7 things to avoid when starting an online business


Welcome to this special article.

Exactly one year ago on this day I published my first ever post on my blog.

Since then it was an ‘interesting’ journey. I experienced ups and downs. I want to summarize in short positive and negative things I encountered during my online journey.

The honest life of a newbie entrepreneur

Spoiler: It’s not the laptop beach dream life at the beginning..

7 Things that made my life pretty hard within this first year

1. Discipline:
  • You can not compare it to a normal 9 to 5 job because when you go to your office and don’t do your work your boss will fire you = therefore you will work.
  • When you are working at home though it’s completely different because nobody will ‘punch’ you when you are not working, you are your own boss and you need to develop a complete different kind of discipline.
  • To develop this kind of this discipline is and was extremely hard for me. It was a nightmare. A nightmare I am struggling with for over 2 years now. It’s not that I did not do my work every day, it’s more like that I never did as much as I wanted to.

2. Not being able to follow a plan or even advices:
  • I had the disadvantage that I started my new business journey with lots of knowledge and experience in the affiliate marketing niche. I bought tons of courses and different make money online ideas before I joined my new business program as I reported in details within my story.
  • Sounds like a contradiction? It’s not, because if I would have been a complete newbie I would have been able to follow the blueprint Dean and his program gave me to the point without trying and doing it my own way…
3. Unable to make decisions for my business:
  • This one goes hand in hand with the last point. I was not able for a very long time to decide which traffic strategy I want to use. I started one strategy and thought hmmm, then I tried the next one and still thought hmmm and so on and on – DON’T be like that if you want to succeed!
  • Unfortunately this is not a problem I solved completely yet. Still to this date I’m thinking about which strategy might be the best for myself. Isn’t that crazy? Even one year later I’m not completely sure about that – I hate it.

4. Creating content instead of driving traffic:
  • When I started this blog I said to myself that from now on, I will post one new blog post every single week from now on. Guess what? I did it! Isn’t that great? … No it’s not, because I made a huge mistake.
  • I created great valuable content every week but almost nobody saw it lol – content without people consuming this content is obviously worthless!
  • But I wasn’t able to realize this – I shared my post to Twitter and Facebook once per week and kinda hoped people would find it = stupid.
  • If you are a newbie no one will find your blog because no one even knows that you exist and posting it once on social media will also not help much.
  • This is what I mean when I said I wasn’t able to follow a plan because we have training in our members area teaching how to get traffic to a blog. I followed the first advice which was to publish a new post every week but didn’t follow the second even more important one which was to concentrate on traffic rest of the week.
  • In sommer 2020 I realized this problem and stopped publishing a post every week.
  • Since then I only publish important stuff until I’m ready to get blog traffic the right way (still not concentrating on blog traffic nowadays – sorry if you won’t see a new post here very often – leave a comment and convince me that you need me and I’ll think about it haha)

5. Corona:
  • It’s a shame that this one is something I have to list here.
  • However the truth is I realized that this whole topic stole my energy and turned it into hate and concern.
  • It’s a sad matter of fact that this was a reason why my focus and discipline was not always where it was supposed to be -> on my business.
  • I’m not one of those people who are afraid of this virus, I’m one of those who hate the government for their lies about all of this and this hate was not good for me.
  • The good part is that I was able to stop this topic and got back to myself and my goals without getting distracted from this bs – I can recommend it haha
  • Major tip: Throw your TV out of your window and you will realize how beautiful the world is!

6. Working without working:
  • Maybe this one is also connected to some points above, but what I mean with this is that I was in front of the computer every single day ‘working’ for my business without really working for my business.
  • That means I simply wasn’t focused enough on the right kind of actions.
  • I did something yes, but I did not enough of those things that can change my situation and that can bring myself more of those results that I want or even deserve.
  • For example on some days I was supposed to work for my business but instead of doing it I watched some videos teaching stuff about business – yes it’s related to work and yes it’s helpful but by doing this the dangerous illusion comes up that you felt like you made progress in your business – NO YOU DID NOT BECAUSE YOU ONLY LEARNED BUT DIDN’T DO ANYTHING TO ACTIVELY GET BETTER RESULTS
  • This one is a very very very common and dangerous one so please be aware of it if you are in a similar situation – never learn more than you DO!
  • Never be busy the whole time without doing the right kind of things which in my case was getting traffic to my pages!
  • You probably heard of the 80/20 Rule? If not please watch this video it explains it very good what I mean with this whole point here.

7. Distractions:
  • Yes this one feels like it belongs to the last point. However the difference is this time I really speak about distractions that have nothing to do with business.
  • One big distraction for my energy etc was the covid topic as I wrote above already.
  • My other biggest distraction is my phone. I have to admit it. I’m addicted. Yes. A harsh realization for me because I’m living my whole life avoiding any addictions at all. I don’t smoke, I almost never drink alcohol, not even coffee. I avoided all of the common things..
  • But I have to say I’m addicted to my phone. Okay to be fair I guess there are people that are worse or maybe nobody else would even say that’s an addiction because everybody nowadays often uses it. (Unfortunately)
  • Even though that might be true it’s crazy how I’m just grabbing my phone every ten minutes to take a look if I got a new message.
  • This one is a big problem and also related to the discipline factor. If you are not working from home, you have no idea how hard it can be to develop this discipline.
  • Sure maybe for me it’s harder than for others because it also depends on other circumstances in life which are not optimal in my case but never mind haha

Things I can be proud of this year

I can be proud of the fact that I am aware of those points I listed above and especially that I’m getting better at all of them:

  1. I’m not as undisciplined as I was.
  2. I’m getting better in following advices and stick to proven plans.
  3. I started making better decisions already.
  4. I’m not focusing on content anymore.
  5. Corona is only an irrelevant side topic now.
  6. I’m able to set times and be productive during those times.
  7. I’m getting less distracted from all kind of things.

However my biggest achievement this whole year is all about the mindset part.

I was able to defeat psychological problems I had with the help of affirmations, meditations, frequencies etc. I started to manifest miracles and money into my life which was and still is incredible. I started to implement a morning routine, I did more sport, I felt more happy in general.

In terms of business I learned so many useful new things during this year. Without the coaching sessions every week from Dean and his team I would still be very much lost and wouldn’t make the right progress.

I am also proud that I can help more people with my knowledge I already have now. I am not done learning and probably never will be but I’m grateful for those things I know.

If you are wondering why the hard part is that much in comparison to the positive things then don’t worry because I just did not want to repeat myself.

In my post the untold secret of making money online I wrote about the positive things that happened to me in way more details. -> My best post this year. Take the time to go through it! 🙂

Thaaaaaanks for reading and happy birthday again to my blog!🥳🥳 Oh damn thank god that I’m not again at this point where I was a year ago haha.


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