How to be more productive in one day than in one week

He’s back…

the one and only.

this one great person you need in your life.

Just to be clear – oooooobviously I’m talking about me. 😎🤣

Today I want to tell you a little secret of how I managed it to be more productive in one day than in one week.

But before we start with that, I also want to talk about what I accomplished last week with paid advertising.

Defining my ideal customer?

In my previous post I mentioned the fact that my mission was to set up a youtube ad. This is what I finally did this week.

I made an interesting decision which I have no idea yet if it is a good one or not.

I thought that I’m doing my ad in german instead of english. This is how I stand out from the rest of people operating an english business.

I’m from germany myself so there needs to be other german speaking people out there who want to start a business in english like I did.

Am I right? Am I wrong? I will find it out.👊

I’m sure that I’m not the only one. And when I find these people they are in so many ways more attracted to me than to others. Simply because they can identify themselves to me.

You can use this same principle for your business aswell. Find something which makes you special compared to your competitiors and advertise to people who are like you. For example if you are a police officer, you can advertise and target people who are police officers aswell and tell them how you started a business online.

Guess what, they will trust you and follow your word over any other random internet marketing guru. => laser targeted traffic.

Test Ads until they work

So I took out my phone and just randomly talked into my camera.

I have absolutely no idea if this will work haha. But thats what everyone has to deal with when doing or starting paid advertising. It’s all about testing things.

The good part is: I have quality training material showing me how to set up a youtube ad, which settings etc.

The bad part is: My ad got rejected immediately🤣

The reason was that I just used my affiliate link and cloaked it with pretty links. I thought this is allowed. But noooope. It’s not..the destination url needs to be the same one as the displayed url.

I’m now solving this problem and create a landing page with a free wordpress plugin. This is actually a good thing because I had the idea to provide some more value to my potential customers before I lead them to my affiliate link.

I will let you know about my progress in this case next week.

A secret hack promising you to get rich (…just kidding)

Now let’s finally talk about my great secret.

A secret which will change your life ccccccoooooooooooooooommmmmpletelyyyyyy.🙌


Okay okay it’s a very simple thing, but it’s very powerful..

Atleast it was for me.

Remember? Here I told you how I procrastinated for almost a whole week..

Instead of accepting the fact that I’m a useless idiot who is not able to work for his business I started to think exactly about my plan. I thought about the key areas of focus , of platforms and actions which I need to do to drive traffic.

Then I just wrote it down for the next day and also tracked my time.

  1. Activity A (1 hour)
  2. Activity B (30 min)
  3. Acitivity C (1h 30 min)
  4. etc

I guess you understand the principle.

This is what I did in combination with waking up earlier in the morning and not distracting myself with ANYTHING else before I finished my work.

Of course it was not the first time that I created a list, I’m doing this since months.

However it’s a difference whether you just write something down which you would like to do, or whether you write something down in an order with numbers and fixed times.

Easier than expected

Doing it this way allowed me to accomplish more in one day than a whole week before. Additionally it made me also feel much better. Because nothing beats the feeling when you can be proud of yourself because you took action on the right things.

Combine this strategy with the right mindset in general and beeing productive is not that much of a problem anymore.

This is what I found out and this is how I was able to mostly stop the procrastination from the week before.

I will let you know if I can use this simple trick successfully in the longterm.

If you want to know what these power activities I listed above are, what to focus on and how to start a profitable business online then I can highly recommend to get yourself this book.

The one who wrote this book explains the affiliate marketing secrets in detail and not just some productivity tips.😉

Have a nice week my friend,


2 thoughts on “How to be more productive in one day than in one week”

  1. Hi there, interesting post! I love your humour as well, it certainly kept me reading. I have tried a similar strategy to what you described here where I list the tasks that I want to do and how long I think they will take. Then I create a quick schedule with them listed in the order that I want to complete them. Now that I’m thinking back on it I’m more productive on those days when I write it out so I think you’re on to something. I will have to try it for a week and see.

    1. Hey Tamika,
      thanks for your comment
      yes it’s an easy thing to do and it works, I’m doing it now for a while and I get a lot of stuff done, we just need to motivate us to actually write it down, great when it inspired you to also do it again😄

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