How the corona virus can make you money


it’s great that you have found your way to this golden place of the internet. 🙌

Today I’m talking about some major things happening last week and apart from that I’m going to share how the corona virus can make you money.

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Let’s start with some great news.

I did it.

I finally did it.

I started my own youtube channel. Ohhh yeees. Can I hear applause please?

Not only that – I also published two videos already.

Yeees two!

The first one is my channel trailer which is awesome and the other one is about my last blog post. Check them out here if you want.

More traffic – less time

Last week I have reported that I learned a lot of useful things to grow my affiliate marketing business.

One of those was the content domination strategy.

The idea behind that is to produce only one piece of content and distribute it to various places.

Thats what I did. And what I’m doing right now. They teached us to do it this way:

Produce a youtube video, just talk about what you did to grow your business last week, then take the audio file from the video and publish it as a podcast and last but not least find someone (or a software/ or do it yourself) who writes what you are saying in the video down and publish it as a blogpost.

This way you can generate free traffic from various places with the least amount of work.

I decided to slidely change how this works and do it like this: 1. Blogpost -> 2. Audio -> 3.Video

The reason is that I’m not a native english speaker and that it’s easier for me to write it down first before I start speaking.

The principle remains the same and it’s a very good way to get out there with your message and get as many people as possible to consume your content.

Some prefer reading, some just listening on spotify and some love watching videos on youtube.

Now I can reach them all.

And this is just one thing I learned in the business I’m involved into and which I’d like to introduce you right now.

The corona virus drives the world crazy at the moment

First we saw horrible pictures in China and a few weeks later europe and the rest of the world got into the state of emergency.

We see how people are not allowed to leave their home in order to not infect others etc.

We see how big sports events got cancelled all over the world, how restaurants, small companys and other institutions of the public life close their doors.

People are not only suffering from the isolation but also from the big problem of financial crisis. There are a lot of people who lose their jobs now and their income because without people = no income.

They make a living out of tourists and the public life.

Now it’s gone.

And even when you are working in another job some of them tell you to stay at home right now.

But for how long, what if this is not over in two or six weeks ? What if the economy breaks down completely? What if more and more regular people are losing their job?

Horrible questions to ask to be honest.

The safest ‘job’ on earth

However there is one industry which profits from it.

One medium which never dies.

*drum rolls please*

The internet.

Ohh yes.

The internet is still alive and will be alive.

How awesome would it be if it doesn’t matter where you are in the world to make money?

Even though when you are sitting at home and you are not allowed to leave it.

You open your bank account and see new commissions rolling in from people you don’t even know.

That was my dream way before the virus started.

Your advantage right now

However if it would be that easy everyone would be doing it right?

The truth is, it is not easy at all, it took me more than two years and the loss of over $3000 to finally figure out how to make money online..

A very long learning curve to understand what I need to do and to know which people I can trust online. Most of them are selling the dream of fast and easy cash which is horrible and leads people to completely wrong expectations. (myself included back in time..)

The good part is that there is actually a way to produce results which can blow regular peoples mind.

Some partners who are part of the same business like me already generated over $100,000.

Not overnight but they did it and I also started to make money with it. Not that much yet but I’m just about to start my real journey here.

If you don’t want to just sit at home now and be afraid because of the virus and you would also like to start a real business and learn all the foundations leading you in the right direction without losing time and money to find the right opportunity to join I highly recommend you get yourself this book.

The good part for you: It’s free and you only need to cover S&H.

happy children

No matter if you are a newbie who never heard about affiliate marketing before or an advanced marketer this book will be the perfect introduction and the starting point of a successful journey.

In a year from now you will think about the corona virus completely different than most other people because for you it was the beginning for a new way of life.

It was for me. And many others already.

Okay enough for today. See you next week my friend, oh and stay healthy.✌️


2 thoughts on “How the corona virus can make you money”

  1. Hi Tobi, this is a helpful post. I think the concept you shared of taking one piece on content and share to multiple platforms is really a game-changer. You really get to interact with more people on their preferred medium which is awesome 🙂 Also, you are right that the internet is an even busier place these days with people staying at home so that certainly offers more opportunities.

    1. Hey Cyndy,
      yes this is what I like about the business I’m involved into, you learn a lot of valuable things 🙂
      It sure does, I heard many people saying they have more success than ever before with an internet based business, because people are at home and search for a way to earn some extra money

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