How self-observation leads to success and money

Hey there,

did you ever sit down and think..

Hmmm why am I so useless?

Why am I not able to get things done – to focus on my business (for example) – to do the work which will make a change in my life?

What am I doing, why is the time passing so quickly?

At least that’s how I thought and felt very often in the past. Last week it happened again that I felt this way..

I did things which are not useful in any way for my life or for growing my business..

Sometimes I am in a spiral of inability. It then feels like I just can’t do it. And also like I just don’t want to do it right now.

‘I’ll do it tomorrow..’ – ‘Today is not my day.’

Do you know these sentences? I bet we all do.

These sentences are deadly. It’s like kicking your dream right in the stomach.

Learning from the past

Even though I wrote more than enough about developing a success mindset it is for me too a lifelong process.

You will experience ups and downs. That’s what I do.

But you know what?

With every down I experience I get better.

I get better and better and better.

More importantly: I ALWAYS come back after falling.

And I learn more and more what’s going on with myself.

A simple way which is helping me right now to get a clearer picture of how things went wrong last week is self-observation.

I think about exactly what I did.

What have I been doing all day?

For me one of those bad days looked like this:

  1. I chatted and spoke with my sister for at least 2 or 3 hours about her personal stuff.
  2. I’ve been on YouTube and watched videos about politics and the current coronavirus situation.
  3. Then I intensively thought about another person of my life for at least 3 hours.
  4. Then I played a stupid mobile game for another 1 hour.
  5. I read emails from other online marketers. (however I also did a good thing here and unsubscribed from some lists)
  6. I chatted and spoke with a friend about his problems

This ladies and gentlemen is procrastination at the highest possible level. 🙄

What I mean with self-observation is that with a little bit of distance I see precisely what I did.

What do I want?

The next questions I have to ask myself are:

  • How many of those activities I did are going to impact and change my life positively?
  • Did I drive traffic to an affiliate link? No.
  • Can you make money when you are not doing it? No.
  • Can you quit your day job, create your dream life, buy a house, a car, provide for your family when you are not doing it? No.

You see what I did here..

Every day we should think about what we want to achieve in life and we need to figure out which of those things we are doing on a daily basis are leading us towards that goal.

Act different – Now!

I have to admit to myself that there is not a single point on my list above which is helping me to move forwards in life.

Once you realize which things are holding you back, making you feel bad, are not serving you, it gets easier to remove them.

The combination of knowing which actions need to be done and knowing which actions are destroying the chances of success will lead to a great destination and money.

My secret motivation and energy push

In the end I would like to share something powerful related to this topic.

Obviously I had a procrastination problem.

In order to help myself I tried out listening to this subliminal on YouTube.

I can highly recommend it because it helped me to get a lot of energy and motivation back. This in combination with honest self-observation – pure gold.

I am sure my personal discovery will benefit you too if you are suffering from the same problem sometimes.

Thanks for reading.

– Tobi

2 thoughts on “How self-observation leads to success and money”

  1. Hi Tobi, the way you structured this post with a real-life personal example of your procrastination and then how you practised self-observation when you reflected over your day and asked yourself those questions is really good. It’s very practical as you provide a short step by step guide that I or any other reader can apply in our lives. Thank you!

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