How I paid $4 and made a sale

I know I know I know you MISSED ME. I was away for soooo long.

Almost 21 days since I published my last blogpost.

What happened in all that time?

What did you do?

Why on earth did you go even though we love you and need you and your awesome articels?


Yes this is probably how you are feeling right now.

And I can understand it, who wouldn’t?:/

But if you had read my last post you would not ask such a question which brings me to the point…WHY DID YOU NOT READ MY LAST POST??😡😡

The key to productivity?

Okay so I was on vacation and finally I was able after a short while to forget about all of this, forget about how to progress in business, forget about how to do it, what to do next, just and finally turn my head off for a while.

All I did was breathing and enjoying some fresh air from the ocean.

This made me realize again how important it is to get away from the computer and to relax. No matter how old or young we are, no matter how much we want to achieve a certain goal, we need breaks.

Because what I found out the hard way about myself was that I often thought:

Nooo I don’t have time for a break or for doing nothing a whole day, I can not afford this.

Whereas the reality looks like this: I worked days in and days out and was in front of the computer and it feeled like I was stuck.

Then I made a break after a while, got some fresh air, got back to my computer and I was able to be more productive in one day than I was all these days before..

This means I get more work done when I allow myself not to work.

Sounds like a joke, but it’s easy and true.

However knowing the theory is one part. Acting accordingly to it is another one. I really hope I can do this.

Investing into myself for success

Apart from that I came back home last Monday and started to find my way back into the working life.

I started by watching the recordings of our coaching webinars which I missed when I was away.

Oh and I made another not quite cheap decision. There was a real life – yes reaaal life – event in the mid of february in London where every member within our partner community could take part and be there for two days. It provided and teached additional information and training and a blueprint of how to make 2020 an incredible successful year for everybody.

I did not take part. Because… Well…I’m here in germany…and….this….was in…London😅

Yes okay I know this is closer than for those who are living in the US but…hmm.

Whatever I was not there, but I heard all the positive feedback and how awesome it was and how life changing something like this can be.

So I decided to get my hands on the recordings for $297. Not cheap but sometimes you have to invest into yourself to get what you want in life. Atleast that’s what I learned after failing for a long time.

I spent the last two days watching almost 16 hours of this.

Now I have 3 letters of notes from it and I feel like I had a lot of ‘AHA’ moments throughout the course. I really feel like I have a clearer picture now on what to do and how to do it. Some advices were gold and I’m sure I will share some of those things during my journey. Best moment for you to bookmark this page to not miss it.😏

Is growing and operating a profitable online business easy??

Anyway I’d like to share one golden nugget here already, which sounds so easy and stupid and seems to be so powerful. All of those partners who are already earning $100,000 or more with this business have one thing in common.

They keep it simple. They stick to their one strategy and they are consistently doing it.

Lol right? So simple. So stupid. But seems to be so true. Removing the overwhelming feeling is the key to success..

Because one reason why I’m not already earning much more than I do right now is exactly that. I was not able to really decide what traffic strategy, which platform to use and most importantly to stick to it consistently.

This is my next mission now. Figuring this out for myself and find the strategy which suits me best, who are the people I would like to attract into my business and where to find these people.

Another lesson learned from the event

For me I know, I knew it always. Those people I’d like to target the most, they hang out on youtube. That’s why I have to get myself out there right now and find these idiots who are just like me when I started and who are still searching for the solution on youtube to save these ass***es or otherwise they end up like I did loosing over $3000.

And I don’t want that to happen. Of course if you are not coming from youtube right now which is more than likely because I did not even start there, you are also welcome here and I hope I can entertain you my friend with my pure greatness.🤣


Therefore my job for today and maybe still tomorrow is to work my way through my notes again which I took while watching the recordings of the event and figure out my personal plan and strategy.



What has all this to do now with your headline??? I HATE YOU!!!

Woooohooow calm down my friend, try to see it from my point of view, when I write in the headline: What happened in the last 21 days, you would not care at alllllll because the truth is YOU hate me ALREADY which is why you would not click then, think about it, so SO sad and disappointing!! 😭🙄

HOWEVER. I am not as sh** as you might think because SURPRISE, now I talk about how I generated a sale last week with $4.

You happy now?!


If you are a returning kind of human beeing to this blog you probably remember that I started bing advertising a while ago. I wrote about this here. This is another awesome post from me. Go GOOO now and read it. Thats so beautiful. Just like you (when you read it💕🤣)

Okay the point is that when I returned from my vacation I looked into my bing ads account and saw that I had $4 left which I could spend. I thought, okay whatever and activated my campaign again.

And guess what I got 2 clicks out of $4 and one of these two bought the product.

That felt amazing and was my first sale ever with bing ads.

Of course you can not expect that it will happen like this all the time but it was motivating enough to use more money now and keep trying and see what happens when I get more clicks.

I will let you know.

That’s it for today, see you next week. This time you don’t have to wait for so long until I am back.🤗


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