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I’m Tobi and this is the MegaDigitalDream!

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What is the ‘MegaDigitalDream’?

The MegaDigitalDream is the dream to make money with the help of the internet. I started this journey now over three years ago I have lost so much money so much money invested so many things tried and failed so many times and all that I have recorded on this blog to share it with posterity and my goal now is to stop people from being as stupid as me.

In October 2019 I then tried to get serious and got help from a mentor and then had virtually the best conditions to really finally become successful online. I got everything you can wish for I had the best products to promote I had coaching I had countless videos that explain everything bit by bit I had countless team members who go the same way who support each other I had so to speak also access to a great community to a great support I had everything my heart desires. I even got the motivation I needed from my team members just posting their success stories and showing how they make money with the same program.

That was almost two years ago and now you are probably asking yourself and how did it go? You can find out how it went if you just read all the posts I have published so far on this blog but since we both know that you are a lazy idiot and of course would never do that I will tell you in short form.

I failed. Yes that’s right even though I had everything at my disposal I fucked up. Don’t get me wrong I didn’t completely screw up I mean I made well over $2000 online but that wasn’t my goal. My goal was to build a consistent income and I still haven’t achieved that goal and that’s not because of the products I promoted nor is it because of the coaching or my mentor or anyone else it’s because of me alone.

I didn’t manage to focus on this one thing instead despite all my experience I kept getting distracted by all kinds of things in life and yes also by other business opportunities so instead of constantly working on my business and getting better and better and learning from my mistakes I kept looking for alternatives for things that might go faster for things that require so little work from me and still pay out so much money only to find out now after I have searched the entire internet – you can really say that honestly – that there is no such thing okay?

There is simply no such thing there is no such simple quick easy way to make money online this dream does not exist and although this is certainly something that most would claim to know, the fact is that most do not know this because they indirectly hope that this dream could exist so they search over and over and over again only to be disappointed over and over and over again only to realize that all this is not real, that all the promises you see on any sales pages are in the end just words to create this dream in you but this dream doesn’t exist how many times do I have to tell you THIS DREAM DOESN’T EXIST and yes I am talking to myself right now but this is something I never understood for a long time and forever. ‘Fast buyer traffic’ does NOT exist. Money without work does NOT exist.

At least not in affiliate marketing. Sure you can of course invest in something like crypto and then hope that somehow the price rises and you get rich that would be money without work but let’s be honest even for that you have to invest at the beginning and that is your time and you have to find someone or educate yourself so well that you know exactly what you are doing.

What was your question again oh yes what the MegaDigitalDream is right?

Well what can I say it’s like an accumulation of a huge funeral pyre called my life yes I know that sounds so unnecessarily dramatic again but of course I like to exaggerate I mean at the end of the day we have to see the positive and that is that I have learned so much in the meantime. This knowledge after these hours of tutorials that I have seen in my whole life so to be honest I have million-dollar knowledge in my head. But of course knowledge alone can not buy anything, right?

Maybe I personally can’t buy anything from the knowledge but what I can do and that’s my goal I can wake people up with this blog I can bring people on the right track and I can help them so that they don’t get into this vicious cycle that I got into myself so that they never have to experience anything like this.

If you found this blog here it could very well be that you are in a similar cycle like I was. You have tried to promote a bunch of products you have somehow desperately tried to make money online failed over and over again you have bought products tried things then you procrastinated asked yourself why everyone makes it but only you do not.

Well let me tell you if you feel like that and if you feel like me we are not alone the truth is we are many the truth is we are almost all because the truth is but no one ever talks about it and you never see it on any social media platform. The truth is that only a few manage to make money online in any form we always see the gurus and the successful ones and the people who somehow post their screenshots of their commissions but who posts that he failed? Who posts that he tried for years that he tried for years that he failed that he tried that he failed who posts something like that nowadays? People only post it when they have made it at some point. You only need to go on Facebook alone in the affiliate marketing groups there you see all these desperate poor souls trying to sell others some crap although they themselves have absolutely nothing baked with it.

So my mission with the MegaDigitalDream was to show you my way my honest stupid way how I kinda fucked it up but also how I celebrated successes and believe me I celebrated successes and I wrote great blog posts until here and even if I personally didn’t reach my financial goals I spread so many valuable messages in my blog posts if you would take these things to heart yourself you would be an affiliate marketing superstar just by this content. 😏

However I don’t want to make this sound so sniveling. Even if I have not yet managed to reach my actual monthly financial goal. I have managed a completely different thing I have managed it I can proudly announce that I have managed to understand what matters I have managed to understand what I have to do now I have managed to understand what the next steps have to be insofar as I once again muster up the courage to take any steps.

Can you also give short answers?

HAHAHA, I hate you too. 😘

What topics can I expect here?

You would already know the main part if you had just listened to me, you little rascal, but I’m going to give you a little list and show you the topics I’m talking about:

  • how to make money online with affiliate marketing
  • traffic generation strategies
  • general make money online ideas
  • everything about mindset: focus, productivity, how to reprogram your subconscious mind to attract the life of your dreams, discipline, energy etc
  • crypto currency, gold & silver (while writing this I am still a bit new in this space and will share what I learn)

What is your recommendation when I am here for the first time?

My recommendation is to read COMPLEEETLY for FREE my key posts on my blog.

#Number 1

This post is a MUST READ if:

  • you watch review videos (and buy products) on YouTube about new launches from JVZoo, WarriorPlus, Clickbank
  • you are attracted to SUPER SPECIAL BONUS packages
  • you watch YouTube videos with headlines like this ‘how to make $100 per day copy pasting; how to make $500 per day writing; how to make $1000 per week with this new simple technique’ etc
  • you want to see the truth about this affiliate marketing industry
  • you want to know more about who this mysterious ‘Tobi’ is
  • you want to see how I failed to make money online and lost more money than some people can spend (the story before I started this blog)

Here is the link: How I failed to make money online

#Number 2

These posts are all about mindset and how I changed my life from someone who is depressive, procrastinating and feels very bad to someone who has goals, motivation and feels lucky from the inside. 🍀

I’d recommend to read this post first: You can NOT make money online without having the right mindset

9 months later I published an extremely powerful follow up post: The untold secret of making money online

#Number 3

The last one I recommend is a very weird and serious post. It’s a crazy combination but it has so many valuable things in it. Seriously you can not put a price tag on this haha..

Here is the link: The reason why you are not successful online

What if I just want to make fast and easy money and don’t care about how you failed, what you learned, your advices, your mindset babble etc.?

Option 1: Get a JOB IDIOT

Option 2: Bookmark this website, forget about it, waste and struggle between 2 – 10 years of your life, spend over $10,000 chasing the make money online dream. Then a few years later remember that you found this website and punch yourself as hard as you can into your own face for being such a stupid piece of s***.

Ok Ok calm down, but for real can you recommend a business opportunity?

I can recommend you to go into yourself and think about what you currently already have.

If you have landed on this blog then you must not be completely new to this game, who is your mentor currently, what is the program you have purchased, what have you been oriented to so far and now ask yourself seriously if you have done what was asked of you, what your mentor asked of you, did you do that?

I want you to ask yourself this question honestly and answer it honestly, did you do what was asked of you, did you follow the steps that were given to you did you follow the plan that was shown to you?

If the answer is no then you probably already had a very good opportunity but were too incapable of making something out of it just like me so stop being an idiot and make something out of it you might already have the good and right information you need to be successful online to make a lot of money. You don’t seriously think that I’m going to recommend something to you and you’ll suddenly become rich, you should get that dream right out of your little head.

But if you really want to finish with the past completely and start something new, fresh and good, something that is worth fighting for and working for, something with substance and you want someone who shows you the right steps that really matter, from whom I learned a lot, for example, then I can recommend this book to you.

There it is explained to you that it depends in affiliate marketing only on 4 core areas of focus which one must convert and master. Yes indeed only four and you will understand that traffic is not the problem. Many people always think traffic is their problem but that is not true.

However trust me this will not help at all if you buy this now and then read through it and then think yes everything sounds great I still don’t do it and now I will go to the next sales page that promises me $500 per day then I tell you honestly I can’t help you anyway you can’t be helped anymore you will go the same disgusting way as me you will fail and at some point you will start to hate yourself just like I started to hate myself.

That sounds encouraging, doesn’t it? Hahaha.


After all this time my focus is now not so much on my own success. I think it’s just important to help others not to make the same mistakes and therefore share this message here with as many people as possible we are not alone we are many.

So this is the best website on the internet. 🥴 I wish you super much fun and even though I showed you the key posts of my blog now it doesn’t mean that the rest you will find here is less awesome. 😏

Oh and please don’t take me too seriously when I tend to ‘scream’ or when I randomly insult myself or others, or when I say that I’m an incredible super hero – it’s all just a joke and my way of being/ writing. 🤪 If you don’t have a sense of humor you should probably leave.

Thanks for reading and btw you can also listen to almost all of my posts here.


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