Do NOT create content for your online business


Today we need to discuss something very important.

You really should not create content for your online business…


you are like me.

It’s like opening McDonald’s in the desert

I started my blog in october 2019. I published a lot of content and posts since then.

And just to be clear I always publish GREAT content! AWESOME content. The BEST content!! 👊🤣

But where is the point when nobody sees it?

Damn right, that makes no sense.

I mean obviously you are reading this right now which means you see it, but it’s not enough my friend.

I am the invisible savior

I create content and article after article but I completely fail to market it to my audience..I fail to share it..I fail to get traffic to it so that more people are seeing it.

It’s a shame because I know how many good posts I already created here. For example my story post could help thousands of people maybe even millions of people but they don’t even know that this post exists because I’m a stupid idiot who writes stuff down and forgets to market it more efficiently.

I only share it once on Facebook and once on Twitter..

Oh and I’m intelligent enough to know that when you are just starting out that it’s very hard to rank on Google. I don’t even try it and I don’t care about it because I know that I need to get traffic through organic methods.

It’s the same for my new YouTube channel. I also don’t get a lot of views there because I almost never share a video at all. If this sounds completely stupid to you then YEP you are right.

I’m still not perfect. I still need to learn. I need more focus and a better plan so that people have the chance to see my website.

It’s my own fault and I will definitely work on it because I need more people to be at this special place here.

Sit back, watch me fail and just be superior

Therefore my advice for you is if you don’t have a blog yet, feel free to start one but DON’T be like me and create content without driving traffic to your posts.

The focus needs to be on sharing this content to an audience which means: 1 day writing and publishing content and 6 days being busy getting eyeballs to your post or attracting people to it.

If you don’t know what I mean by attracting people: In simple terms it just means that you are active on social media and that you are kinda interesting so that others want to know more about you and find your website or ask you whether you have one.

I really hope you can learn something from my mistakes and don’t do the same. Otherwise: Do NOT create content for your online business!!

The fun part about this is that I always know about my own fails and I also know how to fix them because thanks to my mentors and thanks to this book I learned strategies of getting traffic to a blog..

I just need to take more action. COME ON Tobi you are better than this!!

(Okay to be fair I have to say that I’m busy getting paid traffic at the moment but I really need to take more care of my blog because it is like a beautiful baby🥺)

See you next week,

– Tobi

2 thoughts on “Do NOT create content for your online business”

  1. Haha, I like that you can use yourself as an example and make fun of your past errors. That’s definitely a great trait to have. I agree with you the creating the content is definitely important but it’s only really a start as you need to share and spread the post to increase viewership. I think a tip I would add as well is to re-share older posts especially those that have content that never gets old 🙂

    1. You’re absolutely right. But I’m not even good at sharing my new posts often enough – you can imagine now how good I am in sharing my older posts 🤣 I’ll keep it in mind though!

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