Make money online is easier when you are stupid

Make money online is easier when you are stupid

Make money online is easier when you are stupid. I really start to believe it haha.


Because if you give someone who has no idea at all a blueprint which that person should follow and just copy and paste, this exact person has no other choice than doing just that. Such people can’t think about it whether it’s a good blueprint or whether they should change something or doing it slightly different. They doooooon’t know it better, they can only follow the instructions and put them into action or they leave and ….drink some beer instead….

planWhereas intelligent people tend to think about everything 10x times, they want to be smarter than their instructor, they want their own special slightly different way of doing things. They already have so much knowledge about for example affiliate marketing and traffic strategys, they are sooooo clever, they just know how to adjust this, how to reinvent the wheel, how to be different…which is sooooooo greaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!




Haha I’m sorry I have to scream sometimes, because as you can imagine I kinda write about myself here again.. ok, no wonder because it’s my blog, but whatever.

I’m pretty sure you read this important blog post where I showed you why and how I failed to make money online, am I right?!! If not… DO IT NOW 😠 otherwise I’m sitting in your bathroom tonight and hide your toothbrush. Do you want that??

Okay I lose focus, back to the important stuff.

I am very clever

I see people making their first money who are in the same business opportunity as I am and most of them joined AFTER me. Ohhhh how awesome you made your first dollar, I’m SO HAPPY FOR YOU HAHAHAAH YYAAAAAY. CONGRATULATIONS. And I’m just sitting here mastu*******. They have the same training, the same products, the same community, the same coaching like I have. They join, follow the instructions and make money. LOL

How it looks like when other new members celebrate their first wins… (I’m proud of you guys)

But I’m not like that because I’m so intelligent. 😏😏😏😏 I join the program, I watch the training, I think, I think, I think, I’m doing things slightly different because I’m awesome, and theeen 😏😏 yeeeah theeeen ….I earn $0 within just 2 months 😏. Try to copy me, I challenge you, you can’t be as successful as I am 😏.

If you read this and want that I remain as successful as I am right now, you should definitly don’t click here and don’t get yourself this book. Because it could make you and me some money and we DON’T want that, right? 🀣

Okay I mean for real.. It’s not really a huge advantage if you have a lot of experience and tried and saw a lot about affiliate marketing already. I am sure I’m not the only one with this problem. The good part is that I know I am the problem and not the program or anything else. We have members in there who made more than $100,000 with the same products I can promote aswell.

Doing some sh** again..

Last week I told you that I started a bing ads campaign. How it went? Hmmm, I don’t like bing πŸ˜‚ I mean I got clicks from people who searched for ‘clothing line uk start up’ SERIOUSLY BING? SERIOUSLY? I had to find out in my settings that they used my keywords ‘wide’. (I don’t know if this is the right english term here because I don’t use bing ads in english.)

Later I changed that but I guess I did not find the right keyword yet and now I paused it. Long story short – got some clicks (around 20 targeted) and zero results. Of course, you can not expect to see something happening with that amount of clicks but anyway, I’m not happy with this.


I actually just did that because I get free advertising coupons annnnnd (here is the connection to todays topic) because I’m so intelligent and saw some youtube videos in the past about a good strategy with bing. However within my members area we got a lot of different traffic strategys and trainings and I chose the only one which was not in there-> Bing.

Why? You already know the answer now – because I’m so intelligent and special😏

What happens if you want all at once and get nothing instead

I laugh my ass of right now about myself because I know what my problem is.

However it’s like I am not able to change, it’s like I can’t do anything about it. I have so many ideas about traffic generations in my head, so many possibilites, I want to get youtube traffic because I have ideas how to do it, I want to promote my business on pinterest, because I know how successful some people do that, I want to do instagram, facebook, twitter, quora and I started last week to be a bit active in the warrior forum. (funfact: I got banned after answering only two questionsπŸ˜‚ – they don’t like it when you promote something within your answer haha)

Oh and I also want to be active on my blog of course.

All of that even though my mentor gave the clear instruction when we start to only choose one offer, one free traffic method, one paid traffic in combination to the free one and maybe some fast solo ads. Thats it. Its soooo simple. Follow the instructions -> make money.

As a result of having too many things you want to do in your head – you start feeling overwhelmed and lost. Instead of taking action on one thing until it works -you start to do nothing instead because your head is full of ideas and you just don’t know where to start.

Thats me, thats my situation. The last 3 days I did nothing for my business. I had to clear my mind, think about what I’m doing and how I do it. However there is one thing I don’t do -> Giving up. NOPE. NEVER. I don’t give up, I know that I’m on the right place, that I advertise awesome products, that other people doing the same thing like I do successfully and that I find my way, that I WILL get my first customer – no matter what. And if I have to fail a few more times until I get there – it’s okay – I’m already used to it. And remember:

Every Master Was Once A Disaster

Leave a comment and let me know if you agree or disagree with what I’m writing here and if you have similar experiences.

See you next week,

– Tobi

P.S.: This does of course NOT mean that every person who makes money online is stupid, okay? πŸ˜† It has a lot to do with experiences and mindset..

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