Getting rich by listening to music?

The universe is great

Imagine you go to bed, put your earphones in your head, listen to some music, fall asleep, wake up and within the next day you receive unexpected money into your pocket.

Sounds too good to be true?


Actually it works.

It really, really can work.

Of course you can not listen to random ‘music’.

You have to listen to specific sounds which attract money for you.

This is what I was dealing with the last week most of my time, so instead of ‘working hard’ for my business I was more busy with doing such things…

Not just theory

The best part about this is that I already experienced myself that this works.

The nights before I made my first sale online, I listened to such sounds and success affirmations while I was sleeping.

And then it happened, completely unexpected I made my first sale from a traffic source I did not even think about anymore.

I know what you are thinking, could be a coincidence, but think about the logic behind it:

Nikola Tesla once said:

‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibrations.’

So I challenge you: Type into the youtube search bar things like: ‘money attraction’, click across different videos showing up there and just read the comments from other people.

Still think that’s a coincidence?

Attract what you wish for

I have dealt with this topic a lot already during the last months and I realized more and more that something crazy is going on in this world.

We as a human beeing, we are nothing more than an energy, so all we need to do to change our life is to change our energy field and we can basically attract everything we want into our life.

Okay to be honest the title is maybe a little bit exaggerated, but I truly believe that beeing in such an energy field is an extremely important part atleast to aquire what you want in life.

You can not get rich over night while listening to that but you can move into the right direction and you will be shocked how you are suddenly start doing the right things for your true desires.

Because it’s important for ordinary people (including myself at the moment) to escape from the energy field of beeing poor.

And the only way to get away from that is by changing the way you think with the help of affirmations and influencing your subconscious mind with frequencys helping you to attract what you like.

I personally listen to different videos but in the end they are quite similar, so I don’t want to give you one link and say THIS IS THE ONE! …You should rather decide for yourself which one you prefer. For example this is a good one I like to listen at night.

If you never heard about something like that: Try it out my friend, it’s free and what can you lose? 🙂

If you already knew about that stuff, what are your experiences with it?👀

Oh and apart from that last friday I started a daily podcast talking about my progress in business. You find information in there which you will probably not find in my blogposts. Check it out if you want here.

If not nooooooo probleeem. See you next week amigo,


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