt.

Since I have resolved on my blog to be a very honest man I must note at the point that I find the T-shirts although from the style and appearance extremely nice, but the slogan ‘Millionaire In The Making’ to me personally shoots beyond the goal.

Because such an unnecessary hype within the affiliate marketing and in the make-money-online niche has caused so much suffering because one is always told how easy it is to get rich and how fast it all goes.

This slogan reminds me a bit of all these pointless lies within this industry and someone like my mentor and the entire company has no need at all to do that.

Because these are people who help you build an honest real business (I can say that because I’m a member there for over two years now) they know exactly that the term ‘millionaire’ alone is total nonsense and far away from any reality for normal people who are starting to build a successful business.

But admittedly it sounds pretty cool. So I don’t hold it against them that they took this slogan.

Apart from that, there’s really not much more to say today, except that I already tried to lay the foundations in January to be way more successful this year than last.

If you want to know how all this came about and maybe you still don’t quite understand the connections here, then I recommend you simply read the legendary self-talk of my two Tobi’s.

Otherwise I wish you a wonderful day and don’t be shy use the comment section to say hello or to tell me how your day was or to share how awesome this blog is. 🤪🤣


PS: If you are wondering a bit about who Dean is and what I’m talking about and how you can get help building your business too, read his book and you will understand.

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