Failing with paid traffic

Another story of how great I am

The key of succeeding online as a newbie/beginner without people who already follow you or know you is by driving paid traffic to your offers.

There is simply no faster way of achieving results than doing it with paid advertising.

However in my journey I am just not able to do this successfully yet.

So this is another episode of how I failed.. and how I lost money.

I should not write about this because it’s always better to write about new income screenshots and how successful everything is, am I right?…🙄

But at the beginning of my journey I told you that I want to be honest and show you how I succeed AND fail on my way to my first $1000.

Okay to be fair it is not like I did nothing else for a few months than driving paid traffic but the few ones I did yet are not working out.

Solo Ads are awesome

The first thing I tried was buying solo ads..500 clicks for $250 …this was in november…



Lost: $250

This was my mistake because I used an offer which is a little bit old already and not working that good anymore.. yes I am also not happy that they did not remove it from our members area..

Then…one month after I made this mistake they announced that this offer will be replaced soon.. GREAT GUYS.. GREAT YOU SHOULD HAVE SAID THAT BEFORE (normally I like them but in this case I’m not happy haha)

Banner Ads are even better

Whatever.. another thing I did was placing a banner ad in the warrior forum for $195 for 30 days.

I did this because one morning I woke up and had this thought in my mind and just followed it because I thought it meant something that I woke up with this idea.

Results: A lot of clicks. 2 leads. Zero sales…

Greaaaaat I love it. This 30 day period is not over yet and I will update this post in case I get a positive result with it. If you don’t see an update here, you know what happened..

Nothing beats Bing Ads

Last but not least I started to use bing/ microsoft advertising, because I had a free $100 coupon left and wanted to use it.

But because I have no idea how to do bing ads successfully I hired someone from fiverr to do it for me..

As you can imagine this also did not work out yet..he tried his best to setup a good campaign but I just don’t get any results.

However this is not over yet, because we are not done doing that and we will hopefully optimize it a little bit further.

I hope so..😅

The only logical conclusion

Paid traffic sucks and the business and the offers I’m promoting do not convert. So I should change and search for another business opportunity.





Because the truth is…I see that others who are part of the same business are successful. They do it, they achieve something. They make it happen while having all the same tools, trainings, offers etc available. My mentor drives traffic to the same offer I am using and generates around $35,000 in 7 days!!

The only reason why I’m failing is myself. Because I’m doing stuff my own way instead of following a proven plan.

For example:

  • In no way anyone mentioned to place a banner ad in the warrior forum.
  • No one in our training said: Go and buy solo ads and use this link/ this offer. What they did was teaching us (and recommending) to create and setup our own landing page etc and then we could also buy some solo ads for it. (for a different offer than I used) Did I do that? Nope.
  • Oh and no one ever said: go to fiverr and hire someone for bing ads. What they did was: providing us with paid advertising trainings of all kinds so that we can focus and learn one strategy of our choice.. (and bing is not even included there😂)

Sounds like I am a pretty stupid idiot am I right?

Yep. I am hahaha.

It’s sad to admit that..but I guess that’s the problem when you are already involved into affiliate marketing for a long time..

It’s very hard to follow someones direction to the point when you know a lot about this industry when you have so many ideas how to do stuff, because you think you can do it your own way..

I really need to think about myself and my behaviour and this post is quite helpful because I had to laugh while writing this and it helps to discover what’s wrong with me.😅

At the end I highly recommend to you:

Don’t be as stupid as me and just follow someones proven plan, someone who absolutely knows what works and what doesn’t and get your hands on this book. It contains all the right information you need to succeed online and starting a profitable business. (If you use it and if your name is not Tobi🤣)

See you next weeeek.

– Tobi

PS: To share something positive at the end: I made another sale last week using free traffic🥳🥳 (Atleast one thing which I am slowly able to do correctly haha)

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