Creating an action plan and conquering the world

It’s meeeeee again – the one and only – the single one awesome superhero who was missing in your childhood.

Haha I am not sure what just happened.

Okay let’s focus on my last week.

Learn from the best

On tuesday we had a coaching call with our mentor Dean. This happens every tuesday. This time he answered an interesting question from another member.

It was about how to progress in business when you only have between 1 and 3 hours per day to grow your business. What to do etc.

And Dean then talked about this for over an hour and answered this question. Of course I can not explain this here in the same words and show this to you exactly.

But the main point probably was that you have to create a detailed plan of action, in order to use your time as efficiently as possible.

And there are actions which can be done every single day. Actions which will definitly grow one’s business over time.

They key is consistency which still is one of my main problems.

This coaching session copened my eyes again and therefore I made the decision to create such an action plan for myself so that I see on a white piece of paper what I need to do every single day.

Together we are unstoppable

That is why having coaching is so extremly important for success. It’s very motivating and you get new point of views on how to progress when you feel lost sometimes.

You can have this too. All you need to do is getting yourself a free book. This will be your starting point and who knows maybe very soon we are business buddys and we can grow together. Wouldn’t that be romantic? You and I together hand in hand and no one could stop us? We could conquer the world, save trees and people who have nothing. And all this just because you got yourself a free book. I have tears in my eyes because I feel how beautiful we would look at each other when we have realized that we finally made it after all these years, when all our dreams came true.πŸ™Œ

And before you ask. Yes I feel great today.😏🀣

The dark side of affiliate marketing

Okay realtalk. I created this plan and took action based on this plan the next day. Apart from one task I did everything I wanted to do. It was great.

However I realized something.

My plan was….hmmmm….shit. πŸ™‚πŸ˜‚

What I mean is.. I had too many tasks in there which just don’t make fun and which don’t produce results fast enough. Especially the part about content creation for social media. This is just annoying.

Look: I create a cool looking video which takes around 50 minutes and then I post it on my instagram, facebook and twitter and I get maybe 35 views which is just not much for that amount of time.

This is the dark side of growing and starting a business online and doing affiliate marketing. They are all just talking about $250 a day, make $7000 a week! BLA BLA ETC.

This stuff does NOT exist in that way. It takes TIME to get to this point when you are starting from zero. Because no one knows who you are and you have 0 followers.

However with the right business/products and information in your hands, you can do the right steps to make it atleast as fast as possible. That’s why I was able to make my first sales😬.

The only way to succeed quickly

I realized I need to change my plan. I need results faster. And the only way of getting faster to a point you want to be is by using paid traffic. Last week I wrote about how I failed using paid traffic, but only because I tried and did the wrong things..

Therefore my next mission is to learn one ppc advertising strategy. I decided to take a look at youtube ads. All I need to do is to change my plan of action and starting to focus on learning and mastering paid traffic.

Within this process of creating my plan I downloaded an app to track my time for every task I’m doing to see how much time I need and to be in control of my productivity and progress. This was a great decision and I can highly recommend this to everyone.

The name of this app is ‘timesheet‘. It’s an orange looking app, I’m not sure if you can find it in your app- or playstore because I’m using it in german, but it should be available in english aswell.

An alternative to this would be toggl for example.

My next project

Apart from all of this I started to use pinterest to get some traffic to this blog. If you are coming from there: HELLOOOOO, THANKS FOR CHECKING THIS OUT, THIS IS THE BEST DECISION YOU MADE THE ENTIRE YEAR, I KISS YOUR EYES.πŸ’‹

I know what you are thinking: What’s wrong with this guy? I don’t know, maybe I will find it out some day.

See you in two weeks (because next week I’m on vacation)

I hope you can live on without my awesome input.πŸ™ŒπŸ€£


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