2020 I LOVE YOU – Let’s make some MONEY

Helloooo from the other sideeee

I know I know I KNOW. I am a ‘little bit’ late.

It is already the 13th of January as I write this..

And YES , YES, YES, I did not manage to publish another last blog post in 2019 as I hoped to do so in my last post here.

To be honest I just did not feel like doing anything. I needed a break. Even though I think I am a superhero, I have to admit sometimes: I’m not πŸ™„

Then it came as it had to come: I got sick. I believe this was the fourth year in a row that I got a cold immediately after new year. Annoying..

(sorry but I could not find a picture from a sick manπŸ™„πŸ€£)

Therefore I did not do a lot of things for my business… I also stopped doing all the right things I implemented into my life the last two months of 2019, for example my morning routine or to do sports everyday. I just stopped all of it…

You know what? It does not feel good πŸ˜… However it is not a big deal, because I know that I’m able to start those things again – and that’s exactly what I’m doing, right now – today.

Because now my cold is over, I have new power, and I’m so excited soooo soooo excited for this new year, because on new year’s eve I felt an energy inside of me which I can not describe. I just feeled that the next 10 years will be the best years of my life.

I felt that I will succeed with my business and that all of my dreams will turn into reality. The reason for this has to be that I know that I’m on the right place, with the right people, offering the right products to others.

2019 was an intense and mostly horrible year for me to be honest. In general my shit life began in 2009 and ended mostly horrible in 2019. Why ‘mostly’? Because at the end of 2019 good things started to happen.

After searching and failing for more than 3 years I finally found the best business opportunity and I started to work on my mindset which lays the foundation for success.

Those things are the reason why I got into 2020 with a feeling of anticipation.

My ‘progress’

In the last 20 days I did not completely do nothing. I collected ideas, watched inspirational videos, trainings, I asked inside of our community how to be productive, how they are structuring their day. I got a lot of answers which is why I like to be a part of this. It is very important to be surrounded by people who have the same ambitions and where everybody is willing to help.

However I still have to figure out the best way for myself. Today I started by having a to do list. Sounds simple I know but I think it is very important to have something like that. I will let you know how this works for me in the long run 😬.

Additionally I did something great for people who don’t want to read my life changing article about how I failed to make money online as a whole. I divided it into smaller parts. Maybe it is now easier to read through for some people.

Apart from that I’m going to figure out the coming week if I’m able to do different free traffic strategies on one day. Mostly it’s just sharing the same content in various places.

I think about starting a podcast reading my own blog posts for those of you beeing lazy and prefer listening πŸ˜† Well, its not a problem, the only important thing is that you get my messages somehow if you are a person who ‘tries’ to make affiliate marketing work.

That’s it for today. See you next week. This time I will not be away for so long, trust me. 😏



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