Does fast and easy money finally exist?

Hey there,

you are probably wondering what happened to me. Last week I did not publish a new blog post.

Does fast and easy money finally exist?‘ This is my topic for today and this is the reason why I did not write a new article last week, because I was busy finding the answer to this question.

Two years ago I had a dream

My dream was to make money online in the fastest and easiest way possible.

My dream was to find one magic link which I could use and drive traffic to it and BOOM: money💸 money💸 money💸 MONEY💸.

My dream was that there would be a system which I could plug into and just use for myself. A system which does basically everything for me.

So that I don’t need to do anything apart from getting some traffic into a funnel.

However when you have read my story of how I failed to make money online you already know that I didn’t find something like that and that I lost a lot of money and time.

Not being able to generate good results

Instead I started a ‘normal business‘ with a great mentor and a great community.

The problem with it: It’s not fast. At least not for me.

It’s designed for long term success. It’s designed in a way that you learn all the necessary skills in order to succeed.

You really have to put in some work to make it happen. You have to follow a plan and stick to it. You have to develop your mindset. You have to learn how to use paid traffic etc.

To be honest here. I kinda failed with it. After being a member now for over 6 months I did not even generate my first $100 with it.

Yes it’s the cold hard truth. It doesn’t feel good to say that.

But you know what? It’s not the system or the business which failed. It’s me who didn’t use it correctly and make the most out of it.

Why? Because I see members in our community who are making thousands per week with the same business opportunity, promoting the same products..

Now you can imagine that I can not be happy about my progress or my current results.

Everyone should punch me – including myself

This is the moment when you start looking for something else, another solution..

Yes I know what you think right now.

This is the stupidest thing to do. And if someone else would ask me, I would tell him:


I would be right… the one saying it would be right…

Nevertheless I did not hear my inner voice, I did not hear my mentor Dean yelling at me (what he would do if he knew what I was doing).

But I’m done, I don’t want to wait and work another 10 years until I reach my first $1000 online.

I deserve success after I failed and struggled for so long. Now.

When I saw this it was like a dream came true..

I found a new business opportunity,* which does exactly what I was dreaming of two years ago when it all started with affiliate marketing.

It’s a 100% done-for-you system. I don’t need to create a landing page, I don’t need to create an email list, I don’t need to write emails, I don’t need to do any marketing, I don’t need to build a following of people who know like and trust me.

NOTHING like that.

I just need to set up a few affiliate links inside the system and drive traffic to a landing page which they generated for me.

The magic part happens behind: A professional marketer follows up with those leads for me and converts them into sales.

This ladies and gentlemen is the perfect solo ads funnel.

You probably know that solo ads are the fastest and easiest way to generate targeted traffic. My grandma could do it..

This was one of the reasons why I struggled with my main business. It is not a solo ads funnel. In my opinion you only lose money when you drive solo ads traffic to this.

That’s why it was and still is hard for me to get results, because it takes time and efforts to master free traffic and other paid advertising platforms.

They generate results like clockwork?!

Now you know what I did last week, I joined this new system..* Because I saw how many people are getting incredible results with it. I saw people generating thousands of dollars the first week they join.

I thought: this is NOT fair. I’m struggling several months to get my first 1k and they are doing it in a matter of days. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?! 😠😅

Sorry but this just didn’t feel right to me. It did not feel right to me NOT trying it out for myself.

Here I am now. Being a part of a new super funnel.

You may ask now: Any results yet?

The answer is: No, because my first solo ad traffic did not start yet. In a week from now I will report and share what happened.

Let’s be honest here: I would not have done it if I wouldn’t strongly believe into this. I have a lot of experience with products and business opportunities in this marketplace. I feel like being able to see what is good or bad now.

This one is a good one and a fast one. In my opinion as of right now.

I prefer failing again and learning my own stupidity the hard way again instead of not doing it and always thinking to myself: ‘Hmm what if… maybe this was the solution…hmmm

Because no matter what happens, I don’t give up. I only learn.

Which funnel is the best one?

Maybe you are wondering if I stop promoting my main business opportunity now or if I stop being a member there or something like that.

The answer is: Nope.

I STILL believe into it, and I still know that I’m offering a high value product to my customers which will help them to educate themselves and understand how affiliate marketing works. Because let’s be real here: If you are working with Dean together (the one who wrote this book) he and the community will teach you how to reach the point of financial freedom.

This is what my new fast opportunity completely misses. There is no education, there is no teamwork or great community of people there is not a platform to learn marketing skills or anything like that. That means if this guy who created the system would decide to close it, you would lose everything and you would have not learned any skills to be able to earn money on your own.

This is why I’m happy to be in a position now to offer both of them to my potential customers.

I can offer a fast and easy online money solution and I can offer a high value packed long term success solution for people who want to understand and do affiliate marketing the right way.

I fully stand behind both of them because together they are incredible. (which doesn’t mean you could not have huge success with only one of them)

So does fast and easy money finally exist? – We will see in a few weeks whether I made one of the greatest decisions of my life or if I was just an idiot again.

Have a nice day – and don’t be like me please.🤣


*Update 2021: The new program I talked about in this post was closed in December 2020. I earned a lot of money with it but it’s still stupid to be a part of something like that because it always only lasts between 6 – 12 months. Therefore don’t be like me and instead start a real business right from the beginning, don’t get distracted with other nonsense and follow someone like Dean who is online for over 10 years now.

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  1. Hi, what stood out for me in this post was mindset. You shared at the beginning that it’s important to develop the right mindset and you did not have that when you first started. I think this post also shows how much you’ve learnt and grown since that stage. Congrats! You don’t give up which is an awesome mindset, so keep going!

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