How to become a millionaire within 1 to 5 years

Hello my friend, long time no see.

I hope you are doing well. 😀

Today I want to explain you the shortest way to become a millionaire.

Tobi? Are you completely crazy now? You are not even a millionaire yourself! What did you smoke?

Not yet my friend, not yet. 😉

That’s why the headline says: ‘How to become a millionaire within 1 to 5 years’

Okay fine whatever just tell me your little ‘secret’ …

Actually it’s not that much of a secret. When you think about it, it’s common sense. Back in the days you used to get rich if you invested in the right stocks.

Nowadays you simply get rich by investing into crypto currency and IDO’s. An IDO is a fundraising method. That means you buy Tokens of a project before it gets listed on the market.

Here is an example:

Imagine there is a new project, a new company and they offer their Tokens or coins for a price of $0.007. Let’s say you invest $1000.

Now you own approx. 142 000 Token. (Because $1000 / $0.007 = ~ 142 000)

If the price and the value for one Token increases to $0.10 your 142 000 Tokens are worth $14200.

Imagine the price rising further to $0.50. Now you have Tokens worth of $71 000 (142 000 x $0.50)

How to become a millionaire within 1 to 5 years

Drum roll now please!

If the price goes up to only $8 you are now a FREAKING millionaire. 142 000 x $8 = $1 136 000

Where is the catch?

Well you are right, nobody will knock on your door and ask if you want to invest into a promising project that makes you rich in a few years.

You need three things: Education, timing and the right people/ experts you trust.

I wouldn’t be your one and only superhero of the universe called ‘Tobi’ if I didn’t have a solution for these 3 requirements.

Imagine you can get access to all the hidden future top projects, all the knowledge and simply everything completely for FREE?!

Yes you read that right, you can access a community that has the potential to make you rich for god damn free.

How to become a millionaire within 1 to 5 years

Click here*, simply follow the bot, type in your name, email – the usual stuff – create an account. Once you are inside the dashboard you will see a button that says ‘Join Our Discord’.

Once you are inside you get all the knowledge and education and announcements of potential winners.

Let’s be honest, you just wrote this to promote your link and to make money out of me?


I can understand that you are skeptic because we all got lied to especially in the make money online world.

All I can tell you is that I’m not one of those gurus without any moral. I invested several thousand dollars into two main TOP projects thanks to what I learned during the last few months inside the community.

How to become a millionaire within 1 to 5 yearsI’m honest here with you, I’m not a well educated crypto expert, I created my first wallet in summer 2020. I might be an expert in affiliate marketing but in this space I’m a newbie. However I have gained the ability to know who I can trust online and this Manny boy is one of them.

So to answer your question, yes it is an affiliate link but I’m not earning a single cent from you when you join the discord community and invest into projects. Not a single cent. I wrote this article because I am a member there, got my hands on Tokens and already more than doubled my initial investments.

When you read this in 2021 you are lucky because we are in a bull cycle at the moment which means the possibility to earn a lot of money with these investments is extremely huge.

That is all I can say.

Do what you want with this information I shared here.

Have an awesome day and always remember -as my friend Manny would say-:

It’s not about the money, it’s about the freedom!



[*UPDATE APRIL 2022: The internet is a constantly changing place most of the time. 😅 Therefore this opportunity I was talking about in this post does not exist anymore. The principle was and still is right, but the IDO season is over. Apart from that Manny disappeared from the online space. What could I say.. that’s the internet. I still somehow believe he was a genuine person. But after all it only confirms what I am saying on my homepage.]

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