1 Simple Exercise To Stop Procrastinating Right NOW

1 Simple Exercise To Stop Procrastinating Right NOW

Welcome to this article with the incredible title 1 Simple Exercise To Stop Procrastinating Right NOW.

Today I’m going to tell you how I overcame weeks of procrastination in just one day with one simple exercise.

If you know me or my blog for a while you will know that I am the undefeated world champion in procrastinating.

There are only a few people in this world who are better at it than me.

So today let a real pro tell you how to turn hopeless cases back into productive people.

Preparation and oral pleasure

If you are procrastinating right now, or have been for a few months or weeks, or maybe even permanently, I want you to do the following.

Find a quiet place in your home. It would be best if there is no other person in your home at that moment. If there is no other way and you can’t push the other person away, at least find a room with a small table and a chair where you can be alone.

In this room there should be:

  • No TV
  • No Computer
  • No Phone

If there is no other way then these devices should be 100% off. I’m serious, I don’t want a computer screen or TV to be on in the background at that moment!

And don’t you dare take your phone into that room.

The only thing you take into this room is a blank sheet of paper and a pen.

The first thing you do now is to walk back and forth a little bit, saying the following questions out loud:

1 Simple Exercise To Stop Procrastinating Right NOW

What is your fucking problem, [insert your first name here]?
Why the hell do you procrastinate and distract yourself all the time with things that bring you absolutely zero forward in your life?
What added value do these activities bring to your future?
How do these activities change your future in the desired direction?

You will now realize from these questions that the answers are relatively clear. I want you at this moment to be ruthless with yourself like an outsider but still some kind of lovely.

It is a bit like ranting to a child that you love but unfortunately has made a big mess.

In this conversation with yourself you will find out piece by piece already verbally the real reasons and the real fears for your procrastination. You will have to be honest with yourself and dig deep why you procrastinate. I want you to talk it out and I want you to face your fears.

Because one of the reasons for procrastination, at least for me and I think it will be for many, is a subconscious fear of something. This fear can be manifold. It can be the fear of failure, it can be the fear of success, it can be the fear of uncertainty. Fear is expressed in many facets. Name this fear, talk about it and face it.

This conversation was the first important step so that you already know the reasons in your head and know exactly what your problem is.

Now of course there are also people who have with self-talks generally absolutely nothing to do.

This is of course a bit of a shame (lol) but no reason not to find a way around it. Just find another way to have this conversation with yourself.

Regardless of whether you have done this or not, let’s move on to the most important step.

The grand debut of a powerful tool – your pen

For me it was like this: my procrastination resulted on the one hand from being overwhelmed, i.e. I had too many tasks and too many different topics in my head that I wanted to tackle at the same time, and on the other hand it resulted from a strong fear of failure.

1 Simple Exercise To Stop Procrastinating Right NOWSo here’s what you do and here’s what I did.

I have the various topics that had overwhelmed me simply written down in a small table next to each other.

Most of the time you have a big topic or goal and then you just write down all the small tasks that you have to do first to achieve the big picture.

In the end you should come up with a small list of topics and the corresponding tasks to be done.

Next you look at this list of to-do’s and tasks and decide what is most relevant to transform your life in the desired positive direction in the fastest possible way.

Which is possibly the most important task to do first? What will really bring you forward?

This is where the prioritization of your list should take place to some extent.

But you don’t have to make it more complicated than it is – I don’t expect a doctoral thesis from you and that you do everything perfectly.

At the end of the day, it’s really just a matter of writing everything down and then looking over it and mentally deciding how to reconcile all these things.

Let’s get to the last step which is also very crucial.

Slowly getting serious – the “scary” planning

Let’s say you do these exercises on a Sunday. I want you to just draw a little table with your pen and paper with all the days of the week and next to it set some times when you can work on these topics.

I want you to write down for Monday and Tuesday exactly which things you’re going to work on first of all from your above mentioned topics and tasks.

1 Simple Exercise To Stop Procrastinating Right NOWAnd then just follow through. You have written on your sheet that you will work on XY on Monday between 2 and 4 p.m. and that you will do task YZ on Tuesday morning between 9 and 11 for example.

You could of course also plan your entire week in one day, but I have found that at least for me that does not work because I always find that I need for certain things either longer or shorter and then that is no longer in accordance with my plan so that I then hate my life and procrastinate again.

That’s why it’s better to plan only one or two days and then directly after two days e.g. just plan the next two days with the help of the to-do list that you have now anyway in black and white in a certain way in front of you.

But Tobi what do we do with the fears that our procrastination has actually triggered?

Well we just started to fight them by ignoring them because fears are only something that exists in our head in reality there are virtually no fears. Think about something you were afraid of in the past and when the situation was there, it was half as bad.

That’s why we just ignore the fear now and rather start taking action and work on our dreams. This way the fear becomes smaller and smaller and more helpless. We no longer give it power over us.

This method may not be a world novelty and maybe I’m not the first to tell you something similar in this form but the reason why you still procrastinate again and again although you may have tried such things in the past is that you lead this list and this conversation with yourself far too rarely.

1 Simple Exercise To Stop Procrastinating Right NOWYou can’t expect yourself to do this once and then stop procrastinating forever.

Fighting procrastination is a constant battle that you have to fight over and over again, and I say these words to myself now because that’s exactly what I’ve been always doing wrong.

I’ve had this conversation with myself many times, I’ve made lists many times but I’ve made this big mistake and just didn’t continue with it.

That it works I can prove myself because I have done exactly what I wrote you here today and am in the last two days alone more productive than several weeks before combined. Why do you think I’m writing this article here? Exactly! Just because of this exercise.

The trick to stay that way is that I now have to plan every 2 days or at least once a week to 100% which step I go next.

Otherwise I and you will end up like before you started reading this blog post.

Seriously do it, it simply works!

You should plan about an hour for this.

And don’t you dare start procrastinating before you do this simple exercise. I will come chase you with a broom even though I am not a witch. And you don’t want that.

(just kidding) … (or not?) … (πŸ˜‰πŸ§Ή)

Feel free to leave me a comment if you’ve done it or if you have any questions.
If you have another unbeatable procrastination-fighting tip, feel free to share about it as well.

Thanks for reading and see you soon,

– Tobi

PS: I just realized that only two posts before this one I already published something about procrastination.. Remember what I said at the beginning of this article that I’m the world champion in this topic? Point proven I guess 🀣 Promise: My next article will be about something else haha.

15 thoughts on “1 Simple Exercise To Stop Procrastinating Right NOW”

    1. Thanks for commenting πŸ™‚ yes absolutely, but once we accept that these are just thoughts resulting in emotions we can control our mind and start thinking different which leads to different emotions and boom we feel different and act different.

      Ever had that feeling of fear and then you actually did what you were afraid of and thought to yourself ‘what the heck that was totally harmless and I procrastinated because of THAT?’ …crazy, just recently had this situation again .. our minds can be ridiculous sometimes haha

  1. Beautiful Tobi.

    Over the last seven years of ‘trying’ affiliate marketing, you won’t be surprised that I have procrastinated massively as well!

    Getting organised is vital and I have gotten myself into a great rhythm of when I compile material and write my blog posts each week, thus making myself way more productive and creative than the years since.

    Thank you for this and your beautifully witty writing style.

    See you again soon!


    1. Hey Martin, thanks for your comment!

      Great to hear that you have found your own way of making things happen and being productive as well as creative! The hardest part is to become aware of the problem and then effectively change it – so good job πŸ™‚

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