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I am Tobi from Germany and this is my blog that I started over two years ago. I called it Megadigitaldream because I had a mega digital dream. 🤪 This dream was to make money on the internet.

Nowadays I can say with luck that I made this dream come true. 🥳 I managed to earn money online.

But the truth is that before I started this blog I already lost a lot of money by investing in make-money-online products or affiliate marketing courses and I still haven’t managed to generate a full monthly income yet.

This blog exists to document something unique in this industry. Namely the truth. Most people only talk about how successful they are. Look here are my commissions and my wealth look at it. SIGN UP HERE AND YOU WILL MAKE $500 PER DAY.

I can’t be the only one who is sick and tired of these sentences, huh?

Because these headlines and these hypes are the real poison of our online world.

It took me over four years and thousands of wasted dollars to finally realize that.

So my mission on this blog is to show you my story and make it possible that you don’t have to waste those tons of money before you find something worth working for.

Two years ago I finally understood how this business really works and made my first commission online.

Unfortunately, the poison of our online world has come back to haunt me and I have been distracted by the hypes and the headlines and the promises of other make money systems.

Only to have to witness every single time how these hypes, courses, systems disappear right back from the scene.

If you’re looking for something that won’t suddenly disappear and whose fundamentals will always work in 2022, 2023, etc, I can recommend the Iceberg Effect as a perfect place to start.

Here you will learn among other things the 4 core areas of focus of affiliate marketing. There are only 4 aspects you have to pay attention to in order to be successful.

You will also learn why traffic is really not your problem at all, even though you may have always thought it was.

If you hate the idea of putting in a small amount of work to make money online, stay away, I’m serious, stay away from EVERYTHING and instead invest into crypto or something like that and hope that you get rich this way.

After all this time my focus is now not so much on my own success. I think it’s just important to help others not to make the same mistakes I did. So that the mega digital dream can become reality for many.

Have fun on my blog!

Oh and please don’t take me too seriously when I tend to ‘scream’ or when I randomly insult myself or others, or when I say that I’m an incredible super hero – it’s all just a joke and my way of being/ writing. 🤪 If you don’t have a sense of humor you should probably leave.

Thanks for reading and btw you can also listen to almost all of my posts here.


PS: Just to state the obvious, yes I get small commissions for things you order through links on my blog. That’s exactly why I’ve made it my mission to not recommend junk to you, but only stuff I stand 100% behind and tried/ tested myself. I refuse to be like every other marketer online and simply promote the newest hype.


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Step 3: Leave a comment somewhere on my blog and say how awesome Tobi is and how it is your dream to be like him. (just kidding, don’t cancel me! ☹️ #freetobi) But for real I see in my statistics that most people are just reading without saying a word, don’t be shy and say ‘Hi’ to your good old internet friend you don’t even know. 😗